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The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Kyle Lowder, aka ham to Ron Moss‘s cheese, recently gave an interview to the Canyon News. While I generally enjoy this publication and it’s soaptastic coverage, openings like this one has me wondering a.) If the interviewer and I are watching two totally different television serials. Maybe out in SoCal episodes of B&B are still really good, and Lowder can, you know, act. Meanwhile they are repackaging really bad, like awful blooper reels of his scenery chewing histrionics for us hay seeds here in the South? or b.) Maybe I am just too out of touch to understand the sheer awesomeness that apparently is Lowder’s performance as Rick?

In one of the most fascinating roles of a lifetime, Lowder still remains optimistic about what is ahead for him as well as his character Rick Forrester. Lowder is compared to King Midas, who was known for having the Midas touch. He turns his scripts into gold every single episode he’s on. The handsome blonde Adonis is still at the top of his game, showing no signs of exhaustion, even though the marathon he’s been running every day on the show is unparalleled by any other daytime actor. Lowder may have been passed up for a Daytime Emmy nomination, but he’s proof that the best is sometimes overlooked when an actor is so flawless and ripe with talent, people think it’s not acting, they simply think he’s playing Kyle. He absolutely is not. Kyle Lowder and Rick Forrester have only one thing in common. Both are incredibly handsome. Other than that, it’s all make believe, thanks to super scribe Bradley P. Bell who helms the most watched show on the planet.

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    Yeah, he really thinks that Brad Bell is a great writer? Yeah right, in his dreams. The only thing Brad knows to write is smut and incestuous couples. I think that Kyle is kissing his boss’s butt to keep the job because the economy is not great and he knows to the more he works, the more s/l and money he gets.

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    I think the B&B publicist wrote that introduction as a condition of Kyle doing the interview. ;-) Clearly, someone who actually watches the show would NEVER have written that piece of hyperbolic farce.

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    Jossguy, I was just saying that he is lucky to be working and the character of Rick is getting on my last nerves and I hate the couple of Sick. I do hope that he save for a rainy day because you never know what going to happen in this industry.

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    I can’t stand nuRick either. I miss Justin T.’s sweet Rick. NuRick sucks as much as Ridge, which is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY bad!

    Brad Bell must get on his phone and ask his sister-in-law on how to write a decent soap. With the exception of the mishandled Neil/Karen/Tyra story, Maria Bell has done a great job.

    Speaking the Neil/Karen/Tyra story, how boring will those Neil and Tyra be? They do look hot when they’re kissing, but when those lips move and words come out and tears start flowing, I want to fast forward.

    It’s a shame that Y&R has screwed over Bryton McClure after winning an Emmy. Dropped from contract to recurring, what’s young actor supposed to do? Win an Emmy and then get bumpkus for a reward? Devon has never had a major love story. He had a flame for Lily that’s been extinguished. He’s dating Roxanne but has she said a word of substance since Tatyana Ali claimed the role?

    While I understand that Tracey E. Bregman who plays Lauren is recurring and has had a decent storyline, I think Devon is not long for Genoa City.

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    A few thoughts: First, I do not think Kyle Lowder is THAT bad. While he does have a tendency to over act at times, more often than not I think he is believable when he is acting. When he first came on he did a pretty good job. I think it is more the writing than him being a bad actor. Also, it is a shame that Bryton is not getting better material. Could he be picked up by the Bold and the Beautiful for a spell? I was also wondering if one thinks Texas Battle should switch to Y&R and compete with Cane for Lily’s affections.

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    reggyreg Texas Battle needs to stay far away from Y&R. We already have enough lackluster African American actors on the show. There isn’t any room for him LOL. I have never understood why Bryton hasn’t had a story since Victoria Rowell left. His last storyline was when he got the ear piece for whatever disease he had.

    Now reggyreg I guess Kyle Lowder is apart of the 10% we don’t agree on. He has been unwatchable since they put him with Phoebe and that Constantine mess. He was ok originally with Ashley. He definitley won’t be getting any acting awards. I would be fine with Justin T. coming back as Rick. He was so much better.

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    Kyle is great. We have to separate the performer from the sick, sick, sick role.

