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Here’s the Scoop! 05.29.09

It’s Q&A Day so ask away!

Another Newbie? Really? While he’ll factor into Claudia’s plans, Kristina’s name was mentioned as well. But here’s my question… should he stick around for the long haul it seems he fits more into that “young adult” set and not the newly formed teen set. Do we really need another male in that age range? Spinelli, Matt, Johnny, Milo (despite his lack of screen time) with only Lulu and Maxie to play the female counterparts. Shouldn’t they expand the female side of things? I know Maxie can handle her men but that’s even too many for her. And let’s not forget, Dante is still set to come to town. I wonder if they are now questioning their decision to off Georgie and let Nadine fade into the hospital corridors. If I were GH, I’d bring back Brooke Lynn Ashton, stat. She could even have a Bensonhurst connection to Dante and she’s a Q. That’s a win-win in my book.

Lukecation… Luke Spencer is leaving town once again as Tony Geary goes out on his annual summer vacay. Can he take Ethan with him? Sorry, I said I’d try to be more positive. Ethan isn’t going anywhere but into another storyline. All RUMORS point him in NotEmily’s direction. The question is are they adopted siblings as once reported or are they cons that met on their way to Port Chuckles? Lulu MAY be spying the cons together which only makes her question her brother’s connection to the Emily look-a-like and what she’s really up to.

I’ll tell you what she’s up to… seducing Nikolas! Although something tells me she may not have to work that hard. Nikolas and NotEmily hit the sheets next week. I was a NEM fan back in the day and I cannot remember them being this boring. Am I the only one? It looks like Rebecca will be Emily’s long lost twin. Will Jason factor in?

This LL2 re-do seems to be even more boring than NotEmily and Nikolas. They’ll deal with the Ethan situation and rebuilding Jason’s, I mean their family. Elizabeth convinces Lucky to give Luke a chance and all seems ok until Lucky sees Luke in a lip lock with Holly. Sorry cowboy, old habits are hard to break. Holly fesses up and tells the truth, Luke’s the proud papa. She leaves town and father and son decide to take another stab at the DNA test without Tracy’s interference.

Morgan wants Michael to come home… to Carly’s. Will Michael give in to his little brother’s request? Carly and Sonny come to an agreement in regards to where Michael will live. Is this the beginning of a new Sonny and Carly? Claudia isn’t happy about the former flames closeness.

JOlivia… Claudia hates it but Johnny has an ace up his sleeve. Back off or I’ll be the one to tell the truth about the shooting. “Olivia shares her suspicions about Claudia with Sonny.” Suspicions? She knows the truth!

CRAZY and RANDOM… Remember when I told you Robin would be on the receiving end of Michael’s wrath? It’s still coming. Is Helena’s reappearance just in time for Luke’s disappearance? Will Touissant catch Michael on his break out of the hospital? Kate’s secret is revealed by her assistants and their PI sidekick. Johnny needs a cover, enter Maxie. Elizabeth isn’t buying Rebecca’s innocent act. Helena returns. New Kristina hits town.

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    Regan, I asked this the other day but think the question got lost in the loop. Do you know anything about Jake “perishing” before Liz’s eyes and her leaving town with Cam. I really don’t want this rumor to be true, what are your thoughts/info?

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    Regan Cellura

    I think some RUMORS are getting jumbled together…. There were RUMORS that Cam MAY be hurt ala BJ but I haven’t seen them since last week. It’s very possible that was a good old fanfic reposted as a SPOILER.

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    Em’s TWIN?!?! NOOOOOOO! :(
    I want her to be Emily. I want Nikolas and EMILY together. Not this fake copy. :(

    I want them to find out she’s Em, and then get down to the baby making.

    NEm fans screwed over once again!

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    Do you know anything about Steve B.’s contract? Has he resigned? And also have you heard anything about Kelly M not resigning with GH? Finally, just my opinion but this summer GH sure looks boring. Might be time to check out Y/R!!!

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    Regan Cellura

    Steve’s contract/decision SHOULD be made public soon. He said June. I believe Kelly’s is up sometime this fall but RUMBLES out there say she may be in talks/already agreed to stay.

    I’m trying to stay as positive as possible about GH lately. It has always been my ulitmate guilty pleasure and it’s felt too much like work lately. So while I’m not over the moon with what’s RUMORED to be coming, I’m not hating all of it. I could do with less Ethan and I’m not a fan of NotEmily but I’m actually not all that turned off by the Michael story. Also, the hospital stuff that’s been out there seems interesting and gives Jason Cook something to do.

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    Thanks for the info. I sure wish Kelly would not resign. It might be the only way for my couple-Liason to become a couple.
    GH is my guilty pleasure too. And I agree with you it does seem like work to watch it.
    One more question. How far out does GH tape? Could there be some surprises in store for the summer?
    Thanks for a great site.

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    Mrs Adam Carrington

    Regan, you are amazing, I don’t know how you can report on the spoilers for this white elephant of a show and not want to break something.

    All I can say is that whenever I read these spoilers I just sigh in despair and I don’t even watch GH anymore. It seems as if Guza, Frons and Phelps want to erase everything that is good about this show.

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    Hi Regan I missed You ….
    There are good stories now I like Michael awaking DG is doing great job also as SBU LW and MB…..
    I like Jolivia I thought in the beginning It would be stupid but both the actors have great chemistry i hope TBTB won’t screw this up…….

    I am with you about new character we have so many do we need more

    Any news what JaSam big adventure all I hear that it is big Do You know what it is…
    I know that I am lIASON fan BUt right now I want Jason to like in the old days action guy and not baby sitter for Sonny’s kids..

