Is The End Near For Y&R’s Cane and Lily?

Cane (Daniel Goddard)  and Lily (Christel Khalil) are about to face their biggest obstacle yet— cancer on The Young and the Restless. Mrs. Ashby will battle ovarian cancer later this year, says the source, and it’s set to be a tear jerker for fans. With this latest development, look to see some familiar faces turns up in fair Genoa City to support Lily during her ordeal. Will she kick the bucket, or against all odds ala Phil Collins, overcome her toughest challenge yet? Stay tuned.

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    This really sucks as a viewer for many reasons…rumor is that Malcom is returning – but he couldn’t return when it was revealed (to Neil) that he was her father??? Dru’s funeral? Lily’s wedding? I wonder how they will explain that one.

    Also, based upon rumors that they will remove her uterus and fallopian tubes – why would they do this to the Winter’s family? They are removing the chance for there to be a future generation of Winter’s so they may as well write the whole family off. That’s what I feel they are doing.

    I know that people have children all of the time on soaps, uterus or not…and sure, Nate may come back with a kid…but it is sad that they choose to end the future of the only AA family on the show (based upon who is on the canvas right now).

    Futhermore, I will have to wait and see if CK can really play this. I don’t see her being able to pull it off.

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    Jillian Bowe

    thecourt, Shemar has said in an interview I think w/Nelson Branco that the great LML DENIED him the chance to make occasional appearances on the show when Shemar offered. Now that’s big of him considering most who transition from soaps to primetime turn their backs on their old roots.

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    Is the end near for Y&R’s Cane and Lily? One can only hope. Should it come like this? I don’t think so.

    Isn’t it a little much for Lily to have to face ovarian cancer after finding out her husband’s a complete fraud? I guess it happens (see: Elizabeth Edwards) but it seems like a lot to tackle at once.

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    Why are they giving such a MEATY storyline to such a lightweight “actress?” Khalil doesn’t deserve it, she won’t be able to convincingly pull it off, and I hope Lily DIES.

    Too bad they can’t give this SL to a Jess Walton, for instance, who would no doubt knock it out of the ballpark.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    This is not a good storyline. They are making sure that the Winter’s family cannot procreate. Essentially castrating that family from further expanding itself into the show. Now we only have hope that Little Nate won’t loose a nut….And then this is also just another social issue of the month club storyline. I’m tired of it. I want a black bitch and good storylines like Phyllis, Nick, Jack, Sharon, Victor and Ashley get. Why we got to get stuck with the Oprah After School specials all the time!

    Shit I’m calling it out. All the white characters have loads of children and but the black one’s can’t have but one. Karen (whose not black) was unable to produce a child for Neil. Now Lily will be unable to produce a child for Cane. Yet Jack, Victor, Nick, and everyone else in town will have the ability to produce 2o kids if they so be it.

    Maria Hell, Scott Slammer, and Hogan Heffer need their pink slips and pronto!

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    Sigh. Didn’t they already do this with Olivia? She was pregnant with Nate, and then discovered she had (uterine?) cancer. She decided not to seek treatment, choosing to have her baby first. Then, after Nate was born, the cancer was miraculously healed.

    Repeating the same story within the same family?? I realize Lily may not be pregnant, but still….

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    MAB is not working for me. I say bring back Ed Scott or SSM to head write the show because they know Bill Bell vision of Y&R and sorry but MAB, Rauch and Hogan isn’t cutting it anymore. It is showing on our screens now.

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    Come on guys. A few months ago we were singing MAB’s praises and now we are calling her everything but a child of God. I don’t know. I think she has done some good things and bad things. We will never be totally happy with the show. I guess we should enjoy some of the story lines that are well written. The others, we can hope that they end soon!

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    I don’t know what ya’ll are talking about. MAB, Rauch, and Hogan may not be Bill Bell, but they are writing some damn good soap. I’m loving Y&R right now! The storylines are a little more out there than what fans are use to, however, it’s a sign of the times. People want entertainment and that’s what we get when we sit down to watch Y&R now. Remember how horrible this soap was when LML was driving it into the ground? Yeah, I wish Drucilla (my favorite soap character) was back, but beggers cannot be choosers. Y&R is on fiya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like it or lump it.