    Lowder is playing a male diva. A petulant spoiled b!tch who will do whatever it takes to achieve his objectives. He’s “Grace” from Y&R…sexy, mercurial.

    I finally clicked into what Kyle was doing…the underlying comedy…when the one-kidney’d recent-fall-off-building volunteered for military service (in his own designer camo gear because he didn’t like what the military was providing)…knowing he wouldn’t be accepted.

    Rick is now a campy delight (“I own your ass” is a new classic…replay those scenes…that was the best Friday tag in years!). The only problem with Rick, as he is now written, is that he is straight.

    Seriously, if Rick were now a flamboyant gay designer (and it’s only about 5-degrees left of where he is now to get there), he’d RESCUE this show. And Kyle is totally up to that task.

    This is not a slam or a subtle homophobic remark. B&B desperately needs a flamboyant male fashion diva to move the show forward and preserve the show’s “camptastic” flavor, and I really think Kyle’s Rick is the man to do it. On any other soap, that wouldn’t make sense…but I’ll bet on Bradley Bell’s B&B sexuality can change on a dime!

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    I wouldn’t mind Alex coming back. I didn’t really mind her when she was around. The only thing I didn’t like is that they had her torn between Malcom and Neil. Besides that she was fine. She could act and she would be believeable as a love interest for Neil. Her and Neil have history. At this point if they aren’t going to bring VR back then they need to get a viable love interest for Neil. Tyra isn’t working for me.

    I didn’t realize Texas battle was on 5 years younger than Jennifer Gareis. Isn’t Ronn Moss like five years younger than John McCook too? I know they are close in age. This seems to be a trend on B&B.

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    I think that the young generation needs to come on B&B. Get Eric III back to LA and age Alexandra and bring back Kristen and an age Zende, to spread the s/l around and backburner the wooden one.

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    Alex Perez was on from November 2000 to May 2002 according to Wikipedia.

    josstheguy Bridget and Marcus…HELL TO THE NAW!!! There is enough incest on B&B!

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    I was just joking. :-P

    As for the incest, it’s all faux incest. No one who shares DNA has evered kissed on the show.


    I agree! I definitely think it’s time that B&B followed in the footsteps of Y&R when it switched from the Brooks and Fosters to the Abotts and Newmans. I think the show tried to bring in the younger set with Ridge and Taylors’ kids, but none of those kids have had the staying power or acting chops of the Newman kids.

    It’s a half-hour show, so there’s really no room to be truthful. I think in Nelson Branco’s interview with Maria Bell, she mentioned that after hearing rumors that GL might be canceled, there was talk of B&B expanding to an hour. Because of the economy, that’s definitely not happening now.

    Like I said before, my favorite CBS soaps are Y&R and GL. B&B is tough to bear. Whenever I see Brooke and Ridge getting the sexy on, I want to hurl because I know that they’ll never last. ATWT is just a mess. We’re on Craig number 6?? The show should have just stuck with Hunt Block or Scott Bryce (no slight to Jon Lindstrom). Revolving door is lame. I’m not interested in Parker and Liberty. All of the brown people are brought out for show only a couple of times a month. Luke and Noah, they’re okay.

    And what the heck has happened to Lucinda Walsh? Talk about a daytime villaness defanged and degraded. It’s great to see that she’s mellowed somewhat but there’s mellow and then there’s a wet noodle. I understand why her Elizabeth Hubbard is taking a job on a Dutch soap. Anything to use her brain!!

    I wonder if Hubbard got a face lift if the show would be more willing to use her? Not that I want her to take a risk at surgery or anything. Just pondering about the cynical and real world of acting requires eternal youth of women to retain their sexiness. If 60-something Eric can get his honey on with Donna, why can’t Lucinda find her own mate?

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    josstheguy LOL you are correct about no blood relatives actually swapping spit on B&B but where I come from once some one is considered a relative then they are off limits no matter what. Whether adopted or anything else. It’s just disgusting to me. LOL

    I think that’s why I wasn’t a fan of Brooke in the 90s because we watched her go from Ridge to Eric back to Ridge then Thorne and I was like yuck that is so disgusting but now everyone else on the show has followed suit. Taylor, Nick, Rick, they are all disgusting now.

