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Here’s the Scoop! 06.02.09

So NotEmily isn’t the RealEmily, she’s Emily’s long lost twin. Is that TPTB way of placating the fans who wanted her to be the real deal? SPOILER has it that Rebecca has known all along she’s the long lost twin despite her insistence otherwise when she first hit PC. Another bit of history rewritten? When Monica’s cancer story was happening, we met Paige Bowen a single mother who was very open with her fellow breast cancer patient Monica Quartermaine. Paige left Monica to care for her only child yet never mentioned that only child was actually a twin? I can’t wait to see how Guza and company spin this one. One RUMOR says Rebecca’s adoption was illegal. I know most fans say “how can she be Emily? We saw her dead body laying there for days upon days.” Well, in GH time it was only one night despite it taking weeks to play out. It’s very plausible to make NotEmily the RealEmily. Alexis uncovers the dirt with Rayner’s help and Rebecca leaves Wyndamere just in time to bump into Helena who wants in on Rebecca’s scam of her grandson. That Helena never misses a golden opportunity. Rebecca pretends to not know that she and Emily were twins when Nikolas shows her proof.

Rebecca and Ethan… there is plenty of GOSSIP out there about the connection these two share. One “theory” is that they are adopted siblings. Another says they just happened to meet in route to Port Charles and learned they had a con-man’s life in common. And yet another says the two are getting it on. SPOILERS say Lulu spies the two in a close conversation and she warns Ethan away from the Emily look-a-like. Ethan insists he only knows her from their meeting on the Haunted Star and Lulu says she doesn’t trust that Rebecca isn’t trying to work one over on Nikolas.

Luke leaves town… aka Tony Geary is off on his vacation. We know he’s sad to leave his storyline and Ethan behind. If it gives us a little break from this mess, I say have a nice trip. Will Tracy think her husband has left chasing after Holly? Will Luke’s leaving be at the hands of Helena? Does Tracy file for divorce? Nathan Parsons thinks Ethan should be left to run the Haunted Star. Is it me or is the Haunted Star’s lack of actual paying customers a waste of a set? Back to Helena… she’s “bumping” into Rebecca, MAY be behind Luke’s leaving and now the WORD is that she uses Luke to get Ethan and his partner in con to do what she says. Was Ethan prepared to back off before Helena dangles Luke in his face? One RUMOR says he’s unsure of what’s more important, Rebecca or his new fam.

Did they do more than screw with history when they made Ethan a Spencer? Plenty of fans are more than upset that Luke cheated on his angel. I’m not that shocked. Luke never was and never will be a moral compass but I think TPTB missed the boat on an Ethan – Lulu pairing and judging from some of the comments from Perkie’s Observations; I’m not the only one. I find his time with Lulu the only time I’m not completely annoyed with Ethan and actually think Lulu is much better opposite Ethan. There SHOULD be more sibling bonding for these two. What about Lu? Since Ethan is out as a possible love interest, who will be her next victim? Matt? Dante (when he arrives)? Maybe this newbie Dominic?

Alexis and her upcoming mess… Kristina is a handful to say the least. The once straight A student is now hell on wheels and crushing on her Uncle Jason. Will she go as far to hit on him in her underpants? Alexis’s secrets MAY be putting more of a strain on her relationship with her daughter. Yep, I said secrets. More secrets. Don’t you love secrets? TPTB seem to think we do. What’s the secret? Some are reporting it’s an affair with the Mayor. Current or past? Remember when Ric accused Alexis of getting busy with the Mayor when she was hiding her lung cancer? RUMORS say she MAY have turned to the Mayor after catching her husband and daughter banging on her living room floor. Will Kristina have an issue with Alexis cheating on Ric?

