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Here’s the Scoop! 06.17.09

Alexis… Getting a teenage hellion is doing wonders for the character. But it’s her affair with the Mayor that’s making headlines. Is too much ever a bad thing? When a character like Alexis Davis has been essentially backburnered since her not so fantastic cancer storyline, I’ll take the overload with a big smile on my face. That Kristina has her mother snowed. Alexis feels Michael is a bad influence on his baby sis. Will Kristina only get worse when her mother’s affair with the Mayor is out in the open? What other information might Kristina learn from her mother’s public humiliation? Will Kristina be able to forgive her mother? Nope!

How is Morgan grabbed? Following in big brother’s footsteps. Morgan sneaks out of the house ala Michael and tries to pay a surprise visit to dad. Too bad the new baddie Dominic is also en route to Casa Corinthos. Michael and Carly team up to save Morgan. Carly tries to talk their way out of a sticky situation and Michael once again tries to duke it out with his brother’s captor. It doesn’t bode well for Michael who still doesn’t have his strength back after being laid up in a coma for a year. How does Kristina fit in? Remember, when the casting of Dominic was first announced, Kristina’s name was mentioned.

Taste of the mob life? Michael gets an even closer look at the life his father leads when he goes up against Dominic. Is this what has him wanting in? What happened to the days of kids dreaming of becoming doctors or pilots?

Is it Carly who sends Michael to live with the Quartermaines? Michael doesn’t want to live with his mom and Jax. Carly doesn’t want him living it up at mob central with Sonny and Claudia. Is the only other option the Quartermaine Mansion? Hey, anything that gets more Q Family drama on my screen is a good thing and with the camera focused on Michael roughly 85% of the time, I’d say the Q’s have a good shot of gracing our screens. Heck, this would be the perfect time to beef up the Quartermaines with some returns. Will Michael go quietly into the Q Mansion? He’s not thrilled but he apparently moves in and it’s not too bad of a set up. It’s his family so his interests are piqued but the Q’s are similar to Sonny, power and money just without the always present violence.

Fanfic? Pulling at a fan base’s heart strings? I mentioned that there MAY be a scene with Jason and Jake. The RUMORS say that Jason walks into Kelly’s and almost trips over his kid. He picks him up and hands him off to Elizabeth all while Lucky is watching.

Medical Mystery Storyline… Whose story is it? RUMORED to be more of Matt’s story is it really a Scrubs story? Will Matt play second fiddle to Robin and Patrick?

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Jax should stick to corporate raiding… remember those days? RUMOR has it he attempts to blackmail Claudia. Here’s a tip Jax, when half the town knows the truth, it might be a little difficult to pull off a successful blackmail. Does Olivia think Johnny’s in the dark about his sister? Ethan watches Rebecca and Nikolas. Speaking of… why is Rebecca in a white gown with Nikolas sporting a monkey suit? Are they trying to make us think she’s Cinderella? Is there a girl fight coming? Who’s catching Rebecca and Ethan doing the deed? Rebecca pays her sister a visit. Jax and Jason stuff coming up. Will they discuss Michael or Claudia? Is Tracy going after Ethan? She suspects there is something going on between Ethan and Emily’s “twin.” Will she catch them red handed? What else is coming up for Tracy? RUMORS that she has a few scenes with the first lady of PC. CRAZIEST RUMOR out there recently… Jax is getting a sister.

Lack of originality? Two newbies are set to appear on GH. Dominic Zamprogna who is playing "Dominic" and Ronnie Marmo who is playing "Ronnie." Can’t they even come up with character names for these new characters? They’re using the actor’s real names? Coincidence?

Going dark again… It looks like the GH set is going dark once again for two weeks in July. Usually three weeks ahead in filming, the GOSSIP mill says GH was four to five weeks ahead of schedule when they took a week off in May. Now the cast gets a two week summer vacay.

Steve’s Contract… I get more questions about Steve Burton‘s contract. He had said his decision would be announced in June. Well it’s June 17th and so far, no official announcement. Some say he’s already signed on the dotted line. Others say he’s still working on his deal. Trust me, when we know, you’ll know.

