Wishful Casting: Lawrence Saint-Victor as General Hospital’s Tommy Hardy

Hey brass at General Hospital, wanna a.) give the fans what they want in terms of more storylines featuring the hospital and b.) actually tell a storyline featuring people of color on your canvas as opposed to simply having them provide psychiatric counseling, prenatal advice and sassy commentary at the nurses’ station? How about bringing back the character of Tom "Tommy" Hardy Jr. in the form of Guiding Light star and recent Ugly Betty guest Lawrence Saint-Victor?

As the son of Dr. Tom Hardy (last played by DAYS superstar Matt Ashford) and Tom’s African-American ex-wife Dr. Simone Ravelle (last played by Felicia Bell), Tommy Hardy is a legacy character in the true definition of the word— the grandson of GH’s first supercouple Dr. Steve (the late John Beradino) and Nurse Audrey (Rachel Ames), which makes Tommy a descendant of Port Charles’ first family and a cousin to Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst).  

What if Tommy shows up in town, now a neurologist, and immediately clashes with resident psychiatrist Dr. Lainey Winters (Kent Masters King) over how to best treat Michael Corinthos (Drew Garrett)? Introducing Tainey! Of course Tommy would also have to butt heads with Patrick (Jason Thomspon), putting Robin (Kimberly McCullough) in the middle of their chest beating, since Robin has known Tommy since he was a kid, and considers him a friend.

Tommy could also catch up with almost-stepsister Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms)—Maxie’s mom Felicia (Kristina Wagner) and Tom Hardy Sr. were once engaged—resulting in comedic jealousy from Spinelli (Bradford Anderson). Saint-Victor has really been coming into his own these past few months on GL, and I feel he is primed and ready for a gig on a more high profile soap.

I bet Saint-Victor’s natural tendencies as a jokester would make for interesting run-ins with no-nonsense Nurse Epiphany (Sonya Eddy). He just might even remind her of her precious Stanford! A legacy character, who happens to be multi-ethnic, played by eye candy with acting chops that are improving by the day, sounds like a good idea to me!

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    Jamey Giddens

    Eh? I’ll say he has gotten a little bit better, but he’s still a piece of meat. But hey maybe on another soap he can become good.

    He can act circles around Emmy winner Natalia Livingston. Not to mention Nathan Parsons, Jason Cook and several others. Let’s face it, GH’s younger actors don’t comprise some actor’s studio, i think Saint-Victor has grown leaps as an actor and he at least gives it his all in his scenes. When was the last time the overrated Tyler Christopher did that?

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    Jamey Giddens

    He was so promising back in the day.
    One of the great mysteries of daytime. He was a phenom his first few years on GH. But he’s been tweeting it in now for years.

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    Hey like yall said you guys can act circles around those ppl you mention (I would probably watch lol), but all I am saying is that I don’t see this night and day acting transformation fromk St. Victor.

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    When news of GL’s cancellation first came along, Lawrence Saint-Victor was one of the handful of folks from the soap that I thought would be instantly picked up.

    This is an interesting wishful casting…though with Matt and Patrick both practicing, I’m not sure there’s room on the GH canvas for another neurologist.

    Had the news of CC’s move to Days come earlier, it would’ve been interesting to see if OLTL would’ve made Saint-Victor an offer instead of Terrell Tilford for the role of Greg Evans.

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    Jamey what about Saint-Victor as Nathan Hastings Jr.? Little Nate needs to come back since his mom is back on screen. Since we are stuck with EM as Tyra then he could battle his Uncle Neil for her instead of Devon.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Jamey what about Saint-Victor as Nathan Hastings Jr.? Little Nate needs to come back since his mom is back on screen. Since we are stuck with EM as Tyra then he could battle his Uncle Neil for her instead of Devon.
    Smitty I have done so many WC’s for Nate! LOL Besides I tend to do more Y&R WC’s, so I am trying to spread the love.

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    As much as I love your idea, Jamey, I think the problem is that NO ONE trusts tiic at abcd to identify/keep a good actor or to tell any creative, original, interesting s/l’s anymore.
    They sure ain’t listening to what the fans want.

    Until Frons’ reign of terror is over, I have no hope that GH will ever have the chance to improve. jmho

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    Good idea but wrong show. GH does a HORRIBLE job of using non-white actors. They don’t last long; they either get killed off (Justus) or just disappear.


    1) Marcus re-cast: If Texas Battle leaves B&B, Saint-Victor would make a great Marcus.

    2) Zende:

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    Totally off topic!

    Tamlyn Tomita was a guest star GH today playing Kate’s black mailer! I LOVE Tamlyn.


    I think the fact that established nighttime actors are taking gigs on daytime says something about acting as a profession.

    Used to be that most established TV and film actors wouldn’t touch soaps. Now, that’s not the case. Sherrif Wally from Veronica Mars is the new Adam. John Rubenstein is playing Dr. Taylor on Y&R. Ted Shackleford is Jeffrey.

    I was surprised a few years ago when Joan Van Ark appeared on Y&R. Then Shackleford joined the cast. I had assumed that with 14 years on Knots Landing they would both be set for life.

    Who knows…

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    Umm…..not to burst anyone’s bubble, but I watched GL, and this guy is NOT a great actor!! Sure, he’s cute, has a nice body and a pretty smile…but these are all the qualities that make a great MALE MODEL—-but not a great ACTOR!!!! I think that Lawrence Victor needs to go back to the world of high fashion (or whatever fashion he was a part of before GL), and leave the acting to the pros.

    Not that anyone else has mentioned this, but if you want a GL actor from the past to be on GH, how about Kevin Mambo (ex-Marcus)???? However, I doubt he is interested in a return to daytime television. I heard he is busy doing other projects!!!!!

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    GH doesn’t do storylines for African American actors/characters. He will go the way of Kiko (Stan) and Kent Masters-King (Dr. Eliane Winters) or (Justus). He’d better go where he won’t get backburnered or where he can get top tier story…He’ll become wallpaper there or he’ll be an orderly or janitor or something.

    I keep reading stuff about anchoring newbies to core families but GH doesn’t even care about core families. They have dismantled most of them.

    Their parents are never shown so its not a family unit on screen so why bother with attaching them to families they don’t even care about and won’t write for…look at the Qs, Webbers,
    Cassidines, what is the point of attaching them to these families?

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