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    Regyreg, do you recall back in the day when Y&R draggwed on and on? Scenes took place at either Newman and Jabot and most of us were bored to tears. NOw this soap moved and I’m loving it.

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    BWAHHHH!!! LOL! Still picking myself off the floor from the over-the-top comments from the hysterical LAME fan: “And pray tell me how does LANE, despite their HUGE FanBase which represents the Nation like no other…….”

    Good Grief.

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    Y&R is still good. Stop hatin’, David, and enjoy the show while it’s still on the air. And the comparasions to Passions make no sense whatsoever. Y&R is full-service Marriott while Passions was the Motel 6 of daytime TV. Yes, I love old school Y&R, but I’m simply making a point that the show has evolved. I miss the old background music, Katherine’s sitting down in the opening credits while Rex put on her necklace, and Jill strutting her stuff down the Abbott staircase, but this is 2009, my brotha. Grandma’s watching “Judge Mathis” and “Divorce Court” instead of tuning into her “stories” and it’s sad. That’s why MAB is pushing the envelope. You can’t blame her for doing what she has to in order to keep Y&R on the air.

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    I know for a fact some boy is going to appear in Genoe City proclaiming to be Neil’s son from an affair he had in college.

    My poor Grandma. She loves Lane and I mean LOVE them. She was pissed the other day when Nikki/Chloe/Phyllis made them do that photo shoot where they fell on the dog’s poo. Between this and Adam cheating on Heather, I don’t know what my poor Gammy is going to do.

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    BigDede, your poor Grandma. What does she in Vail Bloom? Heather is a terrible prosecutor. She prosecutes vindictively and then is willing to use her power as a DA to help Adam, her criminal boyfriend. How many prosecutors are allowed to keep their jobs while sleeping with a convict?

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    Lily has cancer. Why not? This puts Lily on the front burner. Let’s see where this story goes. I can’t see Lily dying. Why would Y&R ax one of its most popular characters? Do we know if the actress, Khalil, wants to leave?

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    Hey, David, you are on point about the crazy hijinks that many fans are kind of not liking on Y&R. This is the most realistic soap on air, even though it is a fictional soap with characters though they go to out there sometimes, but I hope that it isn’t plot to move the s/l along because it is the most character driven soap on air and I hope the staff doesn’t lose sight of that.

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    I’m loving most of the storylines on GL (minus the craptacular screw over of the Winters). I disagree with you about Y&R not having a history of being over the top. This show has always been big, bold, and brassy.

    I like Y&R so much more than last year’s saga of Victor being put on trial and the rest of that crap. This year sings!

    The show needs to hire Lawrence Saint-Victor as Nate. Then sic him on Amber or Victoria. Followed up by the return of Victoria Rowell.

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    My grandma gets on me when i say this so i know others will as well but i fast foward threw all of cane and lilys scenes eveytime cos i dont feel what eveyone else is feeling dont know why but i dont…but sometimes i regret it cos cane is wraped up in this not the real phillip story so i have to back track…lol…so all i can say about this one is bring back good ole SM and i keep praying and praying that maybe this will be a reason to have my Dru return from the riverside hotel shes been at….

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    I find myself agreeing with David once again.

    First off, I think the storyline is a good idea because it will add another layer to Lily. It will give her a meaty storyline and change to deliver a powerhouse performance that will show how underrated CK has been. This will give the show a chance to have Lily deal with the loss of her last pregnancy, her feelings about seeing Chloe’s belly grow big with what she thought was Cane’s baby and how she’s trying to recreate her pre-Chloe life.

    But why in the hell would these writers go with the Final Solution of removing Lily’s uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes to render it impossible for her to bear a child for any of these white men that she marries??? This has happened to no other family or character (except for black Aunt Olivia).

    In true Reich…er… I mean Rauch form, I see the Winters disappearing. Neil is already at Chancellor (which nobody has even seen since the ’70s). Devon is back to be a pervert by having wet dreams about his not-Aunt. (Does somebody on writing team need counseling or what??) I think the goal is to make Pervon so disgusting, that the viewers will be happy to see him go. Then, they can trot their token Neil out every couple of months to keep all the black people happy. They will make Lily infertile in a way that very much similar to the U.S. Eugenics program (that, all the way up through the mid-’70s, had black women going into the hospital for one thing (like the birth of a child) only to wake up with an unplanned hysterectomy after the fact – without their knowledge or consent. Some of these women didn’t find out they had no uterus until years later). But we’re supposed to be OK with it because Lily finds out when she wakes up, right?