Claudia is on pins and needles… waiting to see if Michael remembers her coma-side confessions. Will he? He starts to remember some things. But Claudia has other problems to deal with. Jason is so close to finding out the truth. In case you missed it in the comments yesterday I answered a question about Jason and Sam and they’re RUMORED adventure. I’m not sure how much of an adventure has been penned yet. They will be looking into Claudia more and trying to get the hard cold proof that she’s behind the shooting. Which I find so dumb! Jason is supposed to be the hero, Sam is supposed to be the new PI and most of PC knows the truth or has had some sort of proof that Claudia was behind the hit gone wrong yet they’re still out there looking for evidence? Yes most of the "proof" is Jerry’s claim however; Claudia has been less than convincing in her denial of it and let’s not forget -although the writers have- that Nikolas was on the receiving end of a confession from Claudia.

LL2 Re-do… I find it boring and lazy and I know I am not the only one. One comment in a mag is that they hope to rekindle the great love story that was Liz and Lucky. Now, I love Greg Vaughan but even I can admit that he is no Jonathan Jackson and if they try to recreate what once was, they will fail miserably. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, they did it right when they reunited them after Cameron’s birth. Now, it’s all been played and played out far too much to sell me on it again. Both these characters need to move on.

CRAZY & RANDOM RUMORS… Claudia feeds into Jax’s paranoia after witnessing a close moment between Sonny and Carly. Claudia also adds to Michael’s issues with his mom. After the tumble, both ladies SHOULD still be with child. Helena visits Kristina. Rebecca wants Jason to be on her side. Will Sonny request a paternity test? Michael leaves Carly’s in a huff… will Kristina pick him up? Will brother and sister find themselves in trouble? Is one half of JOlivia more invested?

CRAZY? FANFIC? SPOILER? Is Dante an undercover agent? Remember way back when, RUMORS said Dante would be the anti-Sonny. At that time it was ASSUMED he was an agent working to infiltrate the mob. Now, there is GOSSIP that Dante in an undercover agent and his main focus is bringing down organized crime. Well if this happens to be true, he’s hitting the wrong town. The mobsters never get what’s coming to them in Port Charles.

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  1. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Actually it would be great S/I if Dante is a fed who is mission is to take his daddy down not knowing that it is his father…..
    it would be better than the all Jason/Spinelli / Rayner S/I i which was good in the beginning but became lame……..

    About the all NotEmily/Emily long lost twin yes it sounds stupid why didn’t page told Monica that???? why didn’t she came early ??? and so on
    Also I did heard about Rebecca trying to put jason in her side and succeed in it Why are they continue to put My Jason the smart one who doesn’t believe Claudia but will believe NotEmily Twin ???

    About LnL2 as I said this is sad cos GV is not JJ yeaa they were good after Cam was born and in 05 but after Sucky got drugged and slept with Maxi they lost it..Lucky became a loser and with the all Jake thing made him worse and I have to say that it made Liz worse…..
    Liz and Lucky are BORING I don’t see the potential in them they make each other look Boring and idiot ……

  2. Profile photo of petitejolie

    Since they’re going with Rebecca being Emily’s long lost twin, you can easily explain that with her being raised by Emily’s never before mentioned dad. It’s the Parent Trap explanation where the twins were split up at birth.

    Can someone explain why Luke hates Lucky so much to treat him like crap while instantly embracing his new son? Seriously, I despise the Luke character right now.

  3. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Me too Regan……

    Ok I am not Luke fan at the moment BUT I don’t think he is the only one to blame at this…..
    I have a feeling that Lucky is always judging him always telling him what he does wrong . also I have a feeling that Lucky is always trying to be better Luke which maybe we can understand but as a father it is hurting ……

    Also don’t Suky is hypocrite he cheated on liz with Maxi Liz had Jake with Jason after she cheated him he forgave her why can’t he forgive Luke???

  4. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    Honestly I think that Tony just doesn’t like working with GV or doesn’t by him as Lucky which is why he’s pushing the Ethan storyline it feels like their trying to make Ethan a new version of the JJ Lucky. I think this is the last straw for Lucky, he adored Luke growing up wanted to be just like him and then he found out about the rape, then his mom went and lost her mind and now he finds out that Luke cheated on his mom and fathered another kid he was around for all that Lulu wasnt she was a little kid so I can understand his problem with forgiving Luke.

