DC #415: ABC Daddy Daycare

On today’s ABC episode of Daytime Confidential Luke, Regan and Bernard discuss the latest in All My Children, General Hospital and One Life to Live storylines and news, including:

All My Children’s Chrishelle Stause extends her contract as Amanda Dillon, again. Frankie’s hands are injured and he’s lashing out. Is Angie and Jesse’s reaction realistic? Zach and Kendall remarry. Annie is stabbed in jail.

The switched at birth storyline on One Life to Live is coming to an end and there has been outstanding performances all around. Jessica returns Hope to Blair and Todd. Marcy deserves a miracle baby.

Jason is playing daddy daycare to Sonny’s children, but ignoring his own blood. Is Jason’s abandonment of Jake out of character? Lexi Ainsworth debuted as Kristina and we share our first impressions. The NotEmily and Ethan connection isn’t ringing true. Why would Helena ever need to team up with NotEmily? Helena would just manipulate her. Patrick and Robin reunite and it has been a wonderful relief to see them not fighting. What would a staircase be on General Hospital without a pregnant woman falling down it? This time two pregnant women took the tumble.

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5 Responses

  1. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Thank You for saying what we the Jason fans say…
    Jason is taking care of everyone else’s kids but not JAKE!??????????????????????????
    This is so stupid……
    I know that they are doing this to get the JaSam stuff BUT they got to do it with brain…
    Jason need to be involved with Jake and can still be with Sam… Sonny did it he had Michael and Morgan and he slept with every woman and got her pregnant ….
    I also Like the NuMichael .. he is really good.. and I love his scenes with Jason BUT I don’t think they really changed him like they did with Jason…..
    I don’t like the NuKristina she does look like Sonny,Alexis and Sam.. but she was so annoying…………
    And her scenes were funny only because of Steve and his facial expressions … he can do a really good comedy…

  2. Profile photo of liason4real

    I like the recaps with Y&R paternity story, too bad GH didn’t take this route and have everyone know the truth up front,,,Liason still could have ended up together (yes, I want my couple raising their son together). Now, regarding Jason as Jake’s father, he should have asked to see the paternity results and claimed his child. There was no reason for Liz to lie, it was all plot nonsense. There has been NO danger in PC since November’s stupid Jake 2nd kidnapping… If PC is so dangerous, where are the guards for Claudia, Michael, Morgan, Kristina, Alexis, Carly,,etc? There is no reason for Liz/Jason not to have contact and for Jason to see his child! If Guza/Frons could SORAS Jake to be a 14 year old with abandonment and daddy issues they would…LOL

  3. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    As for the ABC Daddy DayCare I am not that over the moon…Jason has been doing daycare duty since Michael was one years old not to mention LuLu Spinelli, Maxi, now Krystina. I’ve been watching this crap for years. I am a Jason Morgan fan and I would like to see him involved in his own story not just serving as Krystina said lap dog (flunky) duty for Carly and her kids…as for him not being in his son’s life.???

    Why is he openly taking characters to weddings and sitting by their bedside, waiting room, openly talking to doctors.

    Danger issue has not been brought up since…

    The premise of this ridiculous storyline was always he’s too dangerous because “knowing you are important to me is the greatest danger of all”

    That means someone who was shot in the back because of him shouldn’t be hanging out with him.

    I want to see Jason with the woman he loves which is currently Elizabeth Webber.

    Since this is not allowed and they have been regulated to their corners and their historic friendship has been stopped then at least as a Jason Morgan and Jacob Martin fan

    I want to see him go to the wall for his kid and not just hand him over for another man to raise. IMO this is out of character for Jason to turn his back on his kid while he shows all his concern for other people’s children.

    I like Matt and would like to see more of him…same said for Alexis. I’m just hoping this writing team gets a clue and let women ‘drive their own storylines” a man doesn’t have to be attached for women to get a story. This is 2009 not 1809.

  4. Profile photo of josser

    Jason Morgan needs to get his Jason Quartermaine memories back! This would allow him to rebuild his relationship with his mother Monica and force him to consider the immorality of his mobster lifestyle.

    Think about all of the tension that could result between Jason and Sonny. Then add all of the potential for Jason to wrestle with the loss of his dreams to become a doctor and the time wasted not being in his father’s life.

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