Bold and Beautiful Puts Drew Tyler Bell on Contract

What’s that they say, everytime a mediocre actor gets a contract, a hooker gives a sailor VD? Or something like that. TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco is reporting The Bold and the Brazenly Bad has put thespian du jour Drew Tyler Bell on contract. Oh well, I am not gonna let the Devil steal my joy. Lynn Herring is back on TV and Crystal Chappell is returning to DAYS! Happy thoughts! For more from The Suds Report this week go here.

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  1. Avatar of josser

    Given that the show just hired Don Diamont and Rick Hearst, where is the money coming from to pay his salary?

    Oh, that’s right! Felicia is the cabinet. Thorne is in the basement!


    Why couldn’t the show bring back C.J.?

    What a mess this show is.

  2. Avatar of Soap_Stud

    Despite what most think, Drew has improved and held his own opposite Kyle Lowder. I have always felt is more the writing than the actor in this case.

  3. Avatar of Aviad


    They should’ve deport him with Gabi back then. Another useless character. But then again, he’s St. Taylor son. No surprise there.

  4. Avatar of josser

    Mick Cain: Whatever happened to the character of CJ and Cain in the real life? Why did B&B kill off Darla, Shae Harrison, Cain’s real life wife?

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