    Y&R finally took the step of allowing an interracial marriage only to pull the rug out and made damn SURE that Lily, a private-school-educated, rich socialite was too black and too dirty to be married to a core-family like the Chancellors. So what did they do? They made Cane and Phillip 3 into frauds rather than have Lily be Mrs. Winters-Ashby-Chancellor, heiress and mother to a new generation of little caramel Chancellors. Lily IS the future of the winters – she and Neil and the only blood relatives left on the show and they’re making damn sure that they’re the last generation.

    Perhaps while white-washing the show, we should white-wash all the black people from their ratings too. After all, they don’t give a shit about us anyway.

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    Brittany, honey, you need to go back on the MEDS. ‘Cause you are one crazy bitch if you think anyone has a “racist agenda.”

    It’s REALLY offensive that you would compare someone to a KKK member simply because they aren’t writing for your couple.

    That’s the reason MAB is great for the show, because she’s writing for the WHOLE show and ALL the characters, and not just to prop certain couples, especially Cane and Lily, who are about as exciting to watch as two flies fucking.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model


    We are not watching the same show. All the black characters are touted out for hallmark moments in the Winter’s home.

    Olivia has been reduced to Ashley’s talk to.

    Devon is in the same age group as Kevin, Daniel, Jana, JT, and Colleen. And he and he is offscreen lover don’t even interact with them.

    Lily hasn’t even talked to any much but Cane since they been married. She has been cooped up in that bar.

    I just proved why 90% of Y&R is bad.

    We do not need Phillip back. Y&R has too many cast members it doesn’t use already.

    Colleen, JT, Victoria, Noah, Eden, Devon Roxanne, Neil, even old non-acting, Heather and Tyra… They trotted out twice a month for a here and there scene. So there was no need to bring back Philip. We didn’t need Raul or Mac either.

    Soaps are in a budget crunch and Y&R can is fill it coffers with more new actors all white by the way while the actors its got are thrown to the waste side.

    Anyway check out why 90% of this show is bad and why Hell, Heffer, and Slammer need to be fired.

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    I love Amelia Marshell, but the getting at Eve bit was so overdone that I think the Liz should of gotten over it, LOL. But she should come on Y&R as a exec wanting to be president of Jabot or Newman and do whatever it takes to get the job. David, you are right, even though James does right the same thing over and over again, he let the black actors be characters instead of social issues of the month.

    Y&R has so problems and letting Hogan Scheffer and bringing who David said would get the show back to character driven s/ls that Bill Bell always wanted.

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    All I can say is Wow to your post Pure Diva. Everything seems to be a conspiracy theory for you. You say, “The reason Lily’s hysterectomy signals the end of the Winters family is because she is the only Winters daughter. This family has been part of GC for almost 20 years, yet it is the only core family whose daughter will be unable to reproduce on her own.” Then you go on to say it would be okay if there was more then one daughter. First of all this is a soap, so who is to say that Malcolm or Neil don’t have another child out there that they don’t know about? Like the previous poster posted how do we know that all of Lily’s equipment is going to be taken out? Secondly you make it sound like if a women doesn’t give birth to the child the child won’t be part of the “Winters”. I take a lot of offense to that. Some of my closest friends are adopted….many don’t know who their biological parents are but guess what today being Fathers day they are celebrating with the man that raised them because to them it is the only father they have ever known. Their adoptive parents love them as much as they do their biological children. Do you think Brad and Angelina love their daughter and twins more then the other children they have adopted? Are the adopted kids any less because they didn’t come from Angelina or Brads DNA? GMAB…I take great offense to that. This sounds like a very powerful s/l, one that many women can relate to. My sister and her husband have been trying for a baby for over 2 years now. Spent tens of thousands of dollars on medical treatments. I look at my sister in awe about how strong she is to go through everything month after month. Getting her hopes up only to find out she is not pregnant time and time again. It is a very hard emotional roller coaster and millions of women go through this. Adoption is the next step for them and I can tell you that child will be loved as if it were their own. I could care less that my niece/nephew will not be blood related to me. They would be part of my family regardless and I can only hope that the child will feel as blessed as we do having them in our family. This is a very powerful s/l that many people will be able to relate to. Surrogates, adoptions, in vitro, etc. are all options many women and families have to consider. I only wish some of my favorite actresses would have the opportunity to do a very deep emotional s/l like this. I definitely see an emmy nomination for this s/l. It is a powerful story to be told and it will be one that I certainly can relate to.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Joshtheguy, I hope you saw my 2 part video as to why 90% is bad and it is not just about wanting to see black couples together. It’s about the whole direction of this show. Let me tell you something when Bill Bell messed up he corrected it in 6 weeks or less. A bad actor or actress would be gone! A bad storyline’s direction would be changed immediately. No chipmunks–no Scooby Doo and friends storylines– No you is the mother and now you ain’t the mother–No bringing back the dead that people didn’t ask for.

