Dirty Sexy Money's Peter Krause in NBC's Parenthood

Dirty Sexy Money and Six Feet Under star Peter Krause is a lucky man today. NBC has picked up his new show Parenthood, a remake of the 1989 dramedy Parenthood. I'm a big fan of Krause from his Six Feet Under days and am still upset that ABC cancelled Dirty Sexy Money. The preview of Parenthood reminds me a bit of ABC's Brothers & Sisters.  

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10 December 2008
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Peter is an amazing actor, I loved DSM, but even before that I loved him in SciFi's The Lost room, why that miniseries was never picked up for a full series i will never know lol.

Anyways Parenthood is one of the shows i am really looking forward to.

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5 April 2009
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Is Maura Tierney's character meant to be based on Diane Wiest's role in the movie version? If so, ROFLMAO. At least I can buy Peter Krause as Steve Martin's character.

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This promo doesn't make me the least bit interested in watching.

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20 November 2007
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Well hello, Ron Howard!
And to top it off Peter K! wow I am in!

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Looks like B&S without Sally Field, Calista Flockhardt and Rachel Griffiths ... so why even bother?
I'm not really interested, but let's see what the show brings, when it starts. For now: NBC better renews "Chuck" and doesn't cancel it for a show like this.

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6 January 2008
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DSM would not be canceled right now if they didn't completely change the format.

I hope ParentHood is good. I would watch MT in anything. I still miss Abby!

Okay so Daz Sheperd is the "bad" brother. So that little boy is his bi-racial son from the movie.

Don't they know that Monica Potter can't act.

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The only reason I would tune in to this show is Maura Tierny! I absolutely love her! But am I supposed to believe she is old enough to have 2 teenage kids. I guess she is, but she doesn't look like it.

I saw NBC's fall schedule and it is very unimpressive. Jay Leno's new show is really hindering NBC's fall schedule. I don't watch very much NBC anymore. I am really enjoying the new show Southland and I'm really hoping that they will save Chuck!

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This looks really good, I'm surprised!