The “Best Of” Charity Rahmer

In honor of the Top 5 Days of Our Lives Characters We Can’t Stand, here are few clips of former Belle Black portrayer Charity Rahmer. There used to be a scene online of Charity Rahmer’s very inappropriate chemistry as Belle Black with Drake Hogestyn’s John Black. Unfortunately I can’t find it anywhere. It was the gold standard of bad acting YouTube clips. Only Christina Chambers rivals Rahmer. Since I couldn’t find the Drake and Belle clip, here are a few other Charity Rahmer gems.

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    I know DOOL loves its hair models, but it’s almost like she won a contest. Or they needed a Belle so bad that they grabbed the supermarket checkout girl. I seem to remember a horrific “Kill Bill” parody too….

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    Her replacement, Martha Madison, was pretty good. It’s a shame no other soap picked her up. Her co-star who played Sean, Brandon Beemer, landed on B&B.

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    Today is the best day. I discovered Charity Rahmer and I haven’t laughed so hard in months (thanks GL)

    I even imdb her, wanted to see if there is a chance she might make a daytime comeback.

    Boy that is the worst acting I have ever seen, I need to find the Drake Hogestyn one

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    Luke If we can figure the date it aired you might be able to find the whole episode on-line . Charity so was flirting with Drake and they had her wearing extentions in her hair. I think Martha debuted the very next day. So that would make Charity’s last day like August 9th 2004. Anyone have that episode on tape?

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    I’ve said it before. I think that they hired Martha Madison first, then thought that she’d get too much hate for trying to take over for Kirsten Storms. So DAYS hired this thang so that Martha wouldn’t get as much flack, and people would be a little more accepting of her in the role.

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    She looks like Nancy St. Alban. And someone else I can’t remember. I love the way she says “Oh my gawd.” She’s very Delta Delta Delta.

    I barely remember her but I remember this story. I hated it and I thought it took quite a bit of momentum from the show. I was also disappointed this was what they gave Jason Cook because I was hoping for more (now I’m still hoping, since GH is wasting him).

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    In the second clip, after Heather Lindell’s Jan said her cat was in heat Belle starts talking and the look on HL’s face was priceless. Its almost as if HL wanted to walk off the set. LOL!

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    oh man i remember the drake hogestyn episode. there are just some horrible things you just can’t forget. i can’t ever find it anymore on youtube and people keep asking me about it. someone find it!

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    Go this website. It has most Shelle clips (a work in progress to get it finished) including the infamous one with the temp Belle from Kirsten to Martha. Under 2004 it lists the clips in order and you shoulf figure it out from there. The one with Drake I believe is posted to download, just be sure to credit me and if you decide to post it. Thanks.

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