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Port Charles youngsters beware, a SORAS’ing storm has definitely hit the seaside town. First Michael, then Morgan, Kristina and now Molly Lansing. Meet the new Molly! is reporting that Alexis Pullos begins airing as Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst) and Alexis Davis’s (Nancy Lee Grahn) daughter this July. With Hearst already off set and on set at The Bold and the Beautiful, will onscreen father and daughter get some time together? Grahn recently tweeted that she loves her new TV daughters.

Pullos’s TV credits include Dollhouse, The Cleaner and ‘Til Death where she is credited as Haley Alexis Pullos.

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    She’s cute…like the previous poster said, hope she works out.
    Since they’re SORASing all these kids, wouldn’t it be better if Cameron and Spencer are SORASed also so we could have a teen love storyline, without hiring too many new young teens?. Morgan, Kristina, Molly and Michael are practically siblings so I know they can’t be each other’s love interests. Just a thought.

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    “Morgan, Kristina, Molly and Michael are practically siblings…”

    –Wouldn’t they all have sibling and step-sibling relationships?

    Kristina’s relationship with Jason seems odd. I would think that she would have a closer relationship based on Michael’s and Morgan’s relationship with Jason.

    Anyway, I’m glad the show cast someone who looks like her parents. Do you remember when soaps used to just pop a blond and blue-eyed baby as the universal kid? Of course, the opposite is true. Parker on ATWT has black hair and his biological mother and father on the show have/had blond and red hair, respectively. Parker looks like his step-father.

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    Regan Cellura

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Cake SORAS’d as well. Spencer has been aged a few times already but with him offscreen right now, who knows if he’ll be aged again. Molly, Kristina and Spencer are bio cousins. Molly and Morgan are bio cousins as well. Kristina and Morgan are bio-siblings, Kristina and Michael step-siblings…

    It makes my head hurt… Someone else needs to pop out kids so the future of PC aren’t engaging in any form of incest. There is a fanfic where Johnny and Nadine have a daughter and she’s paired with Jake. Molly and Cameron are an item. Spencer is with an "outsider". The Drake’s have more than just Emma. It’s a good read and now that I think about it , I need to catch up.

    ETA: oh and CarJax’s daughter is in it too.

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    I see in the future CarJax Girl – and I really think it will be a girl , and Emma fighting over Jake…I just see this S/I happening.. and I will not be in a shock if TPTB planned it when they decided that scrubs will have a girl and than CarJax Baby will be a girl………………
    I just see it Robin and Carly fighting again over Jason………


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    Regan Cellura

    The initial RUMORS when they said Molly was being SORAS’d had them sharing a scene or two. I’m not sure that the dates match up to make that possible. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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    They’re going to have to Soras Cameron as Molly’s younger than he is. The Liric storyline happened before Ric and Alexis. I love how the writers think we’re dumb.

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    She’s a cutie and looks so much like Sam and NuKristina. Question… did Alexis ever get shared custody of Molly back? Did she really lose custody cuz of the whole pot thing? I stopped watching for a while when GH was in the middle of destroying Sam and cramming Liarson down our throats, so I have no clue.

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    I know I saw her on Dollhouse, and I think she was the kidnapping victim on episode 1? You can check it out on hulu if you want to. I remember feeling very scared for her so that probably means that she was doing a good job! LOL

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    NuMolly is adorable…

    Re: Cameron…they would have to age him to at least be Molly’s age *although he’s a year older*…but they won’t necessarily have to age Spencer or Jake because they are both younger than Molly.

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