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Here’s the Scoop! 06.15.09

JOlivia… more to come? That’s the RUMOR! I actually like them together. Does this pairing have the legs to go the distance? Surely Dante’s arrival will throw a wrench at the “mechanic.” Weigh in!

What’s the Mayor going public with? It’s SPOILED to be “startling.” Will he out his affair with the DA? Do we really care about this story except for it including Martha Byrne (Andrea Floyd)? What exactly do Ric and Andrea have cooking?

Was Rick Hearst given a proper send off? RUMOR has it there wasn’t enough time. But there was enough time for a little Hearst –Byrne interaction. What’s the deal? One RUMOR says Ric wanted the DA job back and was using Andrea to get it. Maybe “using” isn’t the right word. The SCOOP says Andrea is the one to tell Ric about Alexis and Mayor Floyd’s indiscretion. Was Ric planning on using that information to get his old job back? Really Ric? You’re no angel; in fact, you slept with your wife’s daughter around the same time.

Alexis… finally a story for Alexis Davis. Finally! It’s been much too long and the last few stories she got were lack luster in my opinion. RUMORS say this is a storyline her fans can and will get behind.

Back to the Mayor… whether we should care or not, we’re already in the middle of it all. The mistress is dead and it seems that before the death certificate was even signed the family retained counsel and filed a malpractice suit. Was this really the way to go? Are we not invested enough in the Mayor or his mistress to give a damn? Yes, Scrubs, Matt and Alexis are involved as well as the above mentioned Martha Byrne but really was this the smart way to go? I COULD have gotten behind it if we had seen more of the Mayor in the past few weeks/month. A few throw away scenes to remind us of his existence would have helped since now we’re supposed to be invested in his extra-marital affairs. But silly me, that would have required a little more balance and while Drew Garrett has been a welcome addition, it’s been the Michael show and nothing else.

Is this going to be a who killed the Mayor’s mistress storyline? Huh? Brianna Hughes died on Matt’s operating table, right? Yes, but as the doc’s said her injuries don’t match a slip and bump in the shower. COULD it be that someone entered the room while the Mayor was getting his lover some aspirin? Could that person have added to Ms. Hughes injuries thus causing her death?

Speaking of the Michael show… Sonny’s sperm produces some great kids! I know, I know, Michael has a traumatic brain injury and Kristina is your classic ignored and acting out teenager. Boo Hoo! Tread carefully Guza. While Garrett and Ainsworth are holding their own, the material better keep up. In the very recent past, characters we should sympathize with have most fans hating them (i.e. Robin’s PPD). I don’t want to hate Michael and his outbursts, I want to understand them. As far little Miss Kristina goes… Lexi Ainsworth is growing on me but again, tread carefully. I’m assuming I’m not supposed to hate the teen but understand that Daddy ignored her and Mommy pushes her too hard. So far all I see is a brat, a well acted brat, but a brat nonetheless.

COULD Sonny actually fall for his wife? Will it all fall out from under him when the truth comes out? Do we care anymore? I’ve been trying to stay positive about GH lately, really trying and apparently failing miserably at it. This story in particular irks me on so many levels. First, it makes Jason look stupid and second, I HATE ALL THESE SECRETS that aren’t really secrets. When more than 50% of Port Charles knows the truth, it’s no longer a secret.

Ethan, Rebecca, Helena… The only good part is Helena. I’m sorry but my vow of positivity cannot apply to this storyline. Everyone thinks Luke did his typical skip town bit except Tracy who thinks her hubby went off with his English rose. She’s even considering filing for divorce in his absence. Will Ethan talk her out of it? Will Lulu? No biggie, right? Luke always skips town when he’s been there for an extended amount of time. The Port Charles scenery must get boring. Anyways, Luke isn’t with Holly as RUMORS say Helena grabbed her nemesis. Luke gets bested by Helena? No way! Not my Luke Spencer… wait, this isn’t my Luke Spencer. Go ahead Helena, do your worst. As I’ve mentioned, Helena may not have been pulling Rebecca’s strings before but she wants to now and she’ll use Ethan to do it. When Helena shows Ethan proof that she’s got his daddy, he must convince Rebecca to go along with Helena’s plan.

CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… Hearst was dropped to recurring due to “budgetary” reasons yet we have a few newbies hitting the canvas. WORD on the street is that even more are headed our way in the shape of teens to befriend Michael and Kristina. Who’s Kate’s investor? Jax MAY have initially bankrolled the mag but someone else is helping Kate out. Did the Fashionista steal from her own stash and what will Jax have to say about it? Karaoke hospital? Who’s getting on the mic? Is Tracy hiring Sam to find Luke?

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    Thank You Regan..
    About the Karaoke scenes it is true Derek .Max confirmed it when he was with Steve in the fan events….
    Jason is not involved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I read it in the Internet…
    Sounds Boring I like the NuMichael.. not so much the Nukristina……
    But I have to say that it is not all good….
    I don’t love the fact that they are doing Jason 2.0 …..
    Michael hasn’t really change…..
    He always had temper. and lets not forget that last year he bought a gun and said that he wants to be like his father …..

    So really what really changed????

