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Here’s the Scoop! 06.18.09

If it’s murder… Who killed Brianna Hughes? Would they really bring Martha Byrne onboard and make her a murderer? Will there be suspicion thrown Alexis’s way? I liked Byrne’s introduction and especially liked her comment to Patrick about not knowing that she was the Mayor’s wife. My first thought was, hmmm, we all should know the Mayor’s wife especially if the Mayor and his wife are central the storyline.

Despite being a big brat lately… Kristina has tried to be the perfect child to impress her mother. What’s the straight A student going to do when she learns her mother ain’t perfect? Hey Kristina haven’t you ever heard of ‘do as I say, not as I do?’ Will Kristina’s disappointment in her mom send her in her nonexistent father’s direction? When Kristina first hit the canvas the story SEEMED to be going in the direction of ‘poor me, daddy pays me no attention.’ Now that it’s Alexis letting her daughter down, will Kristina expect daddy to pick up the slack? I have to say, if you’re going to give Sonny all these kids, he really should be more of a father to them. Who am I kidding… Nikolas hasn’t even seen his son in the last six months, Jason abandoned his in the name of safety; in comparison Sonny is father of the year. God help us.

Sam fans hoping for some Sam-Alexis interaction… You SHOULD get some. Kelly Monaco is just wrapping up her Vegas show and there is some TALK of her taking some vacation time but with the studio going dark that MAY not be the case. There were also RUMORS that Kelly MAY be sitting in as a co-host on The View when Elisabeth Hasselbeck takes maternity leave. I’m not a loyal follower of The View. Don’t they typically take a little summer break soon? But back to Sam and Alexis… their interaction MAY not be all warm and fuzzy at first. In fact, some RUMORS suggest that Alexis COULD be unleashing some repressed anger on her daughter.

What’s sending Alexis in a tizzy that has her going off on Sam and disappointing Kristina? The Mayor outs their affair. It’s an affair that happened off-screen and was hinted at way back when. I’m not sure how or why Mayor Floyd thinks publicly stating he had an affair with the DA will help his current situation unless he’s making good on a threat to the DA. Alexis has been working overtime trying to get Diane to drop the malpractice lawsuit. Is the Mayor thinking let’s draw attention to my affair with the DA and away from the dead girl?

Claudia’s hit gone wrong… Will Johnny have an opportunity to take Jason out? Will he take it or save him? SPOILERS all along have said that Johnny and Jason make it out ok and that Johnny comes to Jason’s aid. I’m looking forward to this to a certain degree. While I’m not against the mob, I’d really love a break from the usual suspects being front and center (yesterday was a great day for that) but I have always said I thought Johnny and Jason would make a good team.

How do we like the medical mystery so far? I’m not hating it but I’m not in love with yet either. Typically, GH finds a way to involve the usual suspects in storylines that they really have no business being in and that irks me. I get Sam’s involvement as she was hired by the Mayor’s wife and she is Alexis’s daughter. Jason really doesn’t need to be a factor as he has his hands full babysitting Sonny’s kids and shouldn’t he nail Claudia once and for all? My biggest gripe with it though is that it seems to be pulling away from Matt Hunter. I like Jason Cook and ever since he joined GH I’ve been waiting for a good storyline for him. This was supposed to be that storyline. It SEEMS that Scrubs is going to get more action and that Alexis’s part of the story MAY overshadow Matt’s. I’m not against Alexis getting some much deserved screen time, I was just hoping for more Matt. By the way… loved his drunken mess the other day.

The Q’s… How much airtime will they get thanks to Michael? Will Tracy be involved or will she be too consumed with her missing husband? What about Michael moving in? It LOOKS like with Morgan being involved in the mob violence, Carly decides Casa Corinthos is not the place for Michael to live. If he can’t live with her and Jax either, are the Q’s Carly’s only option?

Fight Club… Are Elizabeth and Rebecca the prize fighters in a girl fight?

The Spencers… With Luke “missing” will the brothers team up? Will Lucky investigate his new sibling with the intention of getting him to leave Port Charles behind?

