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Ok, I’m in love with nuKristina. I think I’m not supposed to be because she’s all teenage angst, but she’s so over the top with it and her fake flirtation to mess with Jason’s head, that I just couldn’t help but laugh and enjoy her. My only concern (which is always a problem when you SORAS) is that she seems a bit too old. If they aged Michael to 16 and Morgan to about 10 than Kristina should have been about 12, but I’m guessing she’s closer to 14-15 and behaving older. So far, it’s working for me.

Gee Jason, couldn’t you tell Sonny and Carly that you knew where Michael was before leaving the hospital to get him? You know, less stress on Carly and all that.

I loved the Alexis/CarJax scene. I like that they seem to be making Alexis and Carly more tolerant of each other.

Oh look, there are actual guests/patrons at The Haunted Star. Who knew!

Ok, I finally get why Lucky was so angry with Luke and why he felt Luke was such a hypocrite. It’s because of the way Luke treated Nikolas and Laura when he first found out about that whole thing. Considering that Luke was allegedly running around on Laura, I can see Lucky’s point.

I love how dismissive Helena is of Rebecca. As if she’s a gnat that she’s shooing away from her.

I thought I read the spoilers that Rebecca and Ethan were adopted siblings, so color me shocked and grossed out when they started playing tonsil hockey. Also, how gross is Rebecca since she and Nik did the deed in the stables and a few hours later she’s making out with Ethan, while still wearing the same dress?

Oh those new hospital stairs. First they get young Emma, and now the pregnant Cs.

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    I don’t know about the new Kristina ??
    Yeaa it was cute they way she messed with Jason and her asking him to hook up with her…. Jason’s face were priceless !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I loved that he didn’t buy it…….
    But it was to much.. her opening the door in her underwear was not that cute……
    I love that it was Jason who figure out were Michael was.. it was like it was supposed to be…
    And in Jason defense .. when Jax showed up in Michael’s room Sonny told him that Jason know were he is and he is bringing him back…
    Michael calling his sister “BABE” was a bit discussing …….
    I did like the talk between Alexis and Carly it was good to see them talking normally.
    Ethan/ Rebecca – I don’t like them… and for me the all love scenes with Becky are ugly.. Sorry but NL is not doing it……
    Toussaint – I liked him in Night Shift – and I also like him with Jason .. so I was happy to see them together again …. hope for more scenes of them together …
    It’s like a good friendship that I hope they will continue .. like with Pif..

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    One word for friday’s show: CREEPY!
    Rebecca is disgusting, but then again didn’t Clawdia do the same with Ric and Sonny a while back?
    I guess it is a Fronsian thing!

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    There was a lot of good with yesterdays epi. I too liked the nuKristina. GH did a good job with this recast and with the recasting of Michael.

    Where I have to differ with you is regarding CarJax/Alexis. I think Carly was biting her tongue because Jax was there, because she is trying to limit her stress, and because she has someone she hates more right now, but I dont think they have reached any peace between them. And while I really want to like Alexis (since she is Sam’s mother) her insensitivity – going off about her perfect kid, not even asking about michael, and then the part where she says that she didnt want Kristina around Michael (which tells me she never had that discussion with CarJax over the last year) made me nutty. Oh and how lovely that she had a crisis to deal with and couldnt be there for Jax. TPTB really blew it. So Nik’s love life kept her from being there for her best friend. LAME. If only she (and to a lesser extent Lizard) had shown the same concern for Nik when he was being drugged by Jerry, when he was fighting a brain tumor and when he was struggling over his possible guilt in his cousin’s hit and run. If he gets his heart broken then isnt that just the risk of romance? Its one thing if Rebecca was involved in the family business operations.

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    I think NuKristina is doing pretty good; she is the typical snarky teenager and added to that Daddy doesn’t pay her the attention she wants; but it was a little weird for me to see her flirting with Jason and opening her bedroom door in her underwear given their age difference. I mean, wasn’t it just like yesterday that she was 7? LOL Jason seemed to handle her ok though.
    Michael…had spurts of normality and then fragility when it came to walking. It just seems to me that he should’ve been totally exhausted by the time he got to Kristina’s door.

