One Life to Live’s New Gay Romantic Storyline?

All My Children had Bianca and Maggie, Bianca and Lena, Bianca and Zarf and Bianca and Reese. As the World Turns has Luke and Noah. Guiding Light has Olivia and Natalia. The Young and the Restless has Rafe and a to-be-revealed male love interest. Now, according to the Nelson Ratings,  One Life to Live’s Fish (Scott Evans) and Kyle (Brett Claywell) "will be involved in a romantic storyline." Might Fish and Kyle be the next "Nuke"? 

Could One Life to Live and All My Children both having/had a gay couple pressure General Hospital into bringing back Bobbie Spencer’s son Lucas –who fans learned was gay several years ago– and developing a storyline for him?

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    I have to ask why aren’t they following GL’s lead? Or even AMC? So far the new gay storylines (OLTL, Y&R) have revolved around men, and characters that haven’t been on the show for long. AMC used Bianca who granted we hadn’t seen on the show for long but she was Erica’s daughter and talked about a lot. With GL they used Olivia who had been on the show for 10 years. Call me crazy but Tea and Blair would be great or if GH wants to get crazy Alexis and Kate (Is poor little Lucas still on GH what happened to his gay storyline?). To me I care more about a gay/lesbian character if I already know them but I kinda trust Ron C. so I’ll probably enjoy this storyline. Those were just things I’ve been wondering about.

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    Courtney fan4life

    I tend not to listen to nelsons opinions and just skip to the news.(Please nelson Bree is an amazing actress. let me guess are u a MA fan) Hmm I had a feeling something gay wen ton with them when they first saw each other again and were awkward around each other. but I was kind of hoping Kyle would hit it off with Natalie.But Fish I’m not shocked about at all I knew he had a crush on Mcbain.

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    Kyle always pinged on the gaydar, so that part isn’t surprising. But the other character, not so much.

    And these two aren’t connected to any core families in Llanview, right? They’re just floating characters on OLTL.

    I just hope this doesn’t turn into a Daniel Colson redux.

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    This will be good. RC will do this well. In a recent interview with Brandonsbuzz Brett claywell seemed excited about where Kyle was headed but he didint spoil anything and Scott Evans who plays Fish is Gay and out IRL so I see this being a winner.

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    It may be a winner in some respects, but I tend to side with the posts that veer towards these two characters, “floating”, not tied to any core families in Llanview. Are they going to sort of be what “Bob” and “Lee” are to DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES? Just there for the sake of being? Why not just bring the character of CJ Roberts into the mix. This would allow Andrea Evans to come back, John Loprieno…maybe the character of Sarah Roberts…and work out an engaging story between everyone…we might see Andrew Carpenter again, and who knows maybe Ryan Phillipe could come back for a 20 minute guest stint as Billy Douglas to tell a story about contemporary homosexuality.

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    Well there was an audition script for “Griffin” who Kyle dates
    Maybe that’s a recast of CJ or Billy Douglas

    On a side note this makes me wonder if this “Griffin” is the role that Nelson said Nick Galbraith (Zac Finn, ATWT) auditioned for a few columns back

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    I know this is OT but regarding Nelson’s Blind Item that just screams Adam Mayfield who plays Scott Chandler on AMC and it makes me wanna watch more.

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    That’s what I think. Look I am gay and have always only been attracted to my own sex but The problem I think lies when we let labels define sexuality.

    Why cant fish be sexually attracted to both Kyle and Layla. he seems like a guy that would be hones t and not be hooking yp with both of them at the same time. I mean he told Layla after he slept with Stacy that they wouldnt be dating.

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    josstheguy the beauty of Tea and Blair would be mainly two actresses that have been on the canvas and have family on the show. I just don’t like it when they bring characters on that we have no investment in and make them gay its like make me care about them first then do it. Or bring in someone related to the show like Sarah Roberts or heck a Buchanan that is off canvas bring one of them back and make them gay not someone with no attachment to the show. And Otalia made it possible to put seemingly straight women in a lesbian relationship who knows maybe Blair has problems with men seeing as how she always goes back to Todd and what is Tea’s big secret? It’s a soap. Oh Fish being Bi? Now that has happened yet on a soap (that I can think of)

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    Brett Claywell (Kyle) is under contract. He said so when interviewed by Brandonsbuzz on

    I believe Scott Evans (Fish) is recurring but maybe this story could get him a contract.

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    The thing about OLTL is that this is the show that defined diversity in the soap industry…maybe not always upheld it, but nowadays is truer to it’s roots than ever before. That anyone should be a “token” on this show, of all shows, is kind of sad.

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    I’m personally going to give OLTL the benefit of the doubt.

    Yes, there’s always the risk that they could become “the token gay couple.” But, we haven’t seen storyline start yet.

