Bryton McClure’s Emmy Submission

Bryton McClure did an interview with and in it he talks about which scene he submitted for the Daytime Emmy nominations. What scenes did you submit for consideration?
BRYTON: We only got to submit from one episode this year so it was tough, but it was an episode where my sister Ana gets taken away to these offices by a social worker. The Winters family goes to try to get her back and I have scenes talking to the social worker and talking to my sister and she’s scared about being taken away. A lot of stuff comes out about my mother and at the end of the show there are scenes where she gets completely taken away by a different family and we’re all dealing with that. There were some good scenes at the end of that episode with myself and Eva Marcille, who plays Tyra, reminiscing about when I was growing up. There was emotional stuff all throughout the show.

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    Give the guy a break. No sooner did he get his nomination, he got fired from Y&R, pushed to recurring status. You know the man is hurting. His character is going to be pushed to the side soon. Won’t it be sad if he wins the Emmy again and be unemployed?

    Hmm…Maybe he could become B&B’s new Marcus? :-P

    It’s stories like Bryton’s that make me care little about actors like Chris Engen quitting.

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    Bryton is an actor and he shouldn’t be on recurring, but with the way the economy is going and the ratings and the budget being slashed, no wonder they have to come up with a way to budget the show.

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    Bryton is a good actor BUT he didnt have the material this year and if wins over the likes of AMC’s Cornelius Smith Jr (Frankie) or Day’s Blake Berris (Nick) than count me as one pissed viewer.

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    First off, Y&R and Bryton have denied that he has been moved to recurring status. He is still listed fourth in the credit list meaning he is contract. Second, the rumors were before the Emmy noms came up.

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    The show could have cut his salary. Since he has no contract, that means his character is not crucial to the show. By taking him off contract, Y&R is saying that Bryton can go find another job.

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