Lisa Ling’s Sister Sentenced to 12 Years of Hard Labor

The New York Times is reporting that Euna Lee and Laura Ling –sister to former The View host Lisa Ling– has been sentenced to 12 years of hard labor  for "“committing hostilities against the Korean nation and illegal entry."  Diplomats had hoped that the journalists might be released as a gesture to ease the standoff between Washington and Pyongyang over North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. Unfortunately, the sentence can not be appealed.

The North’s labor camps are notoriously brutal. International human rights groups and North Korean defectors say detainees are subjected to frequent beatings, hunger and inhumane workloads. Ms. Ling is said to suffer an ulcer, while Ms. Lee has a four-year-old daughter at home.

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    Granted I know nothing about this type of thing but can’t America step in to get them out of North Korea? Or is it because they don’t have any type of diplomatic immunity?

  2. Profile photo of jpp1975

    Al Gore is an owner of the channel they reported for. Their best hope might be if he could persuade the Chinese gov’t to ask for their pardon. We have pretty much zero leverage with North Korea, I think….

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    The North Korean regime is absolutely monstrous. You’re right, jpp, the US has basically no influence with the North Koreans. China’s help might be the best, if not only, way to go.

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