    Fans wanted only 2 people back 3 if you count Malcolm. Nina and Dru. That is what the overwhelming fan base has been asking for. You are in the minority on fans just waiting for Philip to be alive.

    Hell, Heffer, and Slammer do not have the talent nor the skills in writing or understanding of this Genre the way Douglas Marland, Irma Philips, Agnes Nixon, or Bill Bell did. They don’t even come close.

    Ellen Holly in her autobiography One Life gives the skinny on Paul Rauch and how when he came to OLTL as EP the blacks were regulated to the background and even Famed Lillian Hayman was fired while walking to her car after a day of taping.

    Let’s look at this 25% of Y&R’s problem is diversity the rest is every damn thing else. Let’s review some of the issues:

    *Devon and JT are segregated from hanging with people in their age group and in the old days they use to be in the set with the young crowd.
    *JT and Victoria have become glorified day players.
    *Devon is a glorified day player.
    *Bryton couldn’t even get a straight answer from Y&R on his status on the show.
    *Eva Marcille and Vail Bloom are trotted out 2 times a month for 3 minutes that’s it.
    *Neither Eva nor Vail can act and their on contract.
    *Ashley is walking around with a dead baby in her body. You think that is what women want to see? Hell no the women in my family are totally disgusted. This ain’t Passions it’s Y&R. Think of the female viewers as they are the majority here.
    *Jeffery and Gloria are now trotted out 2 times a month in a plot that seems like a bad episode of the golden girls.
    *Jill owns 20% in Jabot stock. She would not be running around acting poor! She still gets her dividends and would not need to go work at nail salon. That is not character driven that is plot driven.
    *Bad Mac recast and the rushed a reunion between her and Billy. No Chemistry. From the great Douglas Marland’s school of soap writing you must weave a recast in slowly over a period of 4 to 6 months. They are not to be involved in a frontburner storyline and should be supporting at best to give the audience a chance to warm up to them. Y&R put her out there front and center like AMC did to Lunar as Liza. Big bad move.
    *What happened to Colleen and her plot against victor? They just threw that to the waste side. It looked appealing and reeled fans into the recast and then boom, nothing!
    *The quad is on its last leg. It’s been 9 months of this. Now it should be done. But nooo they want to push alllllll the way to November. They have played all the twist and turns they could have in it. And since they won’t be having anyone mess with paternity test then there is nothing more to see.
    *Neil is head of the billion dollar company with no office. They should be focusing on him and creating an ever growing rift between Jack/Victor/Billy/Neil in the business world. See link here for my storyline proposal:
    *Every other storyline has been rushed and the only one that has played out all the beats was the quad storyline and the slow pacing of Mary Jane is about it.
    *If they are determine to keep Tyra then recast her. Get Naperia Danielle (ex-Bonnie ATWT).
    *Lamman Rucker (ex-Marhsall ATWT) would make a great addition to Y&R as a love interest for Olivia.
    *Bring back little Nate. If there is any child people want to see then it is him. Tobias Truvillion (ex-Vincent, OLTL) would be a great choice.
    *Amelia Marhsall would be ab excellent Addition to Y&R as a Savvy business women working along side Neil and becoming a powerhouse “take no prisoners” female executive.
    *There was a time when even the day players on Y&R were good enough to become contract players. Doesn’t exist anymore.
    *And for the life of me GET Victoria Rowell BACK ASAP!