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    It’s me! the wubber!
    You know, GH has become a muddled MESS…it’s so painful to watch. How many days WILL it take for Michael to find out where to live. Pack his shit up and move him!! The “Suing” thing? That happened within 10 minutes of the operation!!!!! GH is screwing up badly.
    Did you read Nelson Branco’s stuff about it? He was going to drink while watching last week’s shows. LOL.

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    Regan Cellura

    Yes… I keep up with Nelson’s comments on GH. Trust me I am "altered" as I watch as well. It’s quite painful and they are miserably losing the casting battle. I think they are making HUGE mistakes in storyline direction and who they’re willing to bring back to the canvas. They’re focus is so out of focus it’s ridiculous.

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    Regan Steve Said on his fan events this weekend that he is still in talks with them he said that this is the reason why he won’t tell many spoilers to not hurt his talks..
    he did said that his dead line will be the end of this month before he is going to his vacation …. as what the people said that were there it seems that he does want to stay.. cos he said that they will work something out…….

    Now about Michael moving to the Q’s I heard that LW confirmed that and I Steve said that he has scenes with Monica that are great..
    So I don’t think Michael should stay in the Q’s mansion cos I think they didn’t do a good job with Jason they drove him away so will they do a better job with Michael I doubt that…..
    Edward still thinks that his family is his property.. you could see it when he had a fight with Sonny and Carly..
    BUT in my hopes if Michael will be at the Q’s Jason will be there as well I want Jason to be more with his blood family, with his mother , grandfather , nephew and his aunt ….
    Jason is a Q !!

    And I hope that Jason is holding his son cos I hate seeing the loser holding him.. but i think it is fan fic ..cos when Steve talked about Jake he didn’t say anything about Jason with Jake ,, I think he would have said something about that??


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    Going dark means that the show is saving money. That’s good for the show’s financial health. As much as I’m not a fan of the mob-o-rama! storylines, I want GH to survive. Look at how quickly GL turned around in just a few short months. That means that GH could do so also!

  5. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Yes they save money when they go dark… but I see no evidence of GH turning it around anytime soon. They spent $3 million on going HD, they built/stole from NS a new set. There are newbies coming out of their asses. I’d rather them refocus the story board and get some returns that can boost other stories and characters.

  6. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    GH Lover – I love your continued enthusiasm in the face of so much crap on this show. Truly I do. I wish I could embrace the show but it isn’t working for me. Rock on!!!

    I don’t understand how Steve can say that Jasam is on but not say he is staying.

  7. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    GH LOVER- BEST PIC OF STEVE BURTON EVER!!! I love seeing it.
    So “going dark” means that becuz they filmed ahead of schedule, they all get to take some time off? If it’s paid vacation, how do they save money?
    REGAN, do we know who the father of Claudia’s baby is?

  8. Profile photo of JasonMorganIsAHottie

    Thanks for the spoilers Regan. I like to read Nelson’s comments about GH too. I have to pass on a link to his funny visual commentary on GH:

    I remember months back we all talked about a possible new opening for GH, by the looks of Nelson’s editorial, I hope they do it soon. Hear anything new on that Regan?

    Also, I read on the ‘net that Johhny Palermo and his GF passed away this weekend after getting in a car accident. He was the bus boy working at Kelly’s I believe during the Text Message killer storyline? My sympathies go out to Johnny’s and his GF’s family.

    Looking forward to Jax possibly blackmailing the Claw. I wish he (and half the town) would’ve just been upfront about his findings over the Claw and Jerry and their involvement in Michael’s shooting.

