Should Devon and Not-So-Aunt Tyra Get Freaky Sneaky on Y&R?

In her juicy, Genoa City spoiler today, DC’s Jillian revealed Devon (Bryton McClure) is going to start having dreams about kissing Tyra (Eva Marcille), who up until recently he believed was his auntie, on The Young and the Restless! 

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m having mixed emotions on the subject of a possible Devon/Tyra hookup. On the one hand I think it’s just plain nasty, with a Capital "N’! If that woman was raised like sisters with Devon’s crackhead mama, then she is his auntie. period!

On the other hand, this is a soap, and nasty and taboo can go a looong way, just ask Guiding Light. Incestuous cousins/lovers/spouses Jonathan and Tammy were that show’s last, big, pre-Otalia supercouple, and even this Jammy hater has to grudgingly admit they were kinda hot, in an all-shades-of-wrong-need-to-go-ask-the-pastor-to-pray-for-me kinda way. So what do you think, should Y&R raunch it up with a Devon and Tyra pairing, or is even the thought of Devon swapping spit, and possibly other DNA samples, with Tyra just to gross for words? 

Should Devon and Not-So-Aunt Tyra Get Freaky Sneaky on Y&R?

  • It's kinda skeevy, but I'll take ANYTHING that heats up the Winters storyline. They could even hook Devon up with Liv! (15%, 66 Votes)
  • Hell-to-the-No! That is some nasty business, that boy thinking about his play auntie like that.Little perve! (60%, 258 Votes)
  • Hell Yeah! Bring it on! Neil's pompous butt deserves to have his little tenderoni bedding Devon after how he did Karen! (25%, 103 Votes)

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  1. Profile photo of goyankees

    I god, please. I just digested the spoilers, I wasn’t ready for this.

    If the writers say this HAS to happen, then fine. If it hurts Neil after what he did to Karen, I say go for it. But please…..

  2. Profile photo of Smitty




    I do recognize that this is a soap but I’m sorry that is just too unbelieveable. Why can’t Devon have a younger lead actress for him to romance. I don’t like it. I’m sorry and I doubt there is anythign that could change that.

  3. Profile photo of LaLaALa

    Why can’t Devon just get a NORMAL pairing?

    I mean first he’s kinda into Lily now Tyra? Damn this boy needs some help! God, I’d even want him to be with Colleen (Rebound) though I hate her! Anything but Tyra. She’s just annoying. Period. and Devon with his aunt? jeeze what is Y&R thinking? Destroying Phick and now going this route? :/

  4. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    It is just sick, they know each other as family and Eva can’t act to save her life, LOL. They have him lusting after his sister now his fake aunt. Please, MAB and Co. this is just sick and squash it immediately. Why don’t you hook him up with Colleen or the single Chloe. There is no relation between Chloe or Colleen and Bryant and Elizabeth H have great chemistry and him and Billy don’t like each other and we can have a great triangle between them.

  5. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    GROSS!!! First Lily and now Tyra … that boy has some serious issues. He needs therapy not romantic hours with his not-so-aunt. Wonder what the guy dreamed about Dru back in the day… what a little perve! LOL

  6. Profile photo of luverica

    I want America’s Next Top Model GONE. Gone I tell you. GONE! GONE! GONE!!!

    I rather see him become Jill’s little sexual chocolate treat than hook up with that scene waster. At least Jess Walton can act.

  7. Profile photo of Freerhythm


    I’ve long been a fan of the Winters clan and I would love to see them return to FRONT-burner storylines, but not at the expense of this particular love triangle.

    On another (though related note) I’m hoping that this is not the only reason they undid the blood relation between Tyra and Devon. This particular twist has a LOT of potential, with Devon being able to explore the paternal branches of his family tree (bring back Malcolm and/or Damon Porter and/or some NEW Black characters). Not to mention, this whole “Tyra’s adopted” twist could have been dynamite (in the hands of a more talented actress) during the custody battle, as it really gives the character a backstory, dimensions, and motivations that could play out in some really interesting ways. The great Victoria Rowell was always interested in foster-family storylines, but daytime in general is a great showcase to really engage what makes a “family,” and this is precisely the kind of thing that creates that dimension.

