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    Mrs Adam Carrington

    After this, Starr and the rest of the pregnancy teen posse need to be back-burnered for a VERY long time. Enough is enough. As for AMC and GH, there is no need to acknowledge that level of stupidity.

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    Mrs AC, Starr and the teens needs a long back from our screens, but if I have to see the Morasco fiasco and McBore, I take the teens over theses s/ls any day of the week, LOL.

    I want to see a Jess and Natalie feud, Viki and Charlie on the front burner with Dorian being a nuisance to Viki, Rj coming back to raise hell, Jess and Brody hooking up, Roxy in a s/l of her own, Blair finding her father and ditch McBore, Marty and Cole bonding, Destiny and Matthew’s friendship, Stacy and Gigi die and Rex and Schyler hook up, LOL; finding out Tea’s secret. That would be my summer s/ls.

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    Mrs Adam Carrington

    so true simonstuart, so true

    it would be so nice to see Natalie and Jessica in a leading storyline together because they have so many issues between them that they haven’t dealt with and need to come out.

    the morasco fiasco just needs to go like last week and Vicki and Charlie need more screen time as well as the rest of vets, and if they bring RJ and Lindsay back I will be delirious with joy.

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