AMC’s Lucci and Mathison Talk Cougar On The View

You have to give bladder man Brian Frons credit for the cross promotions on ABC Daytime. On The View, All My Children stars, Susan Lucci (Erica) and Cameron Mathison (Ryan) strolled on through to discuss the latest storyline of Lucci’s Erica taking a younger lover Ala Mrs. Robinson with her daughter’s baby daddy, Ryan. Check the two out at the 5:22 mark.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Josstheguy you haven’t been listening to the podcast? Shame on you! *LOL* We always clown Fronzie and say that when a show’s good, he’ll come in and oversee it and end up ruining it. Aka pissing on trees.

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    IK, joss, it is sad that tiic is ruining this industry and letting it go the way it is. It would be only the head bosses that have to blame for the bad writing and repeating s/ls.

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    It ticks me off that they are acting like this is Erica’s first affair with a younger man. She got her groove on for quite a while with the much younger Charlie Brent, years ago.

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    And it seems like No Labels is the new manta for daytime actors even when it’s not for Frons and his desire to cross promote.

    My bullshit meter is up on this one. If they take it slow and let it build – this could work but personally I don’t think any of Ryan’s ‘true’ loves has worked since Gillian. And I have very little faith that this one will either – especially if they reduce it to the kind of stunt story that they did with Bianca and Reese.

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    At first I was saying…oh man what shameful publicity and then I was thinking, who cares? These soaps need all the help they can get it. But sorry Pratt…it’s been done and it’s called … Jacwen

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    UGH. Might be a good story idea if:
    a. it wasn’t with Ryan
    b. they didn’t promote it as the first younger man for Erica storyline (as said above: Charlie Brent)
    c. it wasn’t with Ryan
    d. it wasn’t with Ryan
    e. it wasn’t with Ryan
    f. it wasn’t with Ryan

    no, but really, it’s the way that ABC tells us what has happened in the past (history) of their shows that is so insulting. We were watching asshole, we KNOW what happened.

    Erica had a younger man love story and Luke didn’t have an affair with holly during that time. PERIOD.


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    I love the idea of Erica Kane as a COUGAR! Look at how amazing Susan Lucci looks at her age– it makes sense that she could get a younger man… and heck this is Erica Kane we’re talkin about folks… I’m sure the men of Pine Valley regardless of age would like to date her!

    The one thing that bothers me a bit– is they act like the cougar this is new… HELLO MARION COLBY was the pin up cougar back in the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Whenever my late dear friend Cecelia would tell me about an AMC episode I missed, back in the day when Marion was sleeping all over town, she use to always forget her name and refer to her as “you know, that woman who always talk like she’s in bed”. LOL!!! Good times. Marion was an amazing cougar.

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    Thanks for the update. I have listened to a few podcast and they are great! I VERY MUCH appreciate the hard work and dedication you and your colleagues put into this site. I’m a recent convert to D.C. and am thankful for being able to find this wonderful place on the web.

    My two favorite sources for soap info are D.C. and D.C. is tops because you not only have fresh info all the time but you also offer the personal touch. I also enjoy the feisty verbal sparring that goes on in the comments.

    It’s sad to think this great soap tradition might fade away in just a few short years.

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