Former Y&R Star Bell Bringing “Family Dinner” To Web

The creative gene was apparently passed down to former The Young and the Restless star Lauralee Bell (ex-Cricket, er Christine). On June 8, viewers can check out Family Dinner, a new web series Bell co-created. Family Dinner consists of three-minute segments featuring Bell  as a nutty mother who is hellbent on becoming a guest on Oprah. Rounding out the cast is Tim Reid, as Bell’s husband, Dan Cortese as a reality show producer very interested in having the family on TV and comedian Phyllis Diller, as Bell’s doddering mother-in-Law. For a sneak peek check out the trailer at

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    It’s not just you, Purplevinyl87… I looked at it and thought it had been manipulated to make her eyes look HUUUUGE!

    As Kennethzach said, not very flattering. She looks very lean, but being that way obviously draws out her eyes.

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