Stacy Haiduk, Y&R’s Lastest Superstar?

In this week’s Nelson Ratings TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco discusses the knack The Young and the Restless has for taking All My Children actors and turning them into superstars.

Y&R has a knack for taking former AMC actors and turning them into superstars. As Mary Jane, Stacy Haiduk has proven herself to be one of the most skilled and crazy-talented actresses on soaps. M-J could have easily become a cartoonish character, but under the capable hands of the very beautiful and sexy Haiduk, Patty Williams could possibly become the most multi-dimensional, root-able psycho in Genoa City history. In fact, I rewind several of her scenes to dissect and bask in the glory of her brilliant, awe-inspiring acting choices. Her line delivery, diction, and unparalleled ability to convey subtext without a batting an eyelash is akin to watching a master class in acting. Her most astonishing accomplishment? Stealing scenes from the master, Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) — which is no easy feat.

Is Stacy Haiduk the latest All My Children actor turned The Young and the Restless superstar? 

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    Sad to say it’s true… Peter Bergman, Stacy Haiduk, Amelia Heinle, Elizabeth Hendrickson, Billy Miller they’re doing so much better on Y&R.

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    I remember Stacy Haiduk on some show way back and she was so beautiful that it hurt.

    I’m happy to see her doing so well, I never saw her on AMC but I hope she sticks around on Y&R

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    Stacy Haiduk, the former Lana Lang of “Superboy” fame, is doing a KICK-BUTT job!

    (Bergman got the ax from AMC because of racist fan reaction to his character’s Cliff having a relationship with Angie Hubbard. Thankfully, Y&R found itself a new superstar to takeover the role of Jack Abbott after Terry Lester left the show.)

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    Oh, I’m stupid — I should have added WITH THE EXCEPTION OF AMELIA HEINLE! She doesn’t even register on my radar. Get rid of her now, Y&R. What are you waiting for? Oh, right, Gina!

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    IA the hair model Amelia is the exception. Overall, it’s pretty ridiculous to see the talent that has come thru AMC yet they still insist on keeping that cardboard cutout known as Ryan Lavery on the frontburner.

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    I laugh as a former AMC viewer, who unless things really change won’t ever tune back in again (ah, who am I kidding? I’m done forevah!)
    AMC writers wouldn’t know what to do with a can of paint or an ear of corn. Letting Billy Miller go was such an idiotic thing to do (and the talentless Cam Matheson with his buldging eyeballs continues to run that show)…but AMC’s stupidity is DEFINETELY Y&R’s gain…. Stacy Haiduk, initially I had reservations, but being in the center of the Phyllis/Sharon/Jack orbit…..she’s bringin’ it….!
    Peter Bergman, Elizabeth Hendrickson, Billy (swoon) Miller…Stacy Haiduk,…even Amelia Heinle…all on the #1 show in Daytime while the ridiculousness of AMC continues on…

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    I am definitely loving Stacey Haiduk on Y&R…she is really bringing it as Mary Jane. Who’d have thought it would be so much fun rooting for MJ to stick it to Jack and so many others? I hope she sticks around Genoa City for a while…esp. with Paul around.

    Seaquest! THAT’S where I’ve seen her before (I didn’t watch her on AMC). Thx marchpane!

    Side note: yes, please hunterforrester, tell Y&R to give those Winters some good story already! Why haven’t we seen Neil running Chancellor Industries yet? ;)

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    Once Mary Jane is revealed to be Patty Williams, I wonder if Haiduk will go blonde? I’ve seen her with just about every other hair color except that one.

    Anyway, I’m glad to see her. I’m not sure how Y&R can keep her as a long term player if every one in Genoa City thinks she’s bonkers.

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    I can’t wait until it’s revealed to everyone in GC that MJ is Patty Williams….I think MJ is REALLY going to go nuts then. I wonder if Paul will be the one to finally uncover the truth about his sister.

    The look on Jack’s face should be priceless.

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    Hey Katiebug, I watche Kindred, the embraced as well.

    I remember her from a show about young people in washington but I can’t remember the name of it. I thought the opening had the David Bowie song, young americans, but I’m not sure now because I couldn’t find it on IMDB.

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    I think Stacy is doing an outstanding job. She reminds me of crazy Phyllis back in the day but more vulnerable. I hope they do not write her into a corner. I hope she stays on Y&R for a very long time. Remember when Leanna Love came on as a crazy lunatic? They eased up on her antics and she became a regular for a while. She even married Victor Newman! Stacy is off to a great start. I hope Mr. Muhney (the new Adam)will do the same.

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    I remember her from a show about young people in washington but I can’t remember the name of it. I thought the opening had the David Bowie song, young americans, but I’m not sure now because I couldn’t find it on IMDB.

    The show is The Round Table. It was a short-lived Aaron Spelling produced series DC from 1992. She worked for him again on Kindred and MP.

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    I’m absolutely loving Stacy Haiduk. The article said that she has stolen scenes from Michelle Stafford (which is true). I’m willing to go one further and say that she’s stolen scenes from Eric Braeden and even Peter Bergman himself. I certainly hopes she one-ups Victor. I could see her going head to head with Adam (and winning). Sheila, who?

    As for the Winters… WTF is up with Devon having crushes on his family members? First his adopted sister and now his Aunt Tyra?? Is Devon not good enough to be paired with any other actress on this show? Or does she HAVE to be a visible minority? So in order for him to have a love story, they have to unhinge him from a female relative?? GMAFB. This is tokenism at it’s worse. I thought MAB was taking a step by having Neil and Tyra at an integrated party on Memorial Day at Katherine’s house and now this? To quote Cinque from Amistad: Give Us Free!

    As for the AMC alumni: I love all, except Amelia Heinle. She is so NOT Victoria. I’m sure she’s a fine actress – I did hear that she was good on CSI, but this role is a mismatch for her. Her only believeable part of the role is the artsy stuff which bores me to tears. The business stuff is not the least bit believeable.

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    Yeah, we are the token minority characters on Y&R. Eva can’t act to save her life and she gets a contract where there are plenty of AA actresses who can play the role instead of ANTM who can’t act. Recast the role or just get rid of it. And what is with Olivia being a talk to to Ashley? Why isn’t she with Neil or ushering her son, Nate Jr? I don’t know what the heck is going on but MAB needs to swallow some pride and get Victoria back, Pronto.

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    hunterforrester, thank you for answering my question. Making Tyra and Devon lovers seems like a piss poor way of reviving the Winters. Tyra’s still Devon’s aunt even if they don’t share DNA. Given that the Winters only appear on the show ever 2 or 3 weeks, I can’t imagine the show doing much with them. They weren’t on last week and they don’t appear in the previews for this week. Lame. Lame. Lame.

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    Hunterforrester, It makes no sense. Why would Tyra dump Neil? He’s a true catch: hot, grown, rich, and a proven parent. It’s not realistic that Tyra would drop Neil for Devon. Bryton is a good looking guy but he’s no Kristof St. John. What’s Ana going to think when she finds out her mom and brother are hooking up? Eww!!

    (BTW, does it make any sense that someone like Neil, who’s been the CEO for Newman and now Chancellor isn’t rolling in the dough? CEO’s make millions but Neil is an okay apartment. Cane’s place looks snazzier. I digress.)

    With all of the incest on the Bell soaps, one wonders what must be hidden in the Bell family tree. :-P

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