The Latest Melrose Place Preview

The CW has released an extended preview for the new Melrose Place and it looks pretty darn good. Previews can be deceiving, but this looks way better than anything I watched on the new 90210.

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    Well, this definitely would have been great..if they weren’t making the lousy move of killing off Sydney all over again..the main reason we want to tune in. Oh well, so much for what the fans think

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    Yes they are its already been spoiled but you will still see Syd as she will be seen in flashbacks explaining how she died and who killed her.

    Plus MP was smart reserecting her for this. They know have 12 years of story potential with Sydney if they chose to play it.

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    I am going to be the strange guy here and say i am looking forward to 90210 season 2 more then MP season 1 Lol.

    Also really they are just brining Sydney back from the dead to kill her? WHY? It seems kinda pointless but we will see how it plays out.

    I am watching season 1 of the original MP (On season 4 of the original 90210 :) ) so hopefully i will be caught up before this premiers but i doubt it lol.

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    Exactly my point. Sydney is a top reason for tuning in. This “flashback only” stuff is nonsense. They should have picked Mancini instead for the person in the pool. Not Sydney

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    They should have kept Sidney on to play a Madam. She could have turned one of the girls into a hooker like she use to be. I remember when Hope from DOOL was her madam.

    Sidney looks even better than she did on the show. I’m just a little lost on who is Michael’s son’s mother.

    Glad to see the two best of the show back on there. Michael MADE that show. Sidney was the one character I just couldn’t stop watching. This show looks good.

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    As for the new cast not catching on or being interesting let’s consider this:

    It took practically two years for the cast of the original to be interesting, and that was after they fired Rhonda and Sandy and added Amanda, Jo, Kimberly and Sydney.

    The benefit that the new version has over the original is that they already seem to have a greater sense of direction for the story arcs, for better or worse. Might be unwise to make a judgement until after a few episodes.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I am beyond excited for this! I hate that they are killing Syd again since she is my favorite character, but at least they will use her for most of the first season. Laura Leighton is da SHIZ! To have her and Thomas Calabro back is amazing. Heather Locklear is a blithering idiot not to do this project. Oh well, there’s always Flirting with 50.

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