Morgan Fairchild Comes to The Bold and the Beautiful

Is Morgan Fairchild The Bold and the Beautiful’s next top model? Not quite, but she will be the instigator of yet another B&B runway face off between Forrester Creations and Jackie M. Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Fairchild is returning to soaps as a Beverly Hills socialite and a friend of  Stephanie Forrester. The episodes will air August 10-14.

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    FABULOUS!!! So excited!!! I LOVE MORGAN FAIRCHILD, she would be so great to team with Stephanie Forrester and would love to see Fairchild battle with Jackie Marrone for 0wens..or perhap Fairchild falls for Eric Forrester!!! Perhap she can be a cougar falling for THORNE!!! She could be the mother of Bill Spencer jr.!!! This is great news to have Morgan faichild be on board and be the new Bitch!!!

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    :love: I think she’s great too, but I’m not sure about Y&R, I don’t see anybody playing Nikki with out being over the top, they should go with an unknown, but probably need someone to grab the ratings, soaps are so desperate for ratting even Y&R though there number one. They should count TVIO, DVR and the web, like watch them on web. There is more people working now, can’t catch them when their on. they got to realize that. Just my option.

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    Just to clarify, I don’t want MTS out. She is Nikki Reed Newman. If things can’t be resolved, I’d like to see Donna Mills or Morgan Fairchild in the role. They’re both age appropriate and great actresses. Both can be great divas.

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    Well, if Y & R were wooing Kelly McGillis to take over Jill (until Walton resigned), I imagine the soap is seeking equally recognizable to take over the role of Nikki Newman. Some of the rumors have Cheryl Ladd, Bo Derek, and Christine Lahti are being considered for the role.

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    I could see Christine Lahti as Jill not Nikki
    Morgan Fairchild could do well maybe Cheryl Ladd but I agree with Jamey that Lisa Hartman Black would be tops as recast Nikki, unless they can find the original Nikki, Erica Hope and bring her back, J/K

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    An unknown wouldn’t cut it for Nikki. MTS is a STAR. The show would need someone of equal stature to match her.

    Also, Web showings are great for fans but advertisers pay pennies in comparison to the what they pay for TV. Also, TV is notorious for fans skipping commercials. Therefore advertisers are not as interested in TIVO viewers.

    If soap production companies and the networks could bring in an additional revenue from soaps, like DVD sales, then the soaps would be under less financial pressure.

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    Y&R ratings were once 8.0 now there 3.4, soaps are hoping that GL gets picked, it really scared them and if they do well, soaps in trouble will have a place to go. They should create a nother channel.

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    Christine Lahti is still a bigger star. I couldn’t see her joining Y&R. Ladd is a good actress and would be a good decision. Bo Derek? Never. She’s not a good actress and wouldn’t have the same kind of Ladd or Mills or other well-known TV or film actresses.

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