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Here’s the Scoop! 06.09.09

RUMORS of a child being injured or placed in danger… haven’t we had enough? Kristina and Michael’s joyride MAY not be ending well and now Morgan MAY find himself in harm’s way? Is this all to show us that Sonny’s life isn’t the only danger out there? Bar room brawl…remember Michael gets into a scuffle.

I’ve mentioned this before… Morgan is the new Michael. He wants his parents back together and we all remember some of the crap Michael used to pull. Michael MAY be a changed boy due to his coma but he’s not all that different as he too will be causing problems for his mother and step-father. He’s just not as interested in a Sonny-Carly reunion as Morgan is. Jax thinks, despite what the medical professionals are saying, that Michael should just ‘get over’ his issues and learn to cope. This drives Mikey right out of Carly’s house.

Medical Mystery starring Patrick Drake and Robin Scorpio. I’m looking forward to this as it SHOULD be a real hospital storyline in the actual hospital. That toxic ball crap wasn’t a hospital storyline. The Drake family is enjoying a summer picnic in the park while Matt is struggling with his patient on the operating table. He takes issue with his brother and sister-in-law after he loses his patient, the Mayor’s mistress. Enter Diane with the news that the family of the deceased is filing a malpractice lawsuit against Dr. Hunter. What‘s the mystery?

Remember that action Chrissie Fit (Mercedes) was tweeting about? The nanny was getting some action… Well it looks like it’s a scene with Spinelli that Maxie misunderstands. Will this FINALLY give Spixie fans what they want? It’s an almost sex scene for the duo but Spinelli calls for a time out. He wants this to all be done the right way this time around with the proper amount of wooing involved. Spixie is still snooping. Don’t forget about Kate’s Crimson Sabotage but what has them in the Mayor’s office? RUMORS have Mac catching Spixie and that’s not the only Mac ALERT. He’ll also have scenes with Robin. John J. York is severely underused. Hopefully this mess with the Mayor will get him some more screen time.

Ethan, Rebecca, Nikolas… ugh. I’m really trying to be as positive as possible when it comes to this show but this mess makes it way too hard. Is Rebecca developing real feelings for Nikolas? Is Ethan going to want to back off of his newfound family? Will someone from Ethan’s past come looking for him in Port Chuck? COULD that be Lulu’s new love interest? COULD it be that Chris character? Back to the mess for a bit… Nikolas is RUMORED to struggle with falling for Emily’s twin. So when she just looked like your dead fiancé it was no biggie but now that you know they share DNA you have an issue with it? Elizabeth has her hands full with both of Laura’s sons. Nikolas trying to figure out the mess he’s in with Rebecca and Lucky’s issues with his new brother, Ethan.

Sex Hospital… Add Carly and Jax to the list, they’re getting some tub time. I’m hearing there is more JOlivia. Don’t forget about the “anger sex” for Sonny and Claudia. Love in the afternoon… sigh.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Steve Burton SHOULD be heading out on vacation soon. Good thing we have Ethan and Rebecca to fill the void. Matt and Lulu stuff coming up? Michael and Kristina… one crazy summer. That Liason scene… It’s about Michael and his outburst. RUMORS began circulating that Ted King (Alcazar) COULD be returning. While it COULD work with Rick Hearst exiting, we hear it’s not happening. Kristina learns her mother isn’t perfect. Nancy Lee Grahn loves her new TV daughters. Kristina wants more attention from daddy, will a personal guard do? Shouldn’t she already be guarded? Olivia’s secret uncovered… will it be used as blackmail? Claudia wants to get rid of Jason… another hit gone wrong? Is Johnny in trouble?

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    Sigh!!! Doesn’t look like much to look forward to. Can’t stand the Ethan/Rebecca s/l. It’s dreadful. And why wouldn’t the new guy in town fall for Lulu?

    Regan, any news on Steve Burton’s contract negotiations? I really hope they have more planned for him than babysitting the new but not improved Corinthos kids and bumbling around town trying to find proof on something that everyone except Sonny and Carly already know. Since when does Sonny need proof anyway? He didn’t need proof when he held Johnny in a padded cel and beat him or when he went after Karpov.

