Like (TV) Mama, Like Son: Debbi Morgan and Cornelius Smith Jr. at the Gracie Awards

All My Children‘s fantastic mother-son combo Debbi Morgan (Angie) and Cornelius Smith Jr. (Frankie) were in attendance at the 34 Annual Gracie Awards Wednesday night in New York. Morgan picked up one of the evening’s honors. Photo by Getty Images.

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    Debbi Morgan is beautiful and love the picture. Go, Debbi, she should be the heart and soul of Pine Valley if Frons and Pratthole get it through their thick heads and start writing for her.

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    That Cornelius Smith Jr. is such a handsome devil. I thought he hammed it up a bit too much on June 5 episode, but glad to see him back. I giggled when he told Brock that what he was saying to him was “too speech-y” or something.

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    I was sooo glad to see Debbi come back with the Angie&Jesse storyline … and Cornelius was the perfect fit for their child Frankie/Franklin.

    And to add to the poster about aging with grace … i agree … BUT she really don’t look much different … some people age that much in 5 yrs.

    I wish the Hubbards were the main focus and get rid of the Kendall/Ryan focus.

    Please more Hubbard Class less Ryan.Kendull bore

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