Photos: General Hospital's Spinelli Goes to the Spa

The Jackal & Co. followed Kate Howard to the spa today and I couldn't help but laugh at some of the scenes. Bradford Anderson has great comedic timing and seems game for almost anything. Of course the talented Kirsten Storms and Julie Marie Berman were there to make it even better as poor Spinelli had to endure some less pleasant spa treatments.


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Hooray! Tamlyn Tomita guest starred on GH!


GH is boring. Too many mobsters. Too few Quartermaines.

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I thought that yesterday's scenes were so refreshing and funny. With so much gloom on the show, it is nice to have some lightness and moments of straight comedy tied into a storyline. I love Spixie and love how the true sweetness and quirkiness of their relationship can add a lightness to the show. When Lulu is added as a third musketeer into the mix every once in a while then it is just fun.

I love how BA can excel at anything that they give him. His comedic timing and silly nuances were dead on. With less capable actors, I can imagine that it would be very easy to overdo those scenes and make them ridiculous. Instead, they was hilarious and just right. I thoroughly enjoyed KS and JMB's barely contained laughter. I was so impressed that BA was able to keep a straight face.

A favourite line for me was "I have felt the tongue of the devil....against my flesh".

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These scenes WERE hilarious and a welcome antidote to the darkness that often overtakes GH. While I'm impatient to finally see romantic Spixie, I know that a strong core of their relationship is comedic and I enjoy that as well.

I loved how KS and JMB could barely keep their laughter in check. They all did a really good job with scenes that could easily have veered into complete ridiculous slapstick.

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I don't watch GH, but Spinelli is great! Now I need to find these clips on Youtube!

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I loved these scenes! Especially loved when Spinelli bit into the cucumber slice that obviously had a bit of the mask on it. Also the scene where Maxie and Lulu were talking but you can hear Spinelli in the other room screaming and telling the gal giving him his spa treatment to 'cease and decist'(sp?).