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Yes sir, let the chaos begin!

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    Even though they got problems, Y&R is still the best soap on air. GH is a mess, AMC is terrible, ATWT is dismal, Days is so so, B&B is atrocious, and GL and OLTL is good. I trying to be optimistic about this industry, but tiic is killing the joy out of soaps for me.

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    In that clip was Nikki (MST)whom we haven’t seen on screen in a while; believe the last time MTS was on screen was before Cane & Lily’s wedding. I know MST is currently in contract negotiations with Y & R and she was noticeably absent from Kay & Murphy’s BBQ. Her whereabouts as of late was never mentioned within the context of the show.

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    Now this is more like it. Phyllis and Jack are gonna get it on!!!!! And here comes what I’m sure will be an infamous scene with Adam disguised as Sabrina and scarin’ the shit out of Ashley. I watch Y&R to be entertained, not for the nonsense we’ve been given lately. Every week should be written where you can’t miss an episode. All we need now is the classic background music back!!!

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    Holy, Jack goes in for the kiss!

    I’m just wondering is this before or after Sharon and Nick hit the sheets again?

    Looks good!

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    Well, the Winters is a bore. Get rid of Eva and the singing child. Bring in an AA actress that can act who has chemistry with KSJ. The quad is getting stale and JM is sleepwalking through his scenes. Don’t hook up Shick yet, have Sharon go get help and Nick stay single for a while and then get back together. Where is Nikki and Paul’s s/l. What is going on with Daniel, Kevin, Jana and Amber? I like Adam’s revenge on Victor and Jack by scaring Ashley, but I do agree that they are taking it into crazyland. I want Adam to feel some kind of remorse of what he did to Ashley. I want him to attack at Jack and Victor, not someone who was a friend to him. The show is good but it can get better.

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    Chris Engen should be disappearing in the next couple of weeks. While I find the story line interesting, I’ve never found Engen all that appealing, which has probably resulted from his character being written as such a sleazy whiner.

    I have similar feelings for Vail Bloom and her Heather character, which has been written as being a hypocrite: insensitive to the plight of Kevin Fischer but willing to bend the rules for her lover, Adam Wilson. I wonder if the character is a Republican? ;-)

    Anyway, I couldn’t care less about Adam and Rafe kissing. Seriously, why is that going to be hot? It’s all about manipulation and betrayal. Adam attempts to control Rafe. If Rafe falls for it, he’s weak. Rafe permits his aunt to fall into financial uncertainty and another woman to be tortured for sex. Blech!

    Hell, we know it’s not going to really go any where since Yani Gellman is only a recurring character. He has no contract; therefore, the show has no long term plan for him. Gellman can leave at any time.

    Lots of people got upset because Engen didn’t want to kiss another man. Much of the reaction also seems to be about people’s desire to see Engen and Gellman together sexually because they’re attractive and as part of a wish of acceptance. But why should audience members expect actors to carry out sexual scenes that might make them feel bad?

    People fail to consider that Engen has a right to control his body and say no to doing something that he doesn’t feel comfortable doing. We have his somewhat opaque statement and rumors. For all we really know, Engen could have been molested/raped at some point in his and was freaking out because kissing a guy brings up painful memories. (One of six men in the U.S. is a victim of rape.)

    What if that were the case? Would it be worth it for audience members to get their jollies if an actor was forced to suffer psychological damage?

    I read recently that years ago, on the soap Edge of Night, a female actress quit because her character was supposed to be raped. The actress had been the victim of rape as a child and found the storyline too painful.

    Engen chose to walk. He’ll suffer the consequences financially and in his ability to get other contract work on series television. Maybe he’ll end up flipping burgers. Whatever. I’m just bothered by how people were angered by his decision as if he had done something to hurt them.

    I’ve heard all of these arguments about how actors would kill for such a career making role. Except anyone who’s watched soaps knows that there have been a gazillion soap opera villains and villains who have done terrible things. What’s become of those actors? Y&R has had several great villains. The actors who played them aren’t there anymore nor are they on other soaps. Where is Kimberlin Brown or Michael Corbett or Sabryn Genet?