Nikolas and NotEmily… Will he ever learn the truth about Rebecca and her conning ways? Who will be there for him? Is Jason going to buy what Rebecca is selling? Will someone take issue with his easy acceptance of the conman’s story?

What’s going on with Ric? He’s leaving PC soon and up to no good. What exactly does he have cooking with Andrea Floyd? Are his plans on track?

Spixie… So much for Maxie’s two week vacay. RUMOR has it Spinelli once again puts a halt to their love affair.

Steve Burton isn’t the only one with a contract coming up…. Jason Thompson, Kimberly McCullough and Kelly Monaco also have some negotiations coming their way if they’re not already happening.

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    Thank You Regan
    I am all for Johnny and Jason to work together .. and It looks like they will when the Claudia stupid thing is not working.. BUT I kind of hoping that Jason will be more involved with the Q’s and Michael…. I would want to see him spending more time at the mansion ..
    what do you think when Michael does stay at the Q’s should Jason spent there more?????
    I say yessssssssssss
    About this murder I kind of liked yesterday when there wasn’t Jason I was like I shouldn’t watch it it will be boring BUT I have to admit that I was very in to the story .. from Scrubs being in the shower .. to the spixe scene that was cute and Mac being there helping them out to he Alexis /Diane scenes that was interesting because I was wondering like Diane why does Alexis is so involved with this case??
    So I have to say that it is sounds good
    And if it will bring more Alexis More Mac more Sam not with Jason More Spinelli Maxi Sounds so good…..

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    GH has become ATWT-California, at least where the Brianna storyline is concerned!
    There is still no one to root for on this show! And no one in sight either!

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    I have to admit that GH isn’t so bad these days…..yesterday’s episode had me laughing from beginning to end (and not in a bad way)….I loved the shower scene with Patrick and Robin, the argument between Max and Diane (trophy butt hehe), Spinelli and Maxie being all cute and even Tracy calling out Ethan and his other siblings reaction to Luke’s “disappearance”….
    Heavy Alexis story time also has me looking forward to what’s coming up as well….As long as they don’t put too much focus on that NotEmily craziness….I’ll be happy…

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    I loved yesterday! My Spixie were positively EEEE worthy and Scrubs was wonderful and I am in shock that I actually like three couples on this show (Spixie, Scrubs, and Jolivia). And it was wonderful seeing Mac!

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    Thanks Reagan! I really enjoyed yesterday’s episode too. I just loved the witty banter (esp. Max’s mac & cheese comment), and the playful fun scenes with Scrubs and the shower! Martha Byrne’s entrance with “Don’t you know who I am!” was classic, and the lack of the mob was fantastic!

    I’m still not liking the Rebecca/Ethan stuff, but it’s much easier with the hateful TG gone and with the awesomeness that is Tracy not buying ANY of there BULLPUCKEY!

    Sadly, I’m sure today’s episode will return to the standard “Crocodile Tears & Mob Violence”, but it was a nice, albeit brief, respite while it lasted.

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    Arielade, I loved yesterday’s eppy too! Loved seeing Max, Diane, Alexis, Mac, Scrubs w/Matt, Spixie, Tracy w/her hubby’s kids and I’m glad hubby is nowhere in sight.

    Loving Monica and Edward’s presence on the canvas, could be better, also Bobbie needs to be on more to help Michael adjust.

    About today’s episode, why the heck are all the teenagers at Jake’s? Is Kelly’s out of commission again? How about All Sonny’s Children hanging out with Grampa Mike at the diner little more? That would make more sense.