    I liked how Carly was nice to Alexis for Jax’s sake, then when she was outa earshot went into calling her a twit, LOL and Jax knew she was playing nice up until then. CarJax has a good vibe going right now. I like them better as a team against what life throws at them vs. fighting each other.

    Loved the interaction between Alexis and Raynor lately. I could see a chemistry build with them into something good.

    I’m still on Lucky’s side when it comes to him chewing out Luke for being a POS. I like that they brought back up how crappy Luke treated Nik when he first hit the canvas.

    Speaking of, it was a little weird to see Rebecca follow Nik around, then make out with Ethan. Glad it finally came out in the wash that Becca is Em’s twin, I was hoping for that all along as that was the only logical way to bring NL back. But she should go back to her own style and not try so hard to be just like Em with the clothes and makeup.

    I wonder how long it will take to dismantle those hospital stairs or at least get an adult version of a baby gate type of device at the top. The adults can’t seem to keep their footing on the upper landing.

    Loved the Liason interaction today, however brief it was! :)

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    Did I miss where Sonny got back parental rights to both Michael and Morgan?

    Being that Kristina was just a little girl last summer with braids I find it hard to see this nuKristina all sexed up and ready to go. It is not believable to me yet.

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    REPLY TO PERKY “How can Nem work but Neb doesn’t considering they’re played by the same actress????
    Sorry, I’m seeing the same bad acting whether NL is playing Rebecca or Emily.”

    First of all, Tyler and Natty still have TONS of chemistry, And if i can’t have Em back, then i’ll deal with Nik/Rebecca.

    I don’t think Natty is a bad actress. But she can’t handle playing two different characters imo. Her playing Em was SOO much better.

    Also, it’s the fact that Nikolas is hooking up with a woman who looks exactly like his “dead” fiance (I use “” because i don’t want her to be dead. lol)

    I don’t like Rebecca, why? Because she is NOTHING like Emily. I can love Emily, and hate Rebecca, you know. Even though they are played by the same actress, because they are two complete different characters.

    NEm history. Quartermaine history. friendships with history. Ties to other important characters in PC.

    ZERO history with the show other than beeing Em’s sister. But they didn’t even know each other, soo…

    This is why i want Em back. Nik being with her lookalike IS NOT THE SAME!

    ………..i want NEm baby, instead of this crap SL……..

    But since That’s what NEM fans WANT, we are never gonna get it.


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    I hate the same old angry teen s/l is going to be airing every summer on GH that it is redundant. Emily doesn’t have a twin sister and this s/l is awful. Nik needs to be a father to Spencer instead of chasing NotNuEmily. The EThan doesn’t excite me and hope that it is a ruse for Holly to get at Luke because of Helena’s machinations.

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    I commented in another blog post about GH having a writer with mommy issues and Friday’s ep must have been written by her/him. We’ve already had Carly getting the brunt of Michael’s anger. Now, we have Alexis being painted as overbearing and controlling by Kristina, while both kids sing the praises of daddy. We also had Michael going off on Robin and the cherry on top, two pregnant women flying down those stupid stairs. I’m just waiting for them to bring Genie Francis back, so that Laura can go spit on Lila Quartermaine’s grave. Seriously, this writing is horrible and all the new sets and HD in the world can’t cover that fact.

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    quote:  But she can’t handle playing two different characters imo.

    Personally, I don’t see her playing two different poeple.  I see her playing an angrier version of Emily.  Most of the time, when I’m typing something out, I’ll type "Emily" by mistake and have to delete and write "Rebecca", just because I don’t see anyone but Emily, although a slightly different version of her.

    But that’s just me, and maybe my dislike of the actress is clouding my judgment. 