    And that is only the beginning of the problems….
    *Fire Hell, Slammer, and Heffer.
    *Bring on Sally Sussman Morina and Ed Scott.
    *For that fact hire me. I know this show’s history well and love to write.

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    You said, “Devon is not a Winters. They still call him Devon HAMILTON”. Devon was adopted by Neil and Dru, no? If he were to have children it would be part of the Winters family, no? Just like Cane went by the name Cane Ashby…even though Jill asked him to take the name Chancellor. So say Delia was his…the babies name would be Ashby even though he would be considered to be part of the Chancellor family by everyone. Let me ask you this…say Lily could get pregnant and had a baby with Cane (and say Cane isn’t a Chancellor but Jill still wants him in her family) are we supposed to not think of the baby as a Chancellor because it has the name Ashby and not Chancellor? A persons last name or DNA doesn’t matter…it’s about a family unit in whatever shape or size it comes in. To make it sound like Lily will never have a child is absurd. She might not be able to carry a child herself but if the scene you said you read is accurate she would still have other options to her to have a child. Doesn’t mean she can’t have her eggs frozen and a surrogate used, or adopt. Not every soap person has children. Look at Christine Blair, she doesn’t have any kids. Gina and Danny Romalotti don’t have any biological children. To me Daniels father is Danny, that is who raised him growing up and I’m glad they have been able to work on their relationship over these past few years. As horrible as it will be for Lily, especially at a young age I think it is a very powerful story that may help some of the viewers who have experienced or will experience the same issues. I have no doubt Lily will think of whatever baby she has down the road as her child in whatever way it will be conceived. As for me I will think of that child as part of the Winters family. I only hope Dru can find her way back to meet her grandchild.

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    Yeah, I think that Thom Bierdz should of been a twin of P3 and Katherine could of took one baby to Violet and didn’t tell Jill until 30 years ago. That is plausible and the viewers get to see TB again and explain the Cane/Langley s/l and they didn’t have to mess with the Phillip tragic death s/l and have TB back on the show.

    Jossguy, soaps is always going to hired Caucasians so the are not the problem, the problem is when AA is the predominate audience viewers and we are not being represented on the show that we made number one for over 20 something years, I and many fans is still going to speak out about the lack of diversity until something is done. So I speaking out until MAB, P Rauch and Hogan gets its act together.

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    Nice to see Deacon on the show. Pairing him up with Phyllis would be great. Nick’s a wuss; she’s better off without him. Maybe Deacon can become my favorite character by killing Amber, Sharon and Chloe, and the Y&R will be fun to watch again.
    I hope they keep Cane on the show in some way. He’s way more interesting than most of the other guys, most of whom are really bad actors.
    Please, please, please end the Adam/Ashley storyline.
    Note to Heather: Real women lawyers are smart, AND they don’t dress like sluts. Nor do they have sleep with criminals like Adam.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Regyreg, do you recall back in the day when Y&R draggwed on and on? Scenes took place at either Newman and Jabot and most of us were bored to tears. NOw this soap moved and I’m loving it.

    Y&R via my momma and sisters and my daddy was always a “grown folk soap.”

    They got it and the ratings reflected that. My grandma use to say, “I don’t know about all that crazy mess over there on them other soaps…Young and Restless is where it at baby…”

    True to because it is the one soap that use to make you think. The intelligent show.

    We cut Maria some slack. Now it is time for an intervention. You know lol….

    “Maria we want to talk to you about something…We all came here because we care about this show…”

    And then she can say “come on in the drinks is on me!”

    By the way this was some good Y&R here back in the day…

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Y&R is still good. Stop hatin’, David, and enjoy the show while it’s still on the air. And the comparasions to Passions make no sense whatsoever. Y&R is full-service Marriott while Passions was the Motel 6 of daytime TV. Yes, I love old school Y&R, but I’m simply making a point that the show has evolved. I miss the old background music, Katherine’s sitting down in the opening credits while Rex put on her necklace, and Jill strutting her stuff down the Abbott staircase, but this is 2009, my brotha. Grandma’s watching “Judge Mathis” and “Divorce Court” instead of tuning into her “stories” and it’s sad. That’s why MAB is pushing the envelope. You can’t blame her for doing what she has to in order to keep Y&R on the air.