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    re: Kyle is great. We have to separate the performer from the sick, sick, sick role.

    Lowder is playing a male diva. A petulant spoiled b!tch who will do whatever it takes to achieve his objectives. He’s “Grace” from Y&R…sexy, mercurial.

    I finally clicked into what Kyle was doing…the underlying comedy…when the one-kidney’d recent-fall-off-building volunteered for military service (in his own designer camo gear because he didn’t like what the military was providing)…knowing he wouldn’t be accepted.

    I was thinking the same thing…..I see his performances as campy with underlying comedy….I enjoy what he’s doing with the material he’s being given.

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    I’m sorry after seeing Jacob Young and Justin Torkinson in the role of Rick Forrestor I have to say that Kyle Lowder is definitely the worst of the Rick’s. Not only is the writing bad but he isn’t giving much of a performance. He turned me off from the role of Rick pretty much since he took over.

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    Regardless of the state of the economy, there are very few well paying jobs for actors. After Lowder left Days, he didn’t find work in TV or films. He’s smart enough to know that this is as good as it gets for him. How many other actors make at couple or few hundred thousand dollars a year? Not many, to be realistic.

    Lowder has a front burner stories. What else is the guy to say? If the guy and his wife, who plays Nicole on Days, are smart, at least one of them is banking his/her salary for a rainy day.

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    You don’t think that Kyle Lowder is as bad as Ronn Moss? O.K. No ham for the cheese then…

    I heard that Texas Battle is going to be on Sherri Sheppard’s new show, which would be filmed in New York. B&B doesn’t seem to have any use for him. Frankly, he’s kinda fizzled. I think the whole Marcus storyline has been mishandled.

    Marcus comes to town and he meets his mother. At no time does Donna bother to tell Marcus who his father is. Marcus, of course, doesn’t bother to ask. Oh, Marcus never is seen calling his adoptive parents.

    I had always hoped that B&B would do something with young cop who was hired. I thought he might be Marcus’ father but after he met Donna during the “Who Tried to Kill Eric Forrester?” mess, there turned out to be no connection there.

    So, I think the inclusion of Marcus will be wrung up as another false start for B&B’s attempt to diversify following (falling?) in the foot steps of the guy who had a crush on Macy, and the abused and quickly discarded Latino characters (who were all white Latinos). :-P

    Maybe they’ll recast the roll? BTW, Texas Battle is only 5 years younger than Jennifer Gareis who plays his mother. Hey, that’s B&B!

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    Smitty, “I guesss Kyle Lowder is apart of the 10%”..LOL..okay, I hear you. Kyle is not the best and I wish the original Jacob Young would return. But lets see how bad he is with good material. He may surprise you. Also, I guess I was grasping at straws with Texas Battle. You are right, we already have Ana and Tyra, we don’t want to add insult to injury. How would you feel about Alex Perez coming back to win Neil’s affections?

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    Josstheguy, I did not know Texas Battle was only five years younger than Jennifer Gareis!That is really sad that he is still playing a 20 something character. I admit that they did not flush the character more. That HOT MESS with that guy who had a crush on Macy was laughable. Remember his brother who had a learning disability? That whole storyline was a big JOKE! B&B should be ashamed of itself in terms of creating diversity within their show.

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    I’m not sure who Alex Perez is.

    BTW, compare the character development and popularity of Kevin Fischer and Devon Hamilton. Could Y&R ever have a black character ever go from creepy, would-be murderer to every one’s favorite misunderstood, recovered victim of child abuse?


    The last thing B&B is for Rick to turn gay. That would be lame. Why not just create a gay character?

    Having a gay character won’t save B&B. It hasn’t saved GL or ATWT.

    Frankly, I wonder if CBS might just end up like NBC and just air Y&R. Meh, B&B is still super popular overseas, so it can survive a nuclear disaster like a cockroach. ;-)

    Seriously, B&B used to be fun. Campy but nutso when Sheila and Sally were around. Now, I just long for the quick delights of Jackie and Owen.