  9. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I don’t think I love all the show but there are good things not all bad like the Jake’s scenes they are great .. I love Jolvia …I love Spixie and I still Love JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Michael waking up is not that bad I am actually surprised that I am in to it .. when I read that he will be mad at his mother I thought it was stupid but when I saw it it wasn’t that bad and DG is doing great job…….
    I still hate that they are making him JASON 2.0 for me there is only one jason and no one will take his place!!!!!!!!!!
    I am Jason fan first so I don’t mind seeing him with Sam as long as I see him…
    And the all Rebecca /Nick thing is STUPID AND BORING!!!!!!
    And I don’t love it
    I don’t love Ethan
    I don’t love LnL2 I hate Lucky
    The show is sucks at most points but not all there are moments that I like it like the Jakes scenes….
    Steve Said that JaSam is they way they are going and I do think he will sign by the looks of things…

  10. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Being ahead of schedule may not be the only reason for them going dark. It was the GOSSIP when they went dark last month. They typically take some time off during FCW which is early July. They MAY have added a week to work on some things. Supposedly they have been block shooting stuff which could be another reason for them being ahead of schedule.

    The actors would still get paid their guarantees. Recurring roles would not be paid and I am not sure how it works for the crew.

    The opening… JBernard wrote an excellent piece on that, an open letter to Jill Farren Phelps. I believe the pic Nelson used was from that, the one with the red x’s. As far as I know, there is no new opening in the works. Now that I’ve said that, one will debut next week, LOL. They desperately need one… it is beyond embarassing that they have not updated it.

    Yes, Johnny Palermo died in a car accident. When it was first reported, his time on Degrassi was what was highlighted and I didn’t realize it was the same actor who played the bussboy. Deepest sympathies.

    Excellent point Sue… If Steve is still in talks, he technically cannot confirm JaSam. It is the direction they are going in and I am sure there is stuff shot with them to appear in July but he needs to sign on the dotted line before confirming a pairing. I would ASSUME, he’s prepared to sign, it’s the "details" that need to be ironed out.

  11. Profile photo of Jenny

    I’m still trying to figure out how the killer got in the room and knocked her over the head without the mayor knowing. Unless he was drugged but he wasn’t. Of course, the mayor could be lying. Maybe his wife came to the hotel. There was a fight. She “killed” the mistress and the mayor is covering it up.

  12. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    His wife…..
    she was mad at him and wanted to revenge what better plan there is when you killing your husband’s mistress and blame it on him…
    and there is a scene with Rick he could have helped her with this plan..

  13. Profile photo of crown1231

    Regan I don’t remember where I read this, maybe here? That Nicholas is going to dream about Emily. Maybe thats the monkey suit and white dress your rumoring about. Its Emily not Rebecca. Emily was in a white dress when she was killed. Just a thought

  14. Profile photo of disillusioned GH fan
    disillusioned GH fan

    Ya know Regan, I read someplace, awhile ago and I can’t remember where at the moment, that GH (or ABC soaps in general) wwere considering the idea of going the route of “telenova’s”. In that they would tell shorter stories and you’d see big names come and go. So maybe the Martha Byrnes stint falls into this catagory?(ah-HA-ahahahahaha!) But then again, GH can’t even tell -a- story, never mind trying to to do several shorter stories in the course of a year. They’d have to mold themselves after nightshift and that means a new writing crew… I like saying “new writing crew”. I wonder if we send Fronzie to detention and have him write that a gazillion times on a chalk board, if it might, ya know, sink in?!?

    Well, I went off course…

  15. Profile photo of JasonMorganIsAHottie

    I’m going to guess Mrs. Mayor did it. I hope so for the writers sake, as they can’t seem to pay attention too long. Look at the fake drug storyline, dropped and forgotten. Also, look at the rewrites, again, can’t remember long term history. Ok, being snarky here, Maybe Ms. Byrne will be a hit, which I hope actually.