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    Regan I love ya, but you’re killing me with the Ethan daggers. I happen to be in love with this man at the moment, lol. It would be great if TPTB would finally decide on the path they want to take Nathan’s character. I could agree with you on the storyline and lack of consistency. I can’t agree with you on Nathan, lol. I hope he’s on the show for the long haul and hopefully in time you’ll learn to at least appreciate him! (if only a teensy bit! lol)

    Have a great weekend!

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    Susan Lanigan

    I swear, deciding to stop watching this show three months ago was the smartest thing I’ve ever done. I keep waiting for something worth watching to be coming up – but all this show does is get worse.

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    Jason is not an adventurer, he is a hit man and some time mob boss. Of all the misguided s/ls this is the worst. Yes, I am a Liason fan but I want an organic, genuine relationships for Liz and Jason, even if they are not together. Jason and Sam don’t make sense, Jason is drawn to “good girls” who he can protect. It’s old fashioned and maybe sexist but it’s Jason. If he wanted someone like Sam, he could and would be with Carly. Liz and Lucky are each other’s “safe choice”. At 40, I have invested almost 30 years in this show, I am at home with a one year old, and there are actors on this show I love, but my new goal is to get this show off my DVR.

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    Thanks for the spoilers.

    I want Claudia gone. It makes no real sense that all these characters are keeping her secret. She’s pregnant and in soaps pregnancy can last for one year to five months I’m hoping even shorter in this case.

    Michael lashing out at Robin go figure she didn’t do anything wrong but tell the truth all those years ago shame on her….*shakes head* I hope Robin puts that boy in check ASAP.

    I’m loving JOlivia they are hot but I’ve got that funny feeling that Sonny’s gonna get her in the end. I love MB but this shit is getting old. I think its time for Sonny to take a vacation the same one Luke does often. JMO

    GH like Days needs more women.
    Loving JOlivia and I hope that Sonny lets this one go.

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    I also want Jason to claim his Family but the way they wrote this it will not Happen until Guzza will be out …..

    Right now Jason is the town’s baby sitter babysit Spinelli Maxi and sonny’s kids….this is not Jason……
    I want him to grew up but I prefer seeing him in the action/enforcer mode than babysit Kristina ……

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    Hi Regan, If Micheal relaps then shame on him then I hate it when Guza likes to make working women look dumb I really how does he think the viewers are all men no there not the largest veiwers are women .And you are right we need Brooklyn back right now .

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    Thanks for answering my question Regan, hope none of this is true cause it will break my heart. I’m not thrilled with Luke right now, but I will say Happy Birthday to Tony Geary who turns 62 today!!

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    Regan Cellura

    I guess I can be honest with you all… I think Nathan Parsons needs some serious speech therapy. I know he is Australian but there are some who have reported that he was raised here in the US, so I do not know if it is a bad attempt at an australian accent or just horrible pronunciation. Either way, I feel he would benefit from the help of a speech coach. I’m not usually one to take pot shots at the actual actor unless its a fair assessment on a POW episode.

    I’m really sorry to those who like him. He just doesn’t work for me. Oh and Tony Geary isn’t doing him any favors either… 

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    ITA re Ethan. Sorry, but he does not speak clearly. He just mumbles.

    re Rebecca – I know a lot of you wanted Rebecca to be Emily. I know this is a soap and they can do anything but IMHO I do not see how they could have realistically made her Em after forcing us to watch her death countless times. It may have worked if they had they not made her part of the TMK s/l and left Nic not remembering what really happened. However, I think this twin thing IF (and that’s a really big IF) but IF writen right will work. Once the attitude is dropped and things settle down, she can become very Em-like and that may be the next best thing.

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    Holy cow…was reading some sites….So aside from the Jake dying rumor picking up speed…

    Sam’s long lost father is in the process of being cast.

    JaSam adventure this summer. Does that pertain to her father

    Sam wants to have a child and finds out she can in fact concieve…so if Sam explores artifical insemination, Jason will HATE that and if she looks around the canvas, all the possible choices would be ideas that Jason HATES. HMMMMM.

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    Soapzone had some of it as did as did SoaptownUSA and a couple of others (I read other sites, but only post here) Now I take it all with somewhat of that infamous grain of salt, but I could just see Sam now telling Jason she is going to go look for sperm like Robin was doing. Remember the look on Patrick’s face at the idea of Robin having Spinelli’s child or Jax’s child or…. Now bear in mind Patrick had freak out and he didnt even want to be a father. I think the idea of Sam having another mans baby would make Jason’s head explode. And I was thinking, IF, and I dont think they will, but IF they kill off Jake, I could see them writing it as something to do with Lucky, maybe Lucky would have been drunk or something. How will Jason feel if he gave Jake up thinking he was insuring his safety only to have him die. I could see Carly being pregnant, his relationship with Michael, Sam’s desire to have a baby, and the potential death of Jake becoming the way the writers bring him to the point of seriously wanting a child with Sam. Of course, I dont know how Lizard could stay in the town where Jake died, with no Lucky, and watching JaSam having a baby.

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    Oh and Sage had it too. Soapzone also reported that there are rumors that while SBu was publically seeming to pull for a Jiz reunion, behind the scenes he was all about JaSam. Now who knows but…

  21. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    JASAM bump – I am hoping that Regan sees this and has some dirt…

    LL2 plans? Sam daddy, yes or no and who are they looking at? Sam with child? (I actually want that later not now) Any more info on the big adventure? Will it be personal or a PI case.

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