Patrick Duffy and Robin Riker Return to The Bold and the Beautiful

Patrick Duffy is returning to The Bold and the Beautiful as Stephen Logan. According to SOAPnet he’ll be joined by Robin Riker as Beth.  They are returning for Bridget’s wedding to Nick Marone.

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    I thought Beth had gotten over her dementia. Wouldn’t you have to be demented to “celebrate” your granddaughter remarrying a man who has cheated on her and lied to her constantly for years?

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    I can see Nick and Bridget’s marriage over in a hot minute. I thought Bridget was a smart girl, I guess no one can deny that she is Brooke’s daughter. That is mother and daughter is the same – chase men who are low down scums.

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    Patrick better leave the crab alone before they leave LA with crabs, LOL. With all the mate swapping and incestuous relationships I probably figure someone got something from someone.

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