“Daytime In No Time” Goes After GL

Guiding Light can’t get NO love these days! The oldest sudser has made it onto mainstream media but not in a good way on Yahoo’s Daytime In No Time blog. Check out what host Nikki Boyer had to say about Grant Aleksander (Phillip) and Michael O’Leary’s (Rick) acting abilities at the 2:48 mark. Ouch!

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    Who is this stupid ho? Seriously, who is she?

    She is no Joel McHale that’s for damn sure.

    This girl would probably kill to get a daypart on GL, that’s the funny thing.

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    Why even post this is what I hate about the internet for these idots spew this crap. People who can’t make it in the real world go to the internet. I’m about no longer going to this site I come to this site because positive on GL. I’ll go to soapcenteral.com get my news. I don’t watch the morning programs anymore they are borning has hell.

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    Joel McHale does all his ribbing in good fun. Nikki Boyer, why is that name familar? Oh well Miss Nikki the hefer hopes she could act as well as anyone on daytime and futhermore wishes her dumb ass blog got as many viewers as GL gets now.

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    TV Gord

    LOL! I thought she was pretty funny. I remember GA from AMC, and–unless he’s taken acting lessons since then–I think she’s probably right.

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