Bird Brains At Y&R

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    I LOVE Mary Jane. Seriously when I heard that bird and she looked back at it, I had no idea she would throw that bird in the window.

    They have to keep this woman on. I just love Mary Jane. She is so refreshing. A great evil woman.

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    Yep, the bird thing was the highlight of the show, definitely. I love how she kept telling it to shut up. I’m still trying to figure out how she actually caught it. LOL!!The woman is fantastic. She is such a terrific psychopath. And the stuffed cat is hilarious. I get the feeling that she is going to somehow take Phyllis hostage, which will make Nick try to rescue her. Then I’ll bet she will capture Jack (but hopefully not kill and stuff him) which will make Sharon freak out and go back to him. It’s going to be an interesting summer! I’m so glad they’ve landed a good psycho bitch, instead of bringing back Sheila.

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    hmmmmm…killing birds (how did she catch it?)and killing your own cat (too creepy) those are the classic signs of a serial killer. This is Paul’s sister? What the heck happened to her? Should be an interesting summer.

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