Elizabeth Hubbard Goes Dutch

Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda, As the World Turns) is going to play a guest role on the Dutch soap Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden (Good Times Bad Times). She's going to play Sair Poindexter. She's the mother of the character Irene Huygens (played by Anita Donk). Sair is an American sexologist.

Elizabeth is looking forward to her gig at the most popular Dutch soap:

I am very excited to be joining such a distinguished cast on such a popular show. I already feel welcomed by my new Dutch family and I look forward to all the upcoming challenges. This is an actors dream and I can't wait to get started.

Besides the mother of Irene, Sair is also the grandmother of Ronja (Alexandra Alphenaar) and Dex (Emiel Sandtke). The kids can't wait to see their grandmother again. Irene is less enthusiastic. She has a love/hate relationship with her mother. Elizabeth starts filming on Monday, June 1st. Her first airdate is Thursday, July 2nd.
This blogger is thrilled with this news. Elizabeth Hubbard is one of my favorite actresses. To be able to see her on my favorite soap is going to be great.


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That's pretty cool. I didn't know she spoke the language.

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She doesn't have to speak the language. She's playing Irene's American mother. But I assume she speaks a little Dutch. She has a Dutch boyfriend and seems to love the Netherlands.

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Has the economy gotten that bad that we're now outsourcing our soap stars?! LOL!

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Sadly, ATWT doesn't seem to provide much airtime for Ms. Hubbard or other older actors. It's strange how well Y&R integrates and uses an 80-year-old actresses in front burner stories but most other soaps push their older actors into the attic.

Look at how they treated the actor who played John Dixon, Larry Bryggman. Poof! He disappeared. No explanation. Just one day he was gone.

I expect Margot and Tom to dissipate into the ether shortly.

And, let's not even talk about actors of color on ATWT. Well, let's do talk about it. ATWT, like most soaps, is terrible at creating and investing in storylines for actors of color. Several years ago, there several black actors on the show who had good stories. Do you remember Marshall and Jessica? But what did they do? They made Marshall into a rapist and sent him diving off a tall building.

And within a year, it seems, the rest of the black actors disappeared from the canvas.

Yeah, the show tosses in Dallas and Bonnie with a dollop of Jade but what are their storylines like? Thin to non-existent.

Y&R has the Winters family but they fade in out of focus. The character of Lily Winters has had success in being attached to other characters through her marriages to Danny R. and now Cane. But, Neil Winters, has been an established character for years but never seems to be involved in a high profile story. Devon is going to leave. That leaves us with Tyra (God help us! Eva Marcelle needs an acting coach times 3!).

Years ago, Y&R played with Neil and Victoria getting engaged when Victoria found herself pregnant and Neil decided to help her. The platonic relationship died.

Given that Victoria has been back-burnered for a year, why not toss her and Neil together again?

Otherwise, why not have Neil find out that he's Victor Newman's unknown lovechild? Kristoff St. John, the actor who plays Neil, is biracial; so, there should be no complaints from the peanut gallery on account of "race."

Back to the age thing, I miss the Quartermains and Bobbie Spencer. Why on earth did GH have to kill off Alan Q.? Monica and Alan are such a great couple. I miss the mischief and fun of the Quartermains. Instead, we have mafia stories. Yippe! Murderers as heroes!

I was kid when the Quartermains learned of Edwards illegitimate lovechild Jimmy Lee, but that certainly electrified things.

Today's GH is just doom, gloom, and death.

That's my rant. Sorry to be all over the place.

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Congratulations to Elizabeth Hubbard for finding a soap that will actually write for her and give her something to do. If I were a vet on ATWT, I'd find other projects worthy of my talent and time.