Sarah Brown Hot to Work With Nathan Parsons on GH

It looks like Sarah Brown is clamoring to work with Nathan Parson on General Hospital, according to The Suds Report. I tell you what, this young man has certainly capitvated GH’s A-List stars. Doesn’t anybody wanna work with poor Greg Vaughan? He was on Charmed you know! 

The Power of Three,
Shall set you free,
The Power of Three,
Shall set you free

Next thing you know Tony Geary, Brown and Maurice Benard are gonna get into fisticuffs over Parsons on one of those expensive new sets. Sonya Eddy and Becky Herbst will have to break it up. I hope Fronsie bought good insurance! They’re gonna need  that set in relative good shape for Jon and Kate‘s talk show in a couple of years.  

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    disillusioned GH fan

    The chances of GH still being around in a few years on ABC proper is slim at best! I will bet my 401K on the fact that ABC and TPTB are purposely killing their soaps. They have a new programming idea in mind and they need to kill everyones enthusiasm for Soaps in order to do it!

    The end is near! Fronzie’s being paid to kill daytime as we know it and if I’m right, he’s doing a bang up, give him a bonus, job of it!!

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    I don’t get it at all. The guy looks like he’s totally opposed to personal hygene and talks like there’s marbles in his mouth. UGH!!! The kool-aid on set must taste great! Just another reason to turn off the show!

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    I am with Mrs. Adam C on this one. I think this is somewhat of a last ditch effort to salvage her gh gig. I am a huge SJB fan and I have so wanted to love the character of Claudia the way I love the character of Carly, but every time they seem to have something thats working, they pull her out of the story and stick her in something else. I think she actually could have been redeemed for the Michael shooting because it was an accident, but messing with Michael’s head and trying to kill ric…its hard to stomach. Claudia worked as the outsider bonding with Ric who had a similar upbringing. Claudia worked with Nik and they had commonalities too. But here she is as the sometime doormat to Sonny and the sometimes snake in sonny’s grass while meanwhile RH is being written out and nik is in a dud story with embecca. I just dont get it.

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    I agree with you all that say NP needs a shave, shower and a speech therapist. He is nothing like Luke.
    And Regan, please don’t misunderstand,
    I wasn’t trying to be snarky or sarcastic when I asked why it is hard to believe that Dante would be 30 years old. That would make Olivia and Sonny 46 which is basically exactly how old Sonny IS????? (you know how I struggle to figure out the characters ages : ) )

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    I keep waiting for a punchline to this joke. You would think this guy is the next DeNiro, the way these actors at GH are talking. Working at GH must send these actors crazy and impair their judgment. This guy is nothing special. He cannot even enunciate. Sarah Brown must be afraid that they will not renew her contract in the fall. GH is speeding to cancellation city.

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    I agree with the comment that Frons wants the soaps to go badly so he can replace daytime tv with new programming.

    SJB is playing a horrible character. I always loved GH before she came along playing Carly but SJB’s Carly made me obessed with GH. Now I want Claudia gone badly. SJB needs to leave pronto!

    I also want my LuSam back. When they broke up, I left. That was the dealbreaker for me. There has not be one,, NOT ONE daytime couple who got me so excited than LuSam. Not since NIA have I been this excited about a new couple. I really wish Greg V would leave GH. He would be great. They need someone to break up JT and Victoria on Y&R so he can go on there.

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    Jesus, what’s wrong with everybody. So what that she wants to work with him? I don’t care and I hate the character. You read about all these soap actors that want to work with this person and be in a storyline with that person, and some of that shit gives you a headache. The world is not ending and GH is not ending anytime soon because she wants to work with this guy. People read way to much into stuff, good lord. What if he’s a nice guy, funny and she likes him as a person and wants to work with him on the show because he’s her friend. There’s nothing wrong with that, even if he’s a bad actor. I can’t believe some people are up in arms over this.

    Oh and Jamey, I’d watch a Jon & Kate talk show any day, lol.

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    I think NP just gave an interview to one of the soap rags saying he wanted to be a part of the mob s/ls, so fine with me. Let them be in scenes together. It gives Fiffy (my pet name of my fast forward button) less wear and tear in the long run. *shrugs*

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    you are all pointless twits if you think Greg Vaughn has any acting chops whatsoever in comparison to Nathan Parsons. I think it was a very smart strategic move on Guza’s part to bring an exciting element to the Luke character, and even to the Lulu character. I think the only thing Guza did wrong in regards to that whole storyline was making Lucky make a stupid choice by becoming anti everything that he grew up on–only to prove that he somehow “grew up”. As much as Lucky pouts on that show, I hardly see him as a “grown up” (since he says it all the time, haha), and I’m presuming from Luke’s stand point he doesn’t see Lucky as that either. Why is it that Lucky’s LITTLE sister is more “grown up” than him. He only hates Ethan because Ethan is what he used to be. Something he wants to get back to, but somehow can’t. And the reason he can’t? Is because they have GREG VAUGHN playing Lucky. Lucky lost all importance once Jonathan Jackson left. I wish they would kill off the Lucky character honestly. Nathan Parsons is a resemblance of the young Luke Spencer. Those of you questioning that he’s nothing like Luke, must be new fans, cause otherwise you’d know exactly what I’m talking about. I hate the new fans thinking they know GH history. STFU.

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