    Also I read what Steve said and he also thought that the all Emily/ Rebecca thing was stupid like us…..
    By the way Steve didn’t sign his contract yet by but by the look of things it seems that he is still in talks with them.. as I understand it I think he said that the dead line will be before his vacation that will begin in the end of june..

    For all JaSam fans he said that this is the plan…

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    First, read Nelson Ratings today regarding AG, and you might laugh or at least smile through the tears this s/l has produced. It makes me angry to know that he is pushing this mess of a s/l on a show that gets him for half a year at best. The joining of the Ethan and Rebecca s/l just means one gargantuan mess instead of two smaller messes.

    I suspected the aging of the Corinthos-Davis broods would hijack the show and voila. Really, how much “work” is getting done in the Corinthos “Family” while Jason is babysitting Michael and Kristina and Sonny dancing btw Olivia and Claudia and Carly. And I guess Olivia is running the hotel while Carly and Jax with Michael and Morgan respectively.

    As for Claudia, Guza has made me long for the dismissal of one of my fave actresses ever. OLTL is the only other soap I watch and I can’t imagine her joining that slight less messy soap. By slightly less messy I mean, they ended rapemance and the baby switch, and it looks like Gigi will come clean to Rex this week. Also, it looks like Llanview will have some diversity this summer.

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    Johnny/Olivia is one couple I will not get behind. Firstly, Olivia getting with any gang affiliated person in Port Charles makes her a big hypocrite. I vaguely remember her saying something to Liz when she first hit the canvas. Correct me if my memories don’t serve me well, but it was about her and her sons’ safety while being in the close proximity of Jason.

    Secondly, Johnny feels nothing. I believe those were his sentiments to Maxie post Lulu break-up. Therefore, I can go along with their current status of booty call partners, but anything more goes against him not having feelings. Unless, they have Johnny retrack his statements.

    Sorry that Ric will not have a big exit from Port Charles. He is one villain I always enjoyed on my screen. Don’t think I will enjoy a summer of Sonny & Co. But anything tied to Brianna (mayor, Scrubs, Sam, Spinelli, Matt, Diane, Alexis, etc.) sounds enticing.

    Thanks for the spoilers!

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    I don’t want Jolivia for the reasons above and the fact that she knows about Claudia and would assume Johnny doesnt. The Olivia character seems to exist as a potential hookup for Sonny and a self righteous sounding board for Sonny, Jax, and Carly. Sorry to say I wont miss Ric. He was a cardboard cutout for Sonny to constantly one up. There was a chance to redeem and relaunch the character as Alexis’ husband and Molly’s father but his why did my mother choose Sonny and leave me with my cruel father bit got old.

    As for the Mayor’s mess. I cant imagine what is going to make me care. Scrubs could be in a dozen other scenarios, as could almost everyone else involved. And sorry, they missed the boat by keeping Matt on the canvas all this time with virtually no story.

    I am longwinded today but my frustrastion with the soaps coincides with my decision to be a stay at home mom to my one year old. Wouldnt it be great to have an hour or two with a great soap while unwinding at the end of a long summer’s day. Heck, at this point I’d settle for a good soap.

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    Hey Max’s Mom,
    I’m a FT SAH mom to a Max also! I feel the same way. Liz was pregnant with Jake right as I was having my second child. I loved the s/l and miss Liason. I wish GH had something else for us these days. Nothing interests me. I would love something to watch in the afternoons.

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    I’m just happy to see Jolivia continue…they’ll probably fall for each other RIGHT before Dante enters the scene. It’s all good. BB and LLC have wonderful chemistry.

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    remember when sonny dumped kate to punish himself? and now he finds yet another love of his life? well, i hope he does get punished. i hope claudia’s kid is ric’s; i hope she laughs in sonny’s face when he finds out about michael; i hope jason gives him the cold shoulder; i hope sam laughs at sonny for not keeping his pants up and thinking he had the corner on sperm donations in town; i hope kritina changes her last name to lansing; i hope claudia divorces sonny and takes all his money; and finally i hope kate throws a party and tells him what a loser (and many other unprintable words) he is.

    i agree regan: claudia and sonny are virtually impossible to get behind no matter how great the actors may be. perhaps the only thing worse would be throwing carly back under sonny again and knowing this show, that should happen at any moment!

    carly: sonny, i stubbed my toe.
    sonny: we better have sex.
    carly: ok

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    BlackJack21, you are a viewer after my own heart. I’d really like to see someone put it to Sonny. In fact, if all of those involved with Sonny would do it simultaneously I’d eat worms!

    Looks like this summer with be a Corinthos Summer as the dysfuntional second generation gobble up all the screen time.

    The show really needs to be revamped, or at least given a transfusion of better writing. Let’s see how long it takes for GH to bleed viewers with all the emphasis placed on the barely hatched young actors being forced upon us.

    Query: if GH can resurrect Alcazar, as rumors indicate, why can’t they bring back Georgie? Surely she was just as dead of Emily and Lorenzo.

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    Hi Melanie,
    My Max had his 12 month vacs today and he is cranky, you’d think he was the GH fan.

    Bratty newbies, and a murder mystery revolving around the death of an extra’s mistress?

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