Rachael Ray Cooks Up Deal Til 2012

Anyone worried that The Rachael Ray Show may be going off the air can breathe easy, the show has been renewed through the 2011-2012 season. One reason for Ray's appeal, the challenging economic conditions the country is facing.

Rachael Ray is especially appealing to viewers in this challenged economy because “she's centered in value,” Wood says, with the show featuring many segments on how to cook, decorate or dress for less. “Value has always been important to us since day one. That's been a part of the show we've never strayed from.”


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Oh lucky day! Why? Why? Why can't we have GL instead of Rachael Ray???

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8 May 2008
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I like Rachael Ray, but I think that the show is cheap to produce and even though the ratings isn't high, it still make the network money and soaps are a very costly show to make.

But I wish that Ann Sweeney would look at what her boy is doing spending money like it is toilet paper for GH and the ratings is freefalling while OLTL is cost effective and is making money. That doesn't make sense to have an exec who is blowing money when it could of been to get some vets to spruce up the ratings or hiring new writers to save the soaps.

I hope that soaps are still around, but the way they are going, I don't want them to be around.

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Maybe now she can afford a stylist. Or a bra. I mean seriously, that picture above is ridiculous.

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I hate this woman, I just do. Her food isn't that good or well made, the show is awful and she never shuts the f*** up, ever. I don't know.

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I enjoy her show and am glad it's renewed. She is a genuine, nice person and I appreciate that she does show ways to save money since I am currently unemployed. I've learned a few things from her show.

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It looks like Victoria is telling ALL of  Rachael's secrets!