Y&R: Busted Flat in Genoa City

Was it a pawn shop or was she looking to get her nails done in a not-so-glam-part of town without anyone knowing? Finding yourself suddenly poor is tough on everyone, especially those who fall the farthest. Jill Abbott (Jess Walton) stepped into a time warp yesterday and went back to her Foster roots. "Pick your color."


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    I thought Jill had previously stated that she didn’t lose everything so having her go back to the nail salon just seemed a little silly and forced to me. This character needs a kick ass comeback and Kaye needs to stop being written as the sweet little grandmamma because we know that’s not how it really is.

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    She went to the nail salon to prove a point I think. And, yes, Jill lost alot more than she admits! Why else would she even consider selling her share of the Chancellor Estate?

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    I have been watching Y&R since I was a baby. This show for me is like what Days is to Jamey. This whole plot of Jill being the disaffected women without a mother is just a joke.

    Quickly the only bright spots are Mary Jane, Chloe, and sometimes Adam,.

    On A bigger Note Maria Arena Hell, Scott Slammer, and Hogan Heffer can go to hell! This soap has went way down hill. This is not the Y&R I remember. It is totally off the rocker. Maria needs to move solely into the Executive Producer seat, fire Hogan Heffer and hire Sally Sussman Morina as the head writer. They can bring back Kay Alden as well.

    This soap is all kinds of bad. It is a hit or miss. The same way Passions was. It is either mostly good one week or mostly bad the next.

    -The Phyllis/Nick/Sharon/Jack storyline was good at first. But now it has lived past its usefulness.

    -I’m not buying Jill’s hatred of Katherine. It is not interesting. When Rosanna hated Carly on ATWT that was believable. This reeks of the writers not knowing what to do and where they are going.

    -Ashley walking around with a dead baby in her body belongs on Passions. This is not what Y&R is about.

    -The Scooby Doo and friends sequel is no more interesting then the chipmunk show. All I’m waiting for is someone to pull off a mask and say “If wasn’t for those meddling kids and that dog….”

    -We don’t need Mac on the show. Not now..cut her loose.

    -Cane and Lily bore me to death.

    -Sapato will soon be having an affair with Mary Jane’s stuffed cat. That is how bad the writing is overall.

    -For my Thoughts on the black characters see link:

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    “It does not make sense for a CEO to be that financially irresponsible.”

    Are you serious????? Have you not been watching the news and reading the papers in the last year???? Just because she is a CEO does not mean she can’t screw up her money.

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    Akbad806, what point was she trying to prove? I actually felt sorry for Jill when she took the job at the nail salon. I find this storyline to be a little unbelievable. I mean most people would sell their part of a mansion that was worth millions before they go back to working at a nail salon.

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    I find this story unbelievable. How did Jill lose her Jabot stock? As an executive of Chancellor, didn’t she have stock in Chancellor Industries? What about a pension or 401k?

    It’s unrealistic to think that anyone who is a CEO would put ALL of her assets in one bank account.

    The storyline is sad and amusing but not realistic. Jill is just too smart to let this happen.

    Are we really to believe that Jill had no jewelry? None whatsoever? No jewels from her marriage to John? What about her engagement rings from John and Ji-Min?

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    I TOTALLY agree with you. It does not make sense for a CEO to be that financially irresponsible. I don’t know if MAB is trying to get a few laughs at the character’s expense. I am not feeling this storyline at all! Don’t get me wrong, most of what MAB has done in this past year has been great. However, she has missed a few steps with this storyline and a few others!

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