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Here’s the Scoop! 06.03.09

Alexis… Is an affair with the Mayor being aired, publicly? Some SAY Kristina MAY be the one to burst her mother’s bubble but where is this all coming from? The Mayor’s mistress storyline. I’ve been telling you about Matt’s story that involves the mistress. She’s the patient that dies on Dr. Hunter and Diane learns the family is planning on suing Matt for malpractice. Why Diane? Isn’t she a mob attorney? What does she have to do with a malpractice suit brought against a doc? Remember the days when GH had their own Counsel? Diane is SAID to fill in her BFF Alexis who looks into the case but the Mayor wants his DA to back off or else. Or else what Mayor Floyd? He threatens to go public with their affair. Hmmmm…. He wants Alexis to not dig in too deep into his mistress and her untimely death but he’s willing to out their previous romp? Never one to be threatened Alexis is prepared to call the Mayor on his threat but Kristina “the wild child” Corinthos needs less drama and a mama out of the tabloids.

Matt’s story… RUMORS had this storyline keeping Jason Cook in Port Chuckles. I know, I know in this economy who walks away from a job? Well actors like to act and when you sign on to a show you expect to get something out of it and poor Matt Hunter hasn’t had much. Now he’s getting sued for malpractice and blaming Patrick and Robin? Matt wants to the surgery and Patrick is hesitant to let it happen. He has faith in his baby brother though and takes off to spend time with his family while Matt hits a rough spot in the OR. More RUMORS say Matt MAY be turning to the bottle to deal with it all. Hey alcoholism is hereditary and Noah was one hell of a drunk. Is there more to this story? Is this the medical mystery? How do the Mayor and more importantly Martha Byrne fit in?

Well obviously the Mayor struggles with keeping it in his pants. His RUMORED affair with Alexis and now a dead mistress. Is a political mess sure to follow? Remember Martha Byrne revealed she taped with Rick Hearst before he wrapped up at GH. How do these two fit together? Ric and Alexis were married when the supposed affair happened between Mayor Floyd and Alexis.

More on NotEmily and Ethan… Did they meet en route to Port Chuck or before that? Some say before, others say they met on the way and a sexual relationship developed along with their joint con. What’s the motivation? Ethan SUPPOSEDLY didn’t know he was being sent to his father, just that he could learn at the hands of the master and dip into Tracy’s money. Rebecca knows she was the twin that didn’t hit the adoptive family lottery and is looking for her paybacks.

The fall down the stairs and plenty of baby scares. Will this bring Sonny and Claudia closer or drive them further apart? When Ric shows a little too much concern for Claudia, Olivia chews on Sonny’s ear and has him questioning who’s the daddy? RUMORS have Sonny and Claudia hitting the sheets once again. Is it in relief, anger or simply an itch that needs to be scratched?

I feel like ever since Kate hit town we’ve been waiting on her secrets to blow up. Now that she’s barely on, will her secrets be what finally sends her out of town? It LOOKS like Jax finally learns what his business partner has been up to. How great would it be for Kate to leave town and wrecking havoc on her way out? She can confirm the DVD’s that Ric tried to show Sonny and she could also burst Olivia’s bubble.

Watch out Jason Morgan someone is trying to steal one of your titles. Michael is the new anger boy. What’s with these Corinthos kids? Kristina is hanging outside of bars and now SPOILERS say Michael is fighting in them? What is this Gossip Girl where teenagers hang out in bars?

Sam’s new case… has her in a bit of trouble. Is it more than the new P.I. can handle. I’m sure we can all guess that it’s Jason who helps her out. Is this the big adventure?

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Is Jason Claudia’s next target? CRAZY CRAZY does Kristina have a dealer? How much does Ethan really know about Rebecca? Will Claudia find out about Dante?

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    Kate wrecking havoc on her way out of town would be nice. Maybe she can even leave with her dignity intact. But I won’t hold my breath. This is GH afterall and no one seems to escape without character assination.

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    Glad to see Alexis getting a s/l of her own but couldn’t it be something better than an affair with Mayor Floyd? I think her and Raynor would have been a good hookup. They could have had them working together on the hospital mystery case. But I’ll take what I can get. It’s got to be better than the Claw.

    Re the all new but not improved Corinthos kids – If they are hoping to attract some teen viewers over the summer by making this a “gossip girl” scenerio, I wish they would be more responsible with the story telling. The bar scene and dealers?? are not exacting what they should be promoting for teen viewers.