    In terms of the Winters family being boring, that’s all about the writing. Kristoff and Eva do have chemistry but the show is and has always been VERY segregated. Y&R refuses to bring Tyra into the lives of any other characters outside the Winters family. Devon is probably going to disappear since Bryton McClure has been dropped to recurring status. That just leaves Neil and Lily.

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    Kristoff and Eva do have chemistry but the show is and has always been VERY segregated.


    josstheguy to a certain extent I have to disagree with you. Even though the black actors and actresses on this show only dated each other most of the time (a lot of the time due to outrage by the fans for interracial dating during the 90s Victoria/Neil pairing anyone) they were well intergrated with the other cast. Neil worked at Newman and was best friends with Ryan McNeil. Olivia was good friend with Ashley Abbott. Drucilla worked for Jabot and Newman and had a great rivalry with Phyliss. Malcom being a photographer was involved with many characters like Jill and Phyliss. Even Damon Porter was very well integrated with the cast. He had flirtations with Phyliss and victoria. Right now it seems like the only black actor on the show that interacts with non black actors is Lily. I still haven’t understood why they haven’t fleshed Tyra out with other characters. I mean the pretty much all her scenes have been with the Winters family. Even though she worked for a little while at Indigo. I mean I am not a fan of the character of Tyra but if she is going to be around I don’t understand why they don’t have interacting with JT, Mac, Billy and all them. I mean the recent Memorial Day party at the Chancellor Estate would have been a good chance. Even with Neil now working at Chancellor as the CEO. He is pretty much the head of Jabot since Chancellor owns it. They need to get him mixed in with Jack, Billy, and Ashley at Jabot. I think they even missed an opportunity with Jill at Cane and Lily’s wedding. She could have made a snide remark at Neil for becoming CEO of Chancellor. I mean just something. Even with Devon. I don’t know why they haven’t had him interact with the younger crowd. I mean Colleen, Chloe, Billy, Kevin, Jana, Amber and Daniel. There are so many opportunities for him to mix it up with them. He only interacts with Lily. I mean come on. I believe he knows Mac because she worked at the rec center when his character was introduced.

    For us long time viewers of Y&R I think we can agree that today the black actors aren’t integrated well with the rest of the cast at this point and time. That would have to be my biggest complaint with the MAB regime. MAB and Co. have done many things right but this is the BIGGEST problem they have right now with the show. I know a lot of us want Victoria Rowell back and the reason why is because it seems to me that the writing for the black actors on the show died when Dru went off the cliff. It’s sad but true. I love Y&R and that is what frustrates me the most about this show. During the 90s and the early part of the 2000s there wasn’t a daytime soap that consistently could touch Y&R’s black actors/actresses. Come on MAB I am losing patience with this.

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    I still think that somehow, Neil needs to be Victor’s son. That would shake things up! Either that or have Neil and Victoria have an affair. Both Neil and Victoria are underused.

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    Neil and Victoria were engaged when Victoria was pregnant with Cole’s baby. I always thought they should have kept them together. I know there was a lot of controversy with the pairing. I believe KSJ and Heather Tom received hate mail and people complained to Y&R about the pairing. I do think today it can be explored again. I would love to see Neil back with Victoria. I mean him having a kid with Victoria would solidfy him with the Newman clan. I like KSJ and HT but I don’t know if I would like Amelia Heinle with him. it could work though.

    I don’t like the idea of Neil being Victor’s son. I think they need to do a big corporate storyline with Jabot vs. Newman. Since Chancellor owns Jabot this would put Neil against his former boss. Wouldn’t it be nice for Neil, Jack, and Ashley to take on Victor, Victoria, and Nick. I think this storyline could shake up Y&R. We need a good corporate storyline.

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    Smitty, you hit the nail on the head by saying AA audiences feel the writing for the black characters died when Dru fell off the cliff. I was heartbroken when VR left because all of a sudden the Winters became a shell of their former shelves. Say what you will about LML, but at least she wrote for Dru, Neil, Devon, and Lily. I remember that VR carried Y&R for 2006 and part of 2007. Even though I wasn’t a fan of “Crazy Dru”, at least it was entertainment. When is the last time anyone was entertained by the Winters clan? Since Tyra manages Indigo, she should be mixing it up with the entire cast. Have her become a confidant of Mac or Colleen instead of being stagnant all the time. One day, MAB is going to have to suck it up and allow Victoria Rowell to grace us with her presence as Drucilla again. Everyone knows this storyline will rock!!!!