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    I just watched 4 days of GH and I am confused, if the Corinthos name gets him a drink, wouldnt the bartender know he is underage and just of a coma, and the actress playing Kristina is 16 but could easily be 12, even with a fake id she’d have a hard time getting a drink in a bar.  Since the bar scenes were interspersed with scenes of Jax and Carly in the tub, will Michael have more ammunition in his ridiculous anti Carly song? Actually, i wouldnt mind his hating Carly if he also hated Sonny.  Has anybody explained that Sonny was there and chose to save Kate.  If they are doing a Jason redux then wouldnt it have been better to flip the script and have Michael choose the Qs perhaps then Jason, Sonny, and Carly could finally admit that whatever AJs faults he did not deserve to have his son stolen from him or would that require Guza to admit to the character assasination perpetrated against poor AJ.I would think in a town the size of Port Charles most people would recognize the Mayor’s wife.

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    I guess I am the only one who is not liking GH these days. I can’t get into a s/l about the mayor when he has not been on my screen. On the positive side, I do think the writers have used more characters b/c of this s/l and that is nice, but why not make the primary focus be with a well-known character. The teens are just annoying!! I can say the actors are trying their best to act out these ridiculous s/l’s. I just want a s/l with depth–is that too much to ask for?

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    Okay, just saw on GHOFS that my JaSam dreams may be coming true!! Of course, we all know there is a JaSam reunion in the works, but the spoilers also say that there may be a paternity issue having to do with Elizabeth. Could it be that my prayers have been answered and Jake is really Lucky’s? The way I see it, there are only a couple of ways Sam and Jason can have a family together in the future. Of course, some miracle surgery will be done that will get Sam back in baby making form. Also, either Jason decides that he wants to be a real father to Jake, (cuz why would he be a father to Sam’s baby and not Lizard’s) or it will come to light that Jake isn’t really his son. A problem with the original paternity test, perhaps? Or will Liz be exposed as a liar who just wanted some sort of eternal bond with Jason? Who knows… Personally, I don’t care which way they go, but my greatest hope is that Jake will turn out to be Lucky’s! They are also saying that S.B. and K.M. are filming on a closed set. I CAN’T WAIT till the reunion s/l starts rolling!

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    A couple things!

    1. Funny how Liz and Lucky are “supposed” to be back together but they have not even touched. Being a hopeless Liason fan…maybe they are leaving the door open to have Jason and Liz reunite.

    2. Please don’t tell me TPTB are really thinking of doing a stupid Liz/Jason paternity story??? They just might ruin GH for me forever!!

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    JasonMorganIsAHottie – I wasn’t calling Liz a liar, as I am well aware that both she and Sam have done their share. All I’m saying is that if they are going to go with a paternity s/l regarding Jason and Jake, there are only 2 ways they could go. Either they can say that there was a mistake with the paternity test, or they can say that Liz lied in order to keep Jason in her life by any means necessary. I personally don’t have a preference for either one, but I would like for Lucky to be Jake’s father. Either that, or Jason should decide to finally be a father to Jake and then he can have kids with Sam and be a father to them too. I just don’t see Jason having kids with Sam, being there for them, and still keeping Jake out of his life.

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    SQUEE!!! I just checked out the other site…I really really hope that this isnt more fanbase teasing. Seriously I keep thinking the JaSam story is going to start in earnest and then we just get another heartfelt convo about Michael. I love those scenes – I like the friendship and the fact that he shares with her so easily – but I would like them to get to the part where they discuss their relationship…what happened then and what seems to be happening now.

    I love that we are going to be getting more Alexis/Sam…am wondering when ALexis slept with the Mayor. Was it later that night – after seeing ric and sam or before. Remember part of why Ric cheated was he walked in on Alexis and the Mayor in a hug and thought something was up. I guess he wasnt so wrong about that after all…obviously he was seeing some sort of chemistry.

    Jason may be moving into the Qs with Michael. I mentioned that as a “wouldnt that be cool” kind of thing and now it looks like that could happen. If he reunites with Sam, how I would love to see Sam, spin and Jason all moving in to the Mansion, and heck let Jason share custody with Lizard so that Jake can be there to! (hey if I am wishing then I am going to wish for all of them to be there LOL)

    Lizard and Rebecca in a brawl…lol finally someone that Lizard will fight with where she actually stands a chance of not getting a whoopin’! Carly and Sam have given her what for and I think so did Courtney at one point…

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