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    I don’t want someone to take Anger Boy from my Jason…
    Why couldn’t they change him differently ?
    Also why does every child that grows is angry child ?????????????
    Can children grew up without being mad or angry without troubles ??????

    Reagn what do you think about my theory that they are making Claudia to be like Rick the one who Jason hates and wants to kill but can’t so they are always giving insults to each other…
    That’s my thinking after seeing them yesterday fighting it was so much Like Jason fighting with Rick……

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    Any chance we’re gonna get any flashback love scenes from this Alexis/Mayor Floyd hookup. I always thought the actor who plays the mayor was hot ever since back when he was on OLTL. And it’d be nice for GH to acknowledge that people over the age of 40 have love lives too. Do you know when Alexis’s storylines are gonna kick off because I’m sick of seeing her play second fiddle to Natalia Livingston? And did this mayor hookup that happened offscreen happen before or after Sam slept with Ric?

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    didnt Mayor Floyd play Phillip on GL for a short time? I liked him on OLTL to, if NLG has to continue to play second fiddle to Emily and Ethan i’m calling Shenanigans!

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    “Rebecca knows she was the twin that didn’t hit the adoptive family lottery and is looking for her paybacks.”

    OH, BU HU!!!! Someone should tell her that Emily’s life was not all sunshine and flowers just because she ended up with a rich family like the Q’s.

    Make Rebecca, EMILY pleeeeease.

    I want Nik and Em, not this fake copy of them. I want NEm babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks so much, Regan!

    I honestly wish I could care about GH these days, but I just don’t–can’t even stomach it enough to watch.

    It’s starting to sound like a bad day at the mall with all the teen crap or some after-school special gone wrong. jmho

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    maybe they can turn the tables on an old story with all the same characters. I mean Sonny and carly got together despite hating each other and that was a knife to Jason. Now with all the Jason hate Claw scenes I could so see them throwing them two together in a similar fashion. You know all break furniture stuff….and its bad if I want Jason so far from Sam that I would rather have him with Claw.

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    Please Please tell me your joking ..,
    Claw needs to be dead!!!!!!!!!
    And I know they are keeping her so I don’t want Jason/Claw/Sonny Triangle …
    Jason will never do Claw !!
    But I do see Sonny starting to have more feelings to Claw And that will make troubles for our Sason…..
    And I do see the Rick Vs Jason in the shape of Claw VS Jason…
    It is so much like the same thing

    Ps I prefer Sam near Jason and not Claw…..

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    Regan thanks for the spoilers.

    I have to agree with curacaoman, WTH is going on with the writing…the last 3 days have just sucked turnips! Is Frons writing them? I watched today live and Monday and Tuesday on YouTube, I could barely stomach any of it. I’m sick of the propping of Luke and the Claw; they’re wrecking the show! Many of the characters are unrecognizable with the dialogue they’re given!

  11. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    It wouldn’t be the first time Jason took on one of Sonny’s cast offs.


    And she’s preganant just like the last hand-me-down

  12. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    the best summer s/ls was Jagger, Karen and Jason on the island, Luke and Laura adventures, Brenda and the Qs, and Dillon and Georgie, Maxie, and Brooklyn. But this is the same bs that think that the youth will watch it when they have other options and they don’t want to watch a bunch of spoiled, obnoxious teens. They want the vets. No wonder GH ratings is going down the toilet.

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    Nikolas is AMAZING, and they are ruining him and Em’s LOVE! and Emily/NEm’ memory! :(

    I want EMILY not Rebecca.

    Tyler and Natty still have AMAZING chemistry. But this is just weird.

    Give NIK AND EMILY fans what we want: Emily back, and NEm baby. !!!!!!!!!

  14. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    And she’s preganant just like the last hand-me-down

    How are you a hand me down when you plan to bring them in to your life. OH yeah such a hand-me down that lasted for 2 1/2 years of a real relationship and wanted to have a family with siad women. He did more to keep her in his life than anybody eles.

    Still doesn’t change that she was Sonny’s sloppy seconds.

  15. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    I wasn’t trying to be snarky or sarcastic when I asked why it is hard to believe that Dante would be 30 years old. That would make Olivia and Sonny 46 which is basically exactly how old Sonny IS????? right?

  16. Profile photo of mr.sam mccall1
    mr.sam mccall1

    And she’s preganant just like the last hand-me-down

    How are you a hand me down when you plan to bring them in to your life. OH yeah such a hand-me down that lasted for 2 1/2 years of a real relationship and wanted to have a family with siad women. He did more to keep her in his life than anybody eles.

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