ATWT's Father Figure

He may have tried to ship his boy Luciano (Van Hansis) off to a de-homosexualization camp, but make no mistake, Damian Grimaldi (Paolo Seganti) loves his son—and his son's mother. Michael Fairman caught up with Hansis and Seganti for, just in time for Father's Day. Check out what Seganti has to say about Damian's place in the Snyder's orbit.

Holden has always been Luke’s “father.” How does Damian feel now about his rival?

Seganti: It’s always been a tough road there, because Damian has always been deeply rooted with Lily [Luke's mother]. He is not going there now, because it would jeopardize all the work he has done to get closer to Luke again. And he does not want to lose Luke’s trust, and that’s the main thing Damian wants ... to rebuild the relationship with his son and take his time. But Damian is still very much in love with Lily. Holden has always been his archrival. He took Damian’s place. Damian was kicked out in the old days and it was not his choice. He fought to have custody of Luke and he lost it. He had no choice in the matter. He does not hate Holden; he is just the guy between him and his rightful wife and son. Damian is letting dogs sleep for now, but he is so connected with Lily, and inside he would love to form a family again. But he is not there yet ... so, one step at a time.


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It's good that Paolo knows the story that SHOULD be told, especially since Paolo and Noelle have terrific chemistry and it would be a revisit of one of the show's most popular triangles with the twist being how Luke would be affected. Instead, we're getting boring scenes of Meg flashing her bra and batting her eyelashes at a captivated Damian while Paul and Dusty plot to have their turn. Damian should NOT be used as fodder in the never ending Paul/Meg nonsense.

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Excelllent. Even if JP has no idea about how to write for Damian, PS does know his character very well. Smile .

In the meantime, the audience gets to be bored by the awfulness of Queen Meg batting her eyelashes and continuing to play helpless with Damian while 2 other men also fight for her affection. Ugh.

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Lynn and Paulo should hook up on the show. They would have hot chemistry. I also hope that it would push Paul and meg out of screen because they are useless and no one cares about them anymore. Get rid of them, Barbara Doom and save the show some bucks and make the fans happy at least.

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Love VAN !! He is so articulate and eloquent in each one of his interviews. Plus, he is so sexy in the photo of this article.