  5. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I heard that Tony send Greg a letter telling him he is sorry for what Luke said to Lucky in their scenes….
    So I don’t know what to think about ????????

    I Think that a lot of people who watch GH has problem with Lucky since JJ left….
    it seems that no actor succeed in taking his place as Lucky not to offense GV who I think he’s a great actor..
    Or maybe it is the writing of Lucky since the fire …..

  6. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    They haven’t been writing Lucky as “Lucky” since the fire, since JJ left I think thats the main problem people have with Lucky that and they dont really care to write for GV. It may not be Tony who doesn’t like GV as Lucky it could be the writers there is only room for 2 leading men on the show and thats Jason and Sonny, Tony occasionally gets storylines but he always leaves for months heck I’m shocked Nickolas is even getting a storyline as bad as it might be.

  7. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    Regan, maybe Paige adopted Emily and was not told that she had a twin? It makes no sense that Emily had a twin and Paige would get rid of her and keep Emily does it? My guess is that Ethan is either the guy she met in Greece and stayed with for two weeks and they’ve decided to just be friends or that he is her adopted brother since they were both adopted.

  8. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Which brings up a great point… With the men of GH getting the good writing and the women written as weaklings, is it more fair to say that Sonny and Jason get the good writing and everyone else gets the scraps? Luke only gets what TG spits out….

  9. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I don’t agree Jason and Sonny S/I in the past few moths were not good…..
    A lot of Jason fans and me included think that Jason S/I are bad and out of his characters like the all Jake thing Jason would never do that he would have fight for his son and not listen to Liz….
    And lets not talk about this new thing thing that he needs to find Fredo so he asks Sam help WTH???? and lets not forget the story when she helped him find Anthony Jason can do this be himself he did it before without her help so he need it now…

    And about Sonny they ruined his character a long time ago with stupid S/I…

    the only good S/I right now is Michael awaking but it has the stupid moments as well……

    so I come to the conclusion that the main problem with Lucky/LnL2 JaSam Jason Ethan Sam Sonny Scrubs NotEmily Emily’s twin Ethan and the al GH is that problem is with the writing sucks

  10. Profile photo of OldGHFan

    The ONLY time I have liked a pairing of Lulu’s was when she was paired with Ethan. Of COURSE, TIIC have to make them siblings because everyone knows what Tony Geary wants is more important than what the fans want.

    BTW, I would have loved Ethan and Robin as siblings too. They had a nice bro/sis vibe. Sadly, it will never happen.

  11. Profile photo of curacaoman

    Well, Holly is a known liar so this mess can indeed be fixed and have Teethan be a Scorpio or, better, not the child of Holly and anyone at all! Remember if he is in on NotEmily’s scam, then what?

  12. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    ha ha stars of crap love it! And sadly so true I think thats one of the reasons Rick H. left the show he wanted a storyline and he has won enough Emmys he deserved one. Poor Nancy LG deserves one to if only she would switch over to CBS were they actually write for their women.

  13. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Just a guess here, but as long as Ethan and Luke are only related by virtue of Holly’s say so, tptb can change it at any time. Maybe they are thinking that they can tell the Luke gets a new son story, try lulu with Dante and if the dulu pairing doesnt work, OOPS Holly lied and Ethan becomes a scorpio. I am still confused as to when the Singapore Sling happened. Was Holly with Robert at the time. If so, what was he suppose to be doing while her belly was expanding. It wouldnt take a WBS agent to figure out she was preggers.

    As for Lucky, I dont think its fair to say he cheated, luke cheated so its a wash. When Lucky was unfaithful, the marriage was already in trouble and he had become addicted to pills. He was still wanting to be a good father and a good husband even if he was failing. I think his biggest gripe with Luke is that Luke could care less about being a good father. If he did, he would have been around more than once a year to rub Lucky on the head and take lulu ice fishing. And while he has somewhat forgiven him for the rape, its only because Lucky thinks his mother has forgiven him and that Luke gave his mother a good life after the attack. This calls the latter into question. Lucky was far from perfect, but he never raped Lizard, he never abandoned Cake, he never wallowed in his addiction issues….thats all Luke.

