More One Life to Live?

Ever wonder what hits the editing room floor? Check out some unaired scenes of One Life to Live! Starr and Cole… Marcie and Michael… Stacy and Rex…

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    i liked the deleted marcie/michael scene… very sweet! but i sure could’ve done without the supersized morasco fiasco. UG! i really wish OLTL would wrap up the donor storyline soon. i am so sick of stacy. so sick of her lying to everyone. so sick of rex’s blind spot re: stacy. *arg*

    it’s getting to the point of where i just want to write rex off and pair up gigi with schuyler. i can’t believe i’m saying this, but farah and scott have smokin’ chemistry.

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    As I was watching this I was thinking “TPTB deleted these scenes so we could have more Stacy scenes on the show?” but then they threw a Stay scene in too. Blech. They should just rename the show “Stacy’s Life To Live”. I enjoyed the Starr and Cole scenes and the M&N scene. I was wondering when watching Starr and Cole on the show if he knew that she’d hesitated about signing the adoption papers. Seeing this scene clears that up. Bravo to them for letting us see the extra footage.

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