Wesley Eure: “I Got Fired From DAYS for Being Gay”

Former teen idol Wesley Eure, who is most remembered for his stint on the original Land of the Lost series, has come out as a gay man to After Elton, revealing a brief relationship with Dr. Kildaire himself Richard Chamberlain, and the fact that he was fired from Days of Our Lives— where he played Mike Horton from 1974-81— because of his sexuality.

AE: Do you think being gay hurt your career?

WE: Absolutely. It was a horrible time in Hollywood, being gay. It was horrible. I was on the cover of Tiger Beat and all those a lot, and they’d do those "Win A Date With Wesley" and "Who’s Wesley Dating?" It was so disingenuous. I had a full life. I’ve had a lot of friends and some pretty high profile partners, and it was an odd thing. I got fired from Days of Our Lives for being gay.

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    hey mon

    Revealing my old age here. Wesley Eure, you were too young for a mature Mike Horton in the 1980s. You were thought of as a kid to this viewer. Much like Dave Thom coming back as Billy Abbott.

    First, Paul Coufous, then Mike Weiss, did a much better job a Michael Horton in the mid-80s.

    I find it hard to believe that just because he was gay, he was fired.

    RIP Todd Chandler, Paul Keenan.

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    Not exactly sure what to make of his saying he was fired from Days for being gay. Should I (we) collectively be outraged or what exactly should our response to that be. Richard Chamberlain waited until very very late in his career/life to come out – surprising us all out here who didn’t know him personally.

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    I’ve kept track of Wesley Eure’s career since his first appearance on Days in 1974 and have always enjoyed his work. I still consider him to be the real Mike Horton and wondered why he was replaced. I had several friends in New York who were appearing on soaps in the sixties and seventies and we discussed this situation often. They had the same problems with hiding their true identities from the public and their employers. It was very different during those times, and the risk of being fired was truly a big issue. I am happy to see that many actors have “come out” in these more enlightened times; but remember, even Ellen Degeneres had some difficulties and her sitcom was cancelled when she admitted to being a “Lithuanian”, and that wasn’t so long ago. Fortunately her career has rebounded very well.I knew about Richard Chamberlin and Rock Hudson long before they became public knowledge and would have advised them to do exactly what they did – hide their personal lives until people were ready to accept them. Even though I’m not gay, I’m certain that I would have acted the same way.

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