Chappell: “So Wanted Otalia to Go On”

Gracious soap starlet Crystal Chappell is tweeting about the bittesweet news that she will be returning to Days of Our Lives in her signature role as Katerina Von Leuschner/ Dr. Carly Manning as the chapter closes for Guiding Light’s breathtaking Otalia pairing this September.

Wow! Word travels fast. I’m happy and sad. So wanted Otalia to go on. Can’t say that enough. But am looking forward to new challenges.

I for one am ENCOURAGING all of Otalia’s fans to follow Chappell to Salem. If you listen to us on the CBS/DAYS podcast, you’ll note that several of us feel DAYS has gotten much better of late. It definitely has miles to go, but then so did GL prior to February and look at what Jill Lorie Hurst and her team accomplished creatiely in such a short time. The return of an actress like Chappell, a performer as visceral and gritty as she is exotically beautiful, will only add to the restorative work Gary Tomlin and Chris Whitesell are performing at DAYS.

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    deb cubs

    I’ve been watching Days for over 25 years. While I’m a huge Otalia fan, I’m a CC fan first and very excited she is returning to Days. I loved her as Carly Manning.

    CC has the support of the Otalia/BPD team and I do believe a lot of Otalia fans will follow her to Days.

    Jamey – have you recovered this morning or are you still in shock.

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    I have a feeling RenewGLFF that she wanted mostly for Otalia to continue anywhere because thats the first storyline she’s been this invested in (her words not mine) but she could of also been talking about GL as a whole and Otalia continuing with it. Or for some crazy reason P&G weren’t planning on keeping Otalia if they do get picked up they were just milking the fanbase.

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    Jill Lorie Hurst should take over written duties on ATWT if GL is gone after Sept 18. I think that aTWT needs all the help it can get and Pass-the-Salami and Chris Goutman are destroying the soap for me. Something has to be done before the show is canceled before next year.

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    CC said Otalia because: #1 that is the storyline she is currently very very invested in and #2 the majority of the fans that tweet with her are Otalia fans. At this point, I believe Otalia’s future goes hand in hand with GL’s future. Crystal wanted the story to continue and I don’t believe she would be leaving if it still was a possibility. That being said, she is not leaving until the end of the show—you never know what could happen.

    I’m looking forward to the rest of the summer of GL and Otalia and then supporting Crystal on DOOL.

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    I agree I hope all Otalia fans follow Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia where ever they land. This is real life and they have to make decisions that are best for themselves and their families. I’ll miss GL & Otalia but I’m very happy that Crystal will be working and I can watch her. I left Days because it was going downhill but this is a definite improvement. I’ll spend the next week or so catching up so I won’t be lost when Ms. Manning returns!! :)

    Good Luck again Crystal and TPTB at Days please don’t screw this golden opportunity up!!

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    Congrats to Chappell. I’ll follow her to Days, though I won’t be as excited about whatever story they give her as I was about Otalia. I doubt I’ll ever be as excited about another story as I was about Otalia. It was amazing.

    Any word on what Jessica Leccia’s next move is? Besides being a good new mother? Are there any soaps moving in for the kill?

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    I can understand Crystal wanting the Otalia storyline to continue. It is a riveting story that reminds me of old-school soap storytelling. If Telnext was interested in spinning them to another show they would have already made a move on it, so it’s their loss.

    This is great news for Days and Crystal. It’s an opportunity for her and the show too. Days has changed into a different show this year, hopefully she will blend in seamlessly.

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    I wish CC the best, but I certainly will not be watching DOOL as long as that classless idiot Ken Corday is involved after the comments he made about GL. As the only daytime drama on NBC, it is next on the cancellation list after ATWT.

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    I wish Crystal the best. I will watch her scenes on DOOL, but seriously I`ve been watching DOOL for quite a long time now and it seems like the sami`s show…it`s getting really boring…well DOOL you got my attention again with Mrs. Chappel as part of the cast…smart move!! :)

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