First Impressions: General Hospital’s New Kristina

What are your first impressions of General Hospital’s new Kristina, Lexi Ainsworth? She reminds me of a mix of Meredith Hagner and Alexandra Chando on As the World Turns. It will be interesting to see her take on the character develop with time. More pictures from today’s episode after the jump.

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    I’m really liking her…..can’t wait to see her in scenes with Alexis and Sonny….Don’t know what they’re going to do with her besides being rebellious….there’s really no one but Michael in her age group….

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    Mark is really making up for the “one” everyone and their mothers want to work along side w/the casting of Sonny children. Hopefully Lexi will be able to pull off some dramatic stuff, b/c she is so far impressing me and sorry Zac Conroy fans, but it is Drew Garrett that is the male find of the yr. (the male Julie Berman) and he’s needed here more than he would be on Y&R as Noah.

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    Is she seducing Jason? Oh, boy, Frons’ fantasy idea showing up on GH, I think that she is ok, but it is rehash central on GH. Hate Alexis, Love Sonny and hit on jason, whoa, just like her big sister Sam. Oh, goody, NOT>

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    Too much happening way to soon. They could have toned it down a little.

    Slowly build up her character. And her hitting on Jason? waaaay to much.

    anyways, so far. She’s a good character. Looking forward to her scenes with Sam and Sonny. :D

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    She was okay, I think she’ll get better. Loved it when she told Jason that if she told Alexis that he wanted to sleep with her that Alexis would believe her and not him. Jason’s face was pricelss, I can’t believe this pain in the ass is wining one over on me.

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    I really liked her. Her first scene with Jason was awkward and I wasn’t sure. But her scenes with Michael were very enjoyable. I also think appearance wise she’s dead on as Sonny/Alexis’s daughter, and a very good match for a grown up Kali R (former Kristina) .

    One of the most interesting things about her is that she seems intelligent, class president, honor role ect.. but she also has this wild teen side. It’s like she’s leading two lives.

    I did like that they allowed us to at least see her feelings upfront. That way when we see her do things that are wrong and out of control, you at least get where it’s all coming from. I hate when their is no POV for characters.

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    I don’t know what to think she just appeared on one episode and half…
    she was a annoying when she started with Jason ,his face was funny…
    I do understand her though ……. she has lots of problems with her parents ….
    and I do like that she was the one who Michael went to.. and it’s funny they way she tried to help Michael with Jason….
    And I do understand her with Jason who wouldn’t want to hook up with hIm?????

    But we will have to see her with Sonny and Alexis and her sister Sam ….

    about the actress she does look like NLG MB and even KM………

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    I like her. She’s cute enough and spoiled but she’s playing it like i’d expect her to play a character with an over protective and doting mother and a father she never sees. She still looks pretty young though and is super tiny…she can’t weight 100lbs.

    Needs to eat two cheesburgers and a large fry probably!

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