Michael Woods Comes to As the World Turns

Former Passions star Michael Woods is coming to As The World Turns, according to Lynn Herring in an interview with TV Guide Magazine. Reportedly he has a connection to Herring’s character Audrey, the mother of Henry Coleman.

So start flirting with all the male characters, baby! That’s one way to get some longevity. Steal somebody’s man!

They’re bringing in Michael Woods [Passions] as someone attached to Audrey, a guy named Jay who wants money from her. I think maybe she got dough from killing off some husbands. She’s a survivor. And it’s really not clear what she wants from Henry. She just suddenly shows up in Oakdale.

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    That was at a time when much of ATWT revolved around these controlling and cold men who were relative strangers to the audience (the other was Reid Hamilton, David Stenbeck with plastic surgery). I thought Michael Woods did a good job in the role, considering the material, but then I also thought he was hot, which probably influenced my opinion.

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    Um, it’s a big stretch calling this guy a former Passions “star”. He appeared in 5 episodes back in 2003, and even I had to look that up.

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