  16. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    JASONMORGANISAHOTTIE-I’m pretty sure that Diane CANNOT be a witness at the trial, but she can call everyone to the stand that was at the bar to testify as to what THEY heard. She can even call Alexis as an adverse witness.
    There was a spoiler that Rebecca would have memories of Emily, but I guess if she’s her twin sold at birth that goes down the drain. DARN! I wanted her to really be Emily brainwashed by Helena :(
    It doesn’t sound right that they can go dark and not have to pay the crew to save money, where, if it weren’t for the crew’s hard work, they wouldn’t be ahead of schedule in the first place…

  17. Profile photo of Gary S
    Gary S

    OK, I’d just like to confirm my belief that BOBBIE hasn’t been seen ONCE…or even MENTIONED…since Michael woke up?? It’s one (pathetic) thing to put her on recurring, but since she’s still “in town,” to ignore her presence…to not even MENTION her or explain her absence…when her grandson WAKES FROM A COMA is just one more bloody reason everyone involved with GH should be fired…and I’d gladly move to LA and take a job writing for the show.

  18. Profile photo of engradypind

    Just thinking of Micheal moving into the Quartermaine mansion then having to deal with the maid when he has one of his temper tantrums. I think she can handle him.

  19. Profile photo of Soap_Stud

    GH just needs to cut out some of the mob-related characters and cut back on telling mob related stories. I also think Tony Geary is getting a little to big for his britches after reading his comments about fans and his current story.

  20. Profile photo of Me

    Jason and Jake scene(s) is Friday 6/26 at Kelly’s – Jason pick up him and there is a Liason talk about Jake and Michael

  21. Profile photo of Kazy24

    Ok…I’m not going to lie here. I am a bitter bitter GH fan. When they decided to bring the Jason -Liz love to a hault I stopped watching completely until a few weeks ago. I still had hope that those in charge would finally open their eyes and see that there are more supporters for the Jason/Liz romance than the Jason-spam romance. But no. They decide to REDO Jasam. Oh help us all! I actually like Sam when she isn’t anywhere near Jason. She seemed pretty cool. Yet they have, once again, decided to ruin this by making her the so called tough girl (who always gets herself into stupid situations and must be rescued) who just HAS to be with tough guy Jason. Anyone else want to scream in frustration?


    That being said I think Nu!Michael is great. I love that they are finally giving Alexis some time on screen. I don’t really dig the whole rebecca/Nikolas thing. And finally ethan is annoying the CRAP out of me! Oh I’m such a bitter fan :)

    Oh and I love me some Steve Burton!

  22. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    Well I finally stopped watching GH on Monday. Read on another sight that Jasam is definitely a go and Liason, as they called it just a “cocktease” (I know you’ve been telling us Regan, but I just didn’t want to believe it). I’ll be going on youtube every once in awhile to check for any Liason scenes.

    I tried to stick with GH, but it just isn’t worth the aggravation!!

  23. Profile photo of curacaoman

    The Brianna storyline seems written by the ATWT writers. Mac asks Robin to speak with Maxie and two seconds later she is there!
    Martha Byrne will feel right at home!

  24. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Actually i have to say I have noticed a turning of the tide on line. There was a time where most sites tilted toward Jiz but now it seems like the presence on line is about 50-50. I take it that means that people are liking what they are seeing, even with Sam not on much. Or maybe it means that the JaSam fans that tuned out whent he Jason–Lizard cheater’s train took off from the station have decided to come back?

  25. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Kazy24 – I also agree with you.

    EET – While I respect your effort to put a positive spin on Sam, you may be overlooking the fact that many Liason fans have tuned out. The show has been pretty bad lately.

    I personally have taken advantage of the situation and invented my own GH “Sam’s on” crapfest drinking game .

  26. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Sueboo as usual I totally and completely agree with you. I just don’t care anymore about JaSpam, I will just fast forward through any god awful intimate scenes because in the end the writers (forced by Fruza) are doing this. It’s not what the actors want and it is sure as hell not what this GH(liason) fan wants.

    Oh yeah and lets not forget that the Cheaters train’s first stop was Samridingstepdaddyville

  27. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Ravennite613 – thanks!!!

    Oh, and Sham fans like to use selective memory about Sam and Rik. They also discount Lucky cheating with Maxie and want to only blame Liz and Jason. Viva Liason!!!

  28. Profile photo of Kazy24

    “Oh yeah and lets not forget that the Cheaters train’s first stop was Samridingstepdaddyville”

    Holy crap I haven’t laughed so hard for a long time! What a great comment!

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