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    Josstheguy, Alex Perez was an African American female who was hired by Victor Newman as one of his many attorneys. Neil fell in love with her, but she and Malcolm were an item. Malcolm found out by hearing Neil and Alex talk about their relationship. Dejected (he did or he was going to propose to Alex when he heard them talking behind semi-closed doors). Malcolm went on a photo shoot when the bridge collapsed. He fell into the water (sounds familiar?)He was presumed dead until he returned a few years later. Unfortunately they never mentioned Alex again.

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    I don’t have a problem with Texas playing Jennifer’s son. First, “black don’t crack” is true. It’s an acting. Right? And, if you don’t realize it, Jack Wagner is only a few years young than Lesley Anne Downs. Let me tell you, Lesley looks younger than her son. Really. How old was Jackie supposed to be when she had Nick? Five years old? Those two look like brother and sisters.

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    I guess we are supposed to suspend believe in the television Josstheguy, Leslie Ann Down does look younger than Jack Wagner. He is really starting to show his age. I also am not happy with he and Bridget getting together for the 14th time. Can we get her someone else to fall in love with? I am glad they did not match her with Owen. That pairing has short term potential written all over it! Get her someone else. What about Taylor’s younger brother?

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    Smitty, I think the actress who played Alex could actually act unlike Eva Marcille. Also, if MAB can get Shemar Moore back for a few episodes that would create even more tension with Neil and Malcolm because they are revisiting that triangle from a few years back as well as addressing the Lily issue. If they can’t do that, have a triangle involving Neil, Tyra and Olivia. Let’s not forget that Neil and Olivia was an item two or three times back in the day.

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    I think the Alex Perez character must have been on Y&R when I was on a break from the show in college or working.

    What about Bridget and Marcus??? GL said it was okay for first cousins to get it on even though first cousing marriage is illegal in most U.S. states.

    To be fair, I don’t find Texas Battle to be that intriguing. Marcus is basically Passion’s Chad Harris come to town. Don Swaby, the original Chad, and Charles Divins each have a stronger presence than Texas Battle.

    I forget the name of the actor or his character’s name, the son of the recurring L.A. detective, but I’d like to see more of him. He’s very energetic and intelligent.


    Speaking of the original Rick, Jacob Young, I’ve never liked him as J.R. Chandler. The character became so sleazy, a would-be murderer. I never got him or understood why AMC made Babe into such an idiot doormat that she would forgive him for trying to kill her. What was the message AMC sent to young women?

    I think Agnes Nixon must have barfed stomach acid in her mouth when she heard about that sexist, misogynistic crap. Soaps sometimes send horrible messages about how abused women should embrace their abusers.

    Speaking of B&B, why didn’t Brooke throw the whole rape thing in Stephanie’s face or the faked heart attack when Brooke delivered her rebuttal?

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    I agree. The confrontations between Stephanie and Brooke are not as good as they used to be. Just look on you tube and you will see what I am talking about. Brooke should have let the audience know via the podcast about the disgusting acts that Stephanie did all those years ago!

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    i hate the show with the new rick if he stays on i will just turn it when the show is about him im to the point that it bugs me that much ,and Donna please save me take her off with him i hated her on the YR and she is even worse on the BB .my daughter says Ridge is a (used to be brown haired ken doll very stiff and boring )now he is a gray haired ken doll very stiff and boring .the only one i like on the show is
    Taylor,and hmmm well thats it just taylor ..i really could care less if the show was taken off !!! as for the YR nick needs to go back with sharon and phylis needs to just leave .and why is Nina back on the show who cares about her i dont think anyone did the other time she was on,Amber is just stupid she cant act hated her on BB and now she bugs me on YR she needs to leave and take Kevin with her he is just as bad as her i hope they make them get together and then leave town together (as long as she doesnt show up on AW),if as the worlds turns does not improve they will be gone in future years also .so many people are tired of the same old stuff they need new ideas .If james comes back again i will refuse to watch it again.Ashley on YR who cares if she has a mental break down ,who cares about her at all hated her on all the shows she has been on .like i said they all need some new faces and some new lives on them !!!!

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