First Impressions: Martha Byrne on General Hospital

Martha Byrne made her General Hospital debut during the last minutes of the show today. What are your first impressions? More pictures after the jump. 

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    In her brief scene at the end of the episode today, Martha Byrne accomplished what every actor hopes to accomplish in their first few scenes in a new role: she made fans curious about her character. With just a few lines, Martha showed fans that Andrea is nothing like Lily Snyder and made fans wonder just who Andrea really is…way to go, Martha! It is great to see you in Port Charles.

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    ITA Soap_Stud…….

    I literally screamed when she appeared on my screen…I wasn’t expecting her until tomorrow…
    As expected, she totally rocked it…..Maybe it’s because I totally love Martha Byrne, but that short scene totally blew me away….Though I could barely remember what she said because I squealing the first time I watched it, so I had to rewind and watch again….
    She really did prove in that short scene that she’s nothing like Lily so I now know that I won’t have a problem separating the two in my head…lol….

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    Is it bad that the back of JT’s head gets me excited? LOL!!!

    MBy’s intro was good. I actually enjoyed today’s epi. Can you believe it? LOL!!

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    I liked today’s episode too. A nice change to all the mob stuff. It was nice to see John J. York as Mac, and Jane Elliot continues to kick a** as Tract Q!

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    I’m soooo jealous!! I wish she was back on ATWT playing Lily (although I guess that’s a nasty thing to wish on anybody with ATWT in the state it’s in)
    I still miss her terribly. ATWT hasn’t been the same since she left.
    Good luck though Martha! I hope GH appreciates you more than ATWT did!! You deserve it!!

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    good intro! even after those few minutes i can say without any hesitation that andrea is definitely no lily. i’m interested in seeing MB take on this queen bitch role. the real question is whether or not the storyline is up for the task not MB.

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