    And, let’s face it, even though Scott Evans isn’t contract, he gets more screentime than probably a third of the contract cast. This is like a throwaway character like Eunice.

    Plus, with Fish being McBain’s right-hand man, we’re going to get to see a different portrayal of gay men on soaps. Fish is a cop. Kyle is a crook. I may be overly optimistic, but I think the premise of a cop in love with a crook is intriguing (albeit derivative). The fact that they bothered to add another conflict besides sexuality is a good sign.

    I’m eagerly awaiting the scene where Fish comes out to John, who responds with his usual deadpan: “Yeah, I figured.”

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    Maybe but Adam Mayfield Scott AMC is a newcomer to soaps. Jeff Branson has been on daytime before. I took the blind item to mean daytime newcomer and Adam Mayfield is Tall. Taller than branson I think.

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    Just re-read the Blind Item on Nelson’s report. It says the actor is an east coast newcomer. Jeff Branson is not new to the east coast. Adam Mayfield is. He came from LA and he is quite tall.

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    WTF? I thought Fish was into girls–didn’t he bang Stacy after the Go Red Ball? Maybe he’s bi, which would be kind of interesting. I have faith in RC writing, so I’ll be tuning in. Let’s hope OLTL is not afraid to put a same sex couple in bed unlike those tools at P & G.

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    Amen Sudsmuffin. Fish as Bi is the way I would go that way he still attracted to Stacy/Layla

    Kyle as Gay makes sense given the new script with his date Griffin

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    I’d be curious to see Fish as Bi. Like some others, I think that would make more sense given his history on the show.

    But now the Fish & Kyle subtext will be fleshed out. Yay. I have hope…

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    This is coming out of left field for me, as I saw NO signs that either character is gay. I know that Fish dated Layla and slept w/ Stacy. Didn’t Stacy use her feminine wiles (such as they are, blech) on Kyle to get him to help her w/ the DNA switch? I thought they hooked up, too, or it was inferred that they had. Like others have said, I’ll be interested to see where it goes, but I’d rather it was with more central characters, and I also think there are too many peripheral chracaters on OLTL as it is. Use the contract players you have! Great veterans like Erika Slezak and Robin Strasser have to sit around wringing their hands worrying about their kids all summer so that we can see a s/l featuring two characters we know and care little about? Makes no sense, but I trust RC, too.

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    ” I doubt Phillipe would ever return. He didn’t seem thrilled when Leno brought up the Billy story.”

    Well I don’t know…I thought Leno put him on the spot by asking him about the show, and Ryan answered him with a pretty neutral answer, but than Leno had to go and make it worse by saying…”Give me your gayest look”. From what I understood, Ryan was proud of the work he did on the show and didn’t appreciate Leno’s antagonism.

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    I personally trust RC with this storyline. This is the only soap I watch now, it’s the only worth watching IMO. I am sure that RC would write this story much better than AMC did when Bianca first came out and all we got was a ‘hug’ and a few kisses!

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    I dont see this as a coming out. I see this as Kyle is comfortable with his sexuality and Fish and him coming to terms with their relationship and Fish being honest about who he is.

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    Is that a tripod in your pocket…?
    —Dirk Diggler who? Which east-coast newcomer is sporting one hell of a package? His male and female co-stars are constantly distracted on set when taping a scene with the very tall actor.

    This is news according to Nelson Branco, does he have no journalistic integrity, and he wonders why the soaps are dying.

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    I liked the blind item but of course I have a dirty mind.

    So Jeff Branson is out, I thought for a second it could be Zac Conroy as well but maybe not.

    Does that mean I have to start watching AMC?

    Why do I only watch one soap???

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    I still say its Adam Mayfield (Scott, AMC). The man is tall, attractive and according to Nelson is Packin

    If u wanna check Adam as Scott out but dont wanan watch AMC fully go to youtube and put in
    scottisluv that is a scott chandler channel and all his scenes are put on there after they air on ABC.

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    This sounds like a throw away story before it has even begun. The characters are minor and with OLTL airtime already being hogged by a core group of characters I don’t see how Fish and Kyle will get much screen time. AMC’s Bianca, Y&R’s Adam, ATWT’s Luke are all tied to major families. GL’s Olivia was a well established character. These characters had the audience interested regardless of their sexuality. Does making Fish and Kyle gay make them more interesting? I don’t think so. I would have rather seen established characters tied to core familes come out as gay. That way I would already be invested in them and their family reactions. Fish and Kyle have no family ties so who cares? What if Marco realized that he was gay after sleeping with Langston for the first time? Imagine Dorian having to help Langston and Starr and Cole coming to terms with a gay friend? What if Bo and Nora learned their son, Matthew was gay. Even better how about Cristian. Maybe there is a reason he hasn’t been very succesful with women and chooses the wrong one time and time again. Maybe down deep he is gay. Bring CJ or River back. There are so many options that would actually grab viewers. Unfortunately, Kyle and Fish don’t register with fans for them to even care. I’m sure they won’t even be on the show a year from now.