    In the black department Passions surpasses Y&R 100 times over. They were allowed to be characters. Eve was front and center for most of it run and beats all black actresses in the amount of episodes featured. Tracey Ross who played Eve averaged about 210 Episodes a year for most of the Run Ameila Marshall Liz was a bitch and villain. Whitney and Chad were the only teen black couple on soaps in forever. NBC had entire promo’s centered around Tracey Ross’s Eve. And for a few years Eve was the Central character on Passions.
    For months Tracey Ross Eve was voted as the favorite character in Soap Opera Digest weekly poll and Eve and Julian were the favorite couple. They gave the juicy storylines to blacks as well as whites and were not regulated to social issues only.

    As for ratings if she wants to increase the ratings pushing the envelope is not what needs to be done.

    Bring back Victoria Rowell and see what that does for the ratings. Focus on character driven storylines. Bring back little Nate all grown up. Get rid of Tyra and bring Renee Jones from Days over to Y&R with James Reynolds where they could flourish. Cause Days ain’t doing much with the Carvers and both soaps are with Sony. So it shouldn’t be a problem.

    These Passionsqeue storylines are why the ratings are dropping now. I know it. I could write this show better Hell, Slammer, and Heffer. Like someone else said Ed Scott needs to return, as does Sally Sussman Morina, and Kay Alden. They wrote Y&R the best post Bell.

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    josstheguy, I have no idea but my grandma loves that character of Heather. I watch the show with her and if I make a comment about Heather that is bad, she will snap on me. She loves that Heather is tough and doesn’t let people (mostly Victor) bully her. She also loves that she does her job no matter what. That’s my grandma. But at least she hates this new Mac. I just can’t wait until she sees that scene where Adam kisses/has sex with Rafe. LOL her head will blow up.

  31. Profile photo of josser


    I don’t think poor Rene Jones couldn’t take having to pack up her Days dressing room in boxes another time! That poor woman has seen the revolving door too many times to count.

    Given that Y&R is built around families, I’m not sure where Reynolds and Jones would fit. I’d like to see Reynolds as a competitor to Victor. Realistically, I don’t expect Reynolds to leave Days. I think you should read James Reynolds interview by Nelson Branco at It’s revealing.

    If you think Y&R does a bad job with blacks, take a look at Days and GH. GH, in particular, does a piss poor job of using actors of color. Who’s on the canvas today? Epiphany and Dr. Lee. Both are given little to do except toss a few one liners.

  32. Profile photo of josser


    Your comments on Lily’s fertility and being married to a fake Chanellor seem misguided.

    Y&R did not unmake Cane a Chancellor. This was part of Cane’s story from the start. Shortly after Cane was accepted as a Chancellor, he was shown talking on the phone explaining that he was “in.” At this time, Cane was paired with Amber. The show dropped this plot point as the character became more popular. Now it’s being fixed along with a lot of other plot points from the ex-head writer’s work:

    1) Jill is no longer Katherine’s Daughter

    2) Can being unmasked as a fraud

    3) Abbotts returning to control Jabot

    Bring back Phillip III also allows the show to mine its deep history of a character who was killed off to the dismay of many fans. From what’s been written, the character may also come back and reveal that he’s gay, which would might explain his alcoholism and faking of his death at age 18/19.

    I’m disappointed with the lack of storyline and use of African-American and other people of color on Y&R. However, I don’t feel that Lily having ovarian cancer is an attempt to prevent any black births on the show.

    As for Lily’s pairings with white men. That’s a double edged sword. Because Christel Khalil’s character has been allowed to have relationships with white men, she had not been segregated into the Winters’ bubble. Instead, Khalil interracts with many other actors.

    I’d like to see a stable loving relationship of black characters on Y&R. However, from what we know of Y&R and soaps. Stable relationships don’t last for long. The biggest love stories on soaps involve couples uniting, dissolving, and joining again. Victor and Nikki, Victor and Ashley, and Sharon and Nick are all examples of this.

