Eden Riegel’s Webby Award Acceptance Speech!

Check out Imaginary Bitches‘ Eden Riegel‘s hilariously-naughty acceptance speech at the 2009 Webby Awards. Good to know with so much changing in Hollyweird, the casting couch is alive and well! Oh and before you ask, those rumors involving, Catherine, Heather, Seth Meyers and a tube of Colgate are not true, not true at all.

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    I was excited that my suggestion for Eden’s 5-word speech made the top 5, but I think this one was the better choice. And I swear I’m not like those actresses at the Oscars who wear plastic smiles and enthusiastically clap for the actual winner, when they are actually thinking about spreading a nasty rumor about the winner to the tabloids.

    Eden and “Catherine” were both Tweeting live from the Webby Awards last night and it was very funny! They are definitely worth reading!

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    I am very, very honored that the IB fans voted for my 5-word acceptance speech for Eden to give. There’s nothing quite like hearing an Emmy Award-winning actor deliver a line you’ve written. There were 5 great choices to select from and it’s really a kick to be able to watch Eden say my line over and over… and over and over…

    Jamey, I’m glad you thought the line was naughty, that’s exactly what I was going for! I’m very glad that Eden was able to sleep her way to a Webby Award…

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