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    I think people should just wait and see if there is a viable love story before getting so critical. People are already shooting it down because these two characters are not related to anyone. I still maintain that not every one has to be related to some one on the canvas. Come on look at how incestuous B&B is.

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    I wasn’t saying that I wanted Dorian or Viki in a gay s/l, I waa just saying I wanted them in a a/l, period. I’m tired of veteran, talented actors being talk-tos or hand-holders for their kids. I’ll give the Kyle/Fish s/l a chance, but I’d rather see it with characters that have more family ties to core characters. Even Ron Walsh, Marcie’s gay brother had more ties to the canvas and where is HE now?

    Someone earlier mentioned having GH’s Alexis and Kate as a couple; how about Alexis and Diane? What if they realized they wanted to be more than friends? How would Sonny react? What would Max do? There’s potential for some good story there. If they brought Lucas back as Bobbie’s son, they’d have to actually show Jackie Zeman more than twice a year, and I don’t think GH is willing to do that :(

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    only story i’d like to see with Kyle & Fish is that they both realize they have contracted an STD from Stacy and all three are written off/out… away, up up and away they all go – like a pretty purple fairy, flitter fitter… poof!

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    For those who don’t remember and want a refresher on Marcie’s brother Eric. he was played by Actor/Comedian Bill Dawes. Eric first Appeared in September 2004. He was on three times that month. Another episode in October and then he was back in February 2005 after Marcie got hit by blair’s car and for her book singing. Eric was also seen in June of 2005 on Father’s day and then again when Marcie and Michael got married in 2006. The last time Eric was mentioned was in 2007 when Marcie and Sam were hiding with the drag queens to avoid Todd. They were all friends Of Eric.

    Bill Dawes also appeared from 1998-2001 as Erica’s assistant Val on All my Children

    Here is Bill’s website if you wanna learn more or see pics of him

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    After reading a comment about fish/kyle on the Blind Iem post I thought of this

    Ok Follow me on this. I wonder if Kyle is Gay but Fish is straight and back in college Fish and Kyle had a 3-way with a girl. Kyle did it because he had hots for Fish and when Fish learned Kyle was gay and into him he freaked and thats why he is so distant from Kyle

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    If this is an attempt to draw in new viewers, well, it worked. The minute I heard about it, I scoured youtube for videos and watch an episode today–having never watched before (I was an ATWT devotée until the writing became too atrocious), it was all a bit confusing to me, but I’ll get the hang of it.

    After watching the youtube clips, I have to agree with appleridge’s earlier comment–Kyle is comfortable with his sexuality, Fish is not–which may explain his jumpiness around women (for example, his immediately thinking his night with Stacey meant they were automatically a couple). I’m looking forward to this.

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    Tea and Blair? Nope, just don’t see it happening. I’m all for Otalia but trying to make straight, well established characters gay seems like a big me-too-ism.

    So, is Fish bi?

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    “This would allow Andrea Evans to come back, John Loprieno…maybe the character of Sarah Roberts…and work out an engaging story between everyone…we might see Andrew Carpenter again, and who knows maybe Ryan Phillipe could come back for a 20 minute guest stint as Billy Douglas to tell a story about contemporary homosexuality.”

    I doubt Phillipe would ever return. He didn’t seem thrilled when Leno brought up the Billy story. I also doubt Frons will let Andrea Evans return. Sarah is pointless. I think telling this story through new characters is possibly better because OLTL doesn’t seem to know how to write for returning characters.

    As for GH, I hope they never bring Lucas back. He would just be killed, or we’d find out he is actually straight, or he’d become a mobster.

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    Kyle always pinged on the gaydar,
    When they had Kyle and Fish together seeing each other for the first time since college, I felt a gay vibe between them. :)

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    Of the straight characters, I would like to see Dorian in a hot lesbian affair. Dorian has always been played as sexually adventurous and holding many secrets (hello! secret daughter!).

    However, I do love to see Dorian and David together. Since Tuc Watkins is returning for the summer, I hope much comedy and sexy badness will entwine Dorian and David! :-)

    Given Vicki’s history of mental illness caused by her being repeatedly raped by her father, making her gay would be problematic.

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    I can agree with most of your suggestions except Christian. Nope. Christian and Layla are sex on a stick! There’s great chemistry/electricity/heat whatever you want to call it there. Look at those two.

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    Ron Walsh (Tim Adams) wasn’t Marcie’s gay brother. It was her other brother Eric who was gay. The character Ron was only recurring and Eric was seen even less than that (I don’t even remember what he looks like or the actor that portrayed him).

    I would love for the them to bring back Bobbie and Lucas. He could hook up with Dante. Sonny having a gay son would be perfect.

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