Joy Behar Gets Her Own Show on HLN

The View’s Joy Behar is getting her own primetime show on the HLN channel, according to the New York Times. The show –tentatively titled The Joy Behar Show– will pit Behar against Larry King on CNN, who she has subbed for periodically. The Joy Behar Show will follow Nancy Grace at 9 p.m. Behar called the show "topical and fun." Watch clips of Joy on The View and The Larry King Show after the jump.

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  1. Profile photo of kennethzach

    She’s so much more well behaved on CNN.

    I hope it goes well. I like Joy better when she’s on CNN.
    On the View she’s pretty annoying.

    I wonder if she’s gonna get along well with Nancy Grace! haha

  2. Profile photo of craigcp

    I know I get chastises for this but I can’t stand her, she is penhead of the year. They won’t changle her if she is alone. It will be boring as hell. like when she is on King.

  3. Profile photo of basilnsybil

    I think you can get too much of a celebrity it would be nice if somebody else could do the HLN primetime show. Somebody new with a central position on things it makes more balanced you are able to get more information and opinions expressed that way.

  4. Profile photo of Jon

    Sorry, but I LOATHE this bitch like you don’t believe! An unfunny talentless HAG!
    Needless to say, I WON’T be watching…

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