    Sorry, I’m rambling…but with the show on FIRE lately, I hate to see such horribly untapped potential for the Winters clan (save Lily, who’s about to have everything re: her new hubby come crashing down around her)

    Have Malcolm find Dru’s body and bring them both back to town…along with new spouses/stepchildren…so that we can shake things up a little bit….

  8. Profile photo of traceylee9

    can someone tell MAB that Brad Bell’s incest crap isn’t working for his soap and she reallly doesn’t have to do it on hers?…my God this is nasty…I grew up calling a very beautiful woman my aunt , and yrs later i did find out she wasn’t my “real” aunt but trust i never wanted or would have ever thought about sleeping with her cos she WAS MY AUNT….

  9. Profile photo of jpp1975

    ICK! There has GOT to be a better way to spice up the Winters family. Couldn’t he fight Noah for Eden? Or if he’s interested in an older woman, how about Amber or Mac? (or even Phillip 3? :) ) At least that would force the Winters family to be in other storylines.

  10. Profile photo of tyjuniorweb

    No, No, and no. If they really insist on keeping the blacks with the blacks, then create a story for his already established girlfriend Roxanne. One would think that after learning his father never knew of him that his mind would be on whether or not to search for his biological father, not “I always thought my aunt was hot, maybe I should test the waters.” While I agree that there is chemistry between the characters of Chloe and Devon, I don’t think the show is going to go there.

  11. Profile photo of reggyreg

    MAB should be ashamed of herself! You mean she has to resort to this nasty storyline in order to give the black actors something to do? I think it is a shame that they (the writers) WILL not incorporate the black actors in general story lines with their white counterparts. I am repulsed and MAB is trifling! But having said that, she is still my

  12. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    They should get rid of Tyra, make Roxanne part of the main cast and do something there. Not only is Eva Marcille an untalented actress, her role is also not needed! The writers should do something with Roxanne. Some of the posters here say he should get with Chloe or even Colleen … this boy already has a girlfriend! They just never use her!

  13. Profile photo of josser

    It makes no sense that a nephew would suddenly be sexually attracted to his aunt.

    This must be a way to debase Devon to make it easier to get rid of him since McClure was taken off contract.

    Sorry, this is really sleazy.

  14. Profile photo of syreeta

    Why is it so hard for the writers to integrate the Winters(minus Lily)with the other characters in GC. First, Devon had a thing for his adopted sister and now this. I mean come on now. This is ridiculous.

    Either hire more actors of color, who are not related to the Winters, or mix things up with the other cast members. Devon could of easily been paired with Chloe or Colleen. And if they must insist on shoving Tyra down our throats, pair her with JT. That would put more life into the JT/Victoria marriage.

    Why not give more screen time to Tatyana? I don’t know what her contract situation is but does she not mind being shown so little. She has been on this show for over a yr. and I know nothing about her. But I rather see more of her and less of Tyra/Anna.

    One more thing, with all the people coming back from the dead or coming back in general, why is it so hard to bring back Dru. Recast or not. They have rebuilt every other family in GC. Its time they put in more effort in the Winters.

  15. Profile photo of reggyreg

    Not that it would make a difference. But I think we as fans should write the show to protest this MESS. Either give Bryton a decent storyline or write him off the show. Is Eva blackmailing the Bells to keep her on? I am just playing but her being on the number one show in daytime is ridiculous!PLEASE GET HER OFF MY SCREEN!

  16. Profile photo of ATLn30318

    That does sounds too incestuous even within the context of a dream but didn’t Bryton say something to the effect of he more Not less, trust what the writers write for him whenever they do.

  17. Profile photo of Niki

    EWWWWW! uh, hello! WHO thought this one up?!

    That’s just gross. I mean, with Lily there was no history…strangers meeting. But Tyra? This woman has been his aunt…geez.

    Tyra needs to go :exmark:

  18. Profile photo of Smitty

    When Chloe first came on I saw chemistry with her and Devon. I always have wanted them to explore that or actually show more of Devon and Roxanne’s romance on screen. I didn’t really like him having feeling for Lily but I could understand it because they weren’t raised together and aren’t related by blood. Heck he wasn’t adopted by the Winters until he was an adult. There are so many young adult women on the canvas for him to mix it up with but they have failed to mix him up with them. I mean there is Amber, Colleen, Jana, Mac, and Chloe. Come on MAB. This really pisses me off!

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