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    I find it really sad that TPTB have decided to make Kristina more like Sam than like Alexis. Alexis is being portrayed as a horrible mother who has no clue who her child is. Kristina has grown into a bit of a ho opening her bedroom door in her underwear to a man who is like an uncle to her. They certainly didn’t wait very long to get her out of her clothes. I predict a teen pregnancy storyline within six months. She will, of course, lose the child when she falls down the stairs.

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    justloveskate, that’s the point I’m at: you can expect anything from these people. After all, Michael and Kristina are not related by blood. And he already called her babe!

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    Curacaoman:  I second Justloveskate"s EEEEWWW and raise you an ICKY YUCKY POO!!!

    If that were to happen that would be the official death of the show.  Even though Mykill isn’t Sonny’s bio child, he was still raised as Kristina’s brother, so that would be all kinds of gross.

    Also, in Mykill’s defense, he didn’t call her a babe, so much as he asked when she turned into a babe, which would be a logical question considering "her shirt was down to here and her skirt was up to there"!!!!!

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    Perkie and justloveskate: I also condemn if that were to happen. What I’m saying is that expect anything from these people! If they can justify Luke cheating on Laura, they can just as well justify Michael getting Kristina pregnant.

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    Okay, I’m sorry, but I didn’t like the new Kristina at all. I think she looks too cute and young to be all badass and what not. And I thought her flirting with Jason felt to forced. Especially at the end in her bra and shorts. I also thought she seemed too old. I think they should have aged Michael to 18, Kristina to 14, and Morgan to 10.

    Was it just me, or did Michael and Kristina have some sort of odd sexual tension going on? When they first saw each other and hugged I was like ‘….’, IDK, I felt something. And then, as if to confirm my creepy suspicions, Michael goes ‘When did you become such a babe?’ NOT OKAY.

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    Who calls his sister BABE?????????????????????????????????????
    The all scenes with Kristina were so off..
    from the moment she asked Jason will he hook up with her which was funny only because Jason’s facial expressions – Steve Burton at his best……..
    but it was so not real and her opening with her underwear was so much discussing …
    I think the problem is that most of us remember the old Kris when she was this cute girl and when she asked Jason and sam to kiss…….
    I think that they aged the kids in a wrong away..

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    Courtney fan4life

    NL just sucks. Emily and Rebecca are just awful and her pairing with Tyler is awful.

    But was I the only one who thought Micheal and Kristina were gonna kiss? i kept getting that vibe.

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    Ok, now that you’ve all put that in my head, I’m sure that’s all I’ll see on Monday when they show those two together. 

    Better get out the brain bleach!!!!!

    Ironic that the most sexual tension Claudia has is with Johnny and the most Lulu has had is with Ethan.  And now this Micheal/Kristina thing.  How weird.

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    quote: And while I really want to like Alexis (since she is Sam’s mother) her insensitivity – going off about her perfect kid, not even asking about michael

    In Alexis’ defense, Jax is the one who asked how Kristina liked her Boston trip.  It’s not like Alexis walked over to their table, parked her butt down and went on and on about K.  Plus, once she realized she was rambling she reigned herself in, apologized and asked about Micheal.

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    quote: And reunite Nikolas and Em, damnit.

    Nik and Rebecca does NOT work.

    How can Nem work but Neb doesn’t considering they’re played by the same actress???? 

    Sorry, I’m seeing the same bad acting whether NL is playing Rebecca or Emily.

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    quote: Michael…had spurts of normality and then fragility when it came to walking. It just seems to me that he should’ve been totally exhausted by the time he got to Kristina’s door.

    He should have been lying on the elevator floor.  There’s no way he should have made all the way across town to Alexis’.

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    Quote: Rebecca is disgusting, but then again didn’t Clawdia do the same with Ric and Sonny a while back?

    Don’t forget Carly as well. With Sonny in the limo and then with Jax a few hours later, but at least she showered in between.

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    Perkie ITA re NL – I don’t see her as playing a new character either. Maybe with the Em fans, that IS clouding our judgement, but to me she is still Em pretending to be something she is not.

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