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    I think that Kay Alden and Jack Smith wrote for Dru, if I am correct in it. But I do agree with the segregate s/ls and the social issue of the week with the Winters clan and the mistreatment of VR and other AA actors on Y&R. AA women is the majority of viewers and the way they are writing us, it is clear that MAB, I going to say it, doesn’t know or care about the audience that is watching Y&R or carry the show to number one for over 20 years and counting. And getting non actors like Eva who can’t act to save her life to just shut us up isn’t cutting it anymore and the viewers are leaving in droves. Compare to other soaps, Y&R is good, but it still needs a whole lot of work with the rampant sexism and misogynistic tones in the writing of the show is turning viewers off like the quad. I wish that MAB would fix the Winters clan and make them interesting again and get a actress who has chemistry with KSJ and can act and a good s/l and I be happy.

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    Dru being crazy crazy crazy was LML. That wasn’t Kay Alden and Jack Smith. I believe that’s one of the reasons why VR wanted to leave. If I remember correctly she asked to be let out of her contract early because she didn’t like the way they were writing for her. LML and Co. let her out early and “killed” off her character to avoid her from going over to B&B like Eileen Davidson did with her character of Ashley. LML did write for the Winters and she overwrote for the Fisher/Baldwin Clan as well. I don’t think LML had a good take on many of the characters on Y&R and that includes the Winters. She wrote for them but it wasn’t the best storylines. That’s just my opinion.

    josstheguy I didn’t know AF received death threats with the Usher stuff. That was a good storyline, but it makes sense if they were doing that to HT and KSJ. It sad that people act that way. I may not like the Lily and Cane romance but I don’t think they deserve hate mail or stuff. I am glad they aren’t going through that stuff.

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    josstheguy has the show confirmed Bryton going on recurring? I thought he made a statement that he wasn’t being placed on recurring.

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    I know you weren’t talking to me, but I think the show is in limbo kinda. There doesn’t seem to be an A, B,C, and D story. People want a daytime drama and we keep getting this telenovela crap involving Jack/Phyllis/Nick/Sharon, who are boring. Set this show on fire!!! And clean up the Winters debacle before it’s too late. Write it so Tyra mixes it up across canvas if we must endure Eva da Diva. Also, have we officially since Neil take his place at Chancellor. The man is the CEO, let him wield his power. We need another corporate power struggle.

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    With the exception of Lily, most of the black actors have been fairly segregated into their area of the show. They have to have some interaction with the other cast but largely, their drama has been amongst themselves.

    Historically, we’ve seen exceptions to this rule but over all most of the major storylines for black characters have been amongst themselves.

    Neil may be the head of Chancellor Industries but what will that mean? The writers don’t seem that interested in him. How often does KSJ appear on the show every 2 weeks?

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    I remember the Neil & Victoria pairing. I could see them receiving hate mail. Do you remember on B&B when Amber, played by Adrienne Frantz, was pregnant and thought the baby might be Usher’s character? Frantz received hate mail and death threats.

    It’s amazing to see the change in our society when Lily & Cane are now a HOT super couple.

    Both Heinle and St. John are under used. Why shouldn’t they have a HOT, sexy affair? That would also bring Thad Luckinball’s J.T. Hellstrom back onto the canvas as he deals with his wife’s betrayal.

    BTW, I was not a fan of crazy, crazy Dru anymore than I am of crazy, crazy Phyllis. LML did do well by the Winters.

    Why did Rowell leave? I read that she wanted to be part of the writing staff and had asked for the opportunity to learn how. Isn’t Martha Byrne writing for B&B (God knows that show could use some SERIOUS help in its writing!)?

    Does MAB have something against Rowell? Maybe at this point Rowell would be too expensive?

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    I don’t know if it’s MAB’s not wanting to write black stories. What I do know is that there should be something done to give the Winters a boost. But, with Bryton Mclure’s demotion to recurring (note that they didn’t give him the option of a cut in pay) and the firing of Nia Peeples, the wind is diminished from the Winters’ (Lily excluded) sails.

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