  14. Profile photo of curacaoman

    Cake: I love it, EricasEvilTwin!
    We must remember that this is all bad writing, executive production and daytime management. And we must finally face our insanity, we keep watching and expecting it to be good!

  15. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    to bad for us…….
    And about the actors who are the stars of this nonsense…
    they have no choice they have families who depend on them……
    can they leave when even though it is crap ?they are still the main crap..
    I am talking about Steve and Maurice and maybe even Tony I think that Steve isn’t happy about what they are doing to my Jason BUT times are though and in GH he is the star not like Rick which wasn’t as strong as Jason and Sonny and could leave…
    today is hard to leave a work place that gives you a safe place…..
    So I don’t think we can blame the actors only the TPTB….

  16. Profile photo of OldGHFan

    EricasEvilTwin, I think you are right. If Lulu and Dante don’t take off this summer, TIIC will change their minds and then Luke won’t be the father. Will Robert? Probably not. I’m DONE watching this crapfest of a show!

  17. Profile photo of lene91

    OMG!!!!!! What a bunch of BS!!!!!!

    Make Rebecca, EMILY please! that’s the ONLY thing the can do to please the fans.

    I WANT NIKOLAS AND EMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( and that Nik/Em baby we fans deserve. Give us what we WANT!

  18. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    ACCCK…I havent said this in awhile, but I have to issue a renewed appeal because in the last few days I have been seeing this trend re-emerge —

    There are few things that WE all want…ie: great writing …however WE dont want any one particular couple. WE dont want Liason or JaSam or Spixie or M&M or NEM. Many fans want, I want, most of us want, but not WE (as if we are all of one mind). LOL Given all the debates around here, hasnt it become abundantly clear that WE dont agree on anything LOL I drives me bonkers.

  19. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    I want Helena to come back and push NotEmily off a cliff. NL, who is a sweet person, can’t play a different character, and wouldn’t we know if Emily have a twin. I think that Guza is just writing whatever he feels like it in the moment. And it is also making me hate Nik who is becoming a big buffoon in all of this just like Luke. what about his son, Spencer? He did everything in his power to get him and now we don’t hear a peep about Spencer.

  20. Profile photo of Teach19

    I am so bored just reading the spoilers–no offense to Regan for a great site!!
    I want certain couples together but most of all I want great story lines!!!
    LnL2–already asleep
    Jasam–been there done that!!
    Ethan–who cares!!
    TwinEmily and Nic–why???

  21. Profile photo of crown1231

    Why would you want to give Nicholas another child? He baredly remembers the one he has. I think Rebecca needs to go. Emily and Nicholas were only good during the fairy tale stuff of falling in love. But after Nic’s “twin” appeared (can’t remember the character)their storyline pretty much fizzled out. I think we all hung in there hoping it would go back to the way it was but it never did. And now they have no spark. And what happened between Luke and Lucky, just recently all the Spencers were living in Laura’s house when Tracy kicked Luke out of the Q’s and LooLoo followed. They were getting along just fine then and that was well before Ethan. What set them off?

  22. Profile photo of liason4real

    Thanks for the spoilers Regan…

    So, Rebbecca is Emily’s twin? Well, maybe Paige had DID, and gave birth to two babies and didn’t know it? I can see it now, Paige was at work one day, when Mitch Lawrence handed her a glass of tea, they had sex, she didn’t remember it. Paige is now caring two babies with two different daddies (yes, this can happen, it was discussed last week on CNN). Paige only remembers giving birth to one baby, but, hey, somehow Mitch ended up in the delivery room just in time to yank baby #2 away before Paige remembers giving birth, sells baby #1 (Rebbecca) on the black market and Paige keeps baby #2 (Emily who’s father is Mitch). Ooops,,,sorry, wrong show, that was Viki’s storyline on OLTL…my bad!

  23. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    lol liason4real! like I said, makes no sense a woman would be carrying twins and not know it or would deliver twins and give only one of them away….Do we know for sure that Emily wasn’t adopted?

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