  2. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Thank you Regan
    About Steve time out any news about his status ??
    I heard he needs to sign until June 12 do you know what’s going on????
    and I hope if he does sign he will ask no more babysitter scenes….
    I hate Jason the babysitter….

    also I hate Rebecca and Ethan.. yesterday scenes were so bad… I couldn’t even look at them…….
    And I hate that they ruined Page … she was a loving mother who in her final days asked Monica to take care of her child ..if she had another baby shouldn’t she said it to Monica ..she did confide in her … and by they way she was dying … when you die you don’t scare of going to jail and she … she never had a reason to not tell Monica The writes sucks!!!!!!!!

  3. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    No official word on Steve’s contract. He MAY have a deal in place but all we’ve seen is that his vacation will start at the end of June into the early part of July.

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    this will be the first time i ever said this but i hope SB doesnt sign a new contract…maybe then they will kill off sonny and TPTB will focus on this show as a soap not a mob fest.

  5. Profile photo of samnlizfan

    Jason can be around sonny’s kids because he has been around them their whole lives. People know their dad is Sonny so even with Jason not in their life they would be in danger. I think Jason is trying to learn from his mistakes with them. You can’t just blame Jason for not seeing Jake. Liz doesn’t want Jake near him either.

  6. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I hate the all can’t be around his own son I think it’s BS……………………
    Alexis doesn’t let Kristina be around Sonny……. and she still finds herself in danger drinking with a stranger…
    And what we are saying is that the writes write Jason with the kids and they don’t write him with his own son………
    they writers are sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Profile photo of blackjack21

    i’m confused. did carly have the court order keeping sonny out of the kids’ lives revoked? because legally he can’t be near them (right?) so how can michael move in with him?

  8. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Carly had Sonny sign away his parental rights to the boys. I’m not sure that it was a court order to stay away… he gave up his rights to the boys. She was letting him see Morgan before Michael woke up.

  9. Profile photo of samnlizfan

    Sonny only signed away his parental rights meaning he can’t consent for medical procedures or anything that would require parent permission. He can still see Michael though. If Carly doesn’t want Sonny near Michael he would need a restraining order

  10. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    And I think that they let it go……
    cos they don’t talk about it so maybe she threw it away cos’ Sonny had a say on michael surgery …. and jax needed Sonny say in the surgery …
    so it seems that Sonny has the rights to the kids ….
    and I think it should be …

  11. Profile photo of maxsmom

    Right now all s/l seem like spagetti to Guza, he’ll throw it against the wall and see what sticks. everyone complains about the mob but if jason is babysitting and he seems to be in the hospital more than Sonny and Carly combined, what is going on with the business. Are we supposed to believe Rebecca has feelings for Nik after “making love”, she seems to have slept with Ethan within hours of meeting him, did the removal of the tumor take Nik’s power to reason, he is okay with sleeping with Emily’s twin? I do think it would be better if she were a stranger who happened to look like Em. I don’t know anyone whose slept with the more than one member of a family and this show has too much of that already.

  12. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I also notice that…
    I think that they are using the set of Sonny’s and Jason’s office as the garage…

    why are they so stupid couldn’t they change it much better so we will not know that???

  13. Profile photo of justloveskate

    I think Sonny and Nik are taking the same stupid pills. Even Carly is beginning to get suspicious of Claw.

    Don’t like this Rebecca/Ethan s/l. It is even worse than both of them were before.

  14. Profile photo of maxsmom

    The anti Ethan brigade makes me want to root for the underdog and I wish NP luck in future endeavors but this is one of the worse, poorly conceived characters ever, I would say in a long time in addition to Rebecca, there is also Stacy on OLTL. I mean really I am going to guess that NL is simply similar in demeanor to Emily and so her limited range was masked in that part, she is awful as Rebecca and though a lot of the problem is in the writing, this 2nd character is too much for her. Those flashbacks were awful. BTW other than Stacy OLTL is recovering pretty well from rapemance and if like me you tuned out for awhile it’s safe to take another look.

  15. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Hey, Regan, thanks for the spoilers, I know that you hate watching this trainwreck of a show, LOL. I hope that the nanny isn’t “The Hand that Rocks the Cradle” s/l with Scrubs, I think Guza probably will take that one and make it his own, please help us. What it going to take for the tptb to realize that the show is tanking and that the Guza, Frons and Phelps needs to lose their jobs and get someone competent to revive it before it is cancellation? I hope something good happens because I can’t take it anymore.

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