Y&R’s Michael Muhney on CSI: Miami

For those of you that aren’t familiar with The Young and the Restless newbie Michael Muhney’s (Adam 2.0) work on the now defunct Veronica Mars, here’s a little clip of the actor on CSI: Miami.

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    I suppose I will hold off critiquing. Michael Muhney’s challenge here is going to be making us “buy” him as Adam Wilson as we’ve grown used to seeing Chris Engen in the role.

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    The Point of a recast is to make the character their own, not copy what the previous actor did. If they wanted that why not clone an actor that is leaving and just use them

    Plus Id say this CSI clip is not very Adam like but if watch any of his Veronica Mars stuff, that’s pretty close to Adam. at least how he’s written now.

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