    In real life, Christel Khalil is only 22 years old. But look at her on this show. She’s had 3 high profile stories over the years and is now involved in her first supercouple relationship.

    As for Devon, I’m not a fan of his burgeoning feelings for Tyra. It doesn’t make sense and seems ill-conceived.

    What is disturbing about Y&R is that there are only 2 actors of color on contract. All of the other actors are recurring: Bryton McClure, Eva Marcelle, and Yani Gellman. That does not bode well for the Winters family. So, I do take to heart your thoughts on Neil being the last man standing by himself.

  33. Profile photo of josser


    I think Brittany’s comments were excessive but partially accurate. Y&R does have a problem in how it uses/doesn’t use its actors of color. This is a feeling that is widely held by many users of this site. There are only two actors of color signed as contract players on Y&R (Christel Kahlil and Kristof St. John). In general, Neil, Devon, Tyra, and Ana may only appear 2 days a month. That’s distressing and disappointing.

    Many gay people want to see themselves on soaps. It’s the for non-whites. The two Latino characters are non-contract players that only appear a couple of times of month. There are no Asians on the show. No Native Americans.

    Given that data show that one of the most loyal and largest viewing blocks is made of black woman, they have a right to ask why aren’t there stories being told that feature people like them.

    Victoria Rowell, who played Druscilla Winters, has spoken extensively about racial issues in daytime and the lack of willingness to hire actors, writers, and crew members of color.

    Discrimination occurs on many levels. Sometimes its direct and vicious other times its subtle, done with a smile but its just as destructive.

    There’s a very real perception that Y&R doesn’t care about its audience members of color because they don’t fit into advertisers’ desired demographic. This is similar to how other soaps have fired older actors to bring in younger actors in hopes of reaching younger viewers. (Thankfully, Y&R doesn’t seem to follow in ageist behavior. I love Katherine and Jill.)

  34. Profile photo of josser


    You didn’t prove why 90% of Y&R is bad. All you showed was that the black cast members are under utilized. Did you bother to look at the comment right before yours appeared? I agreed with you about the poor use of actors of color! :-(

    But the lack of actors of color doesn’t mean the show is 90% bad. I’m looking forward to watching Phillip return! I think it could be a cool story.

    Again, if you read what I wrote, you would know that I am displeased with the lack of actors of color, black, Latino, Asian, and Native American. But, I don’t think the show is as bad as you.

    That’s your opinion. You’re entitled to it. I disagree. Y&R is the best soap on daytime at the moment. I wish Victoria Rowell would return (but not as hammy as she was when she was going psycho over Neil and Carmen Mesta!).

    BTW, Lily and Cane have only been married a few weeks. Cane has only appeared in the bar and the Chancellor mansion. I’m not that concerned about Lily. She’s the most popular African-American character on Y&R. I imagine that she’s Christel Khalil is also making the most money now since she appears more often that Kristof St. John.

    Again, read my comment to Matt Weiss. It’s right above yours to me.

  35. Profile photo of Pure_Diva

    I will respectfully agree to disagree with your points. I realize that we have two different perspectives and will not see this situation in the same way.

    The reason Lily’s hysterectomy signals the end of the Winters family is because she is the only Winters daughter. This family has been part of GC for almost 20 years, yet it is the only core family whose daughter will be unable to reproduce on her own. The Newmans have one daughter in Victoria. She had her own infertility storylines, but they made sure that she had the ability to produce a Newman heir when it was time to start planning the next generation of Newman WhinyBrats. The Abbotts started off with two daughters, one of whom had cancer herself. But when they failed to write a successful relationship with Ashley, they allowed her to steal Newman sperm (for a turkey-baster conception) to insure the next generation of Abbotts/Newmans had enough daughters to repopulate the family for the next generation.

    This hysterectomy would not be an issue with me if there were two Winters daughters. But there are not. And when that one daughter loses her reproductive organs, what does that say about the future of the family? Are we supposed to care about a character coming back on to have a baby who we don’t know and who we are not invested in? Devon is not a Winters. They still call him Devon HAMILTON. Nate Hastings Jr. hasn’t been onscreen in 20 years. If he walked back on set tomorrow, many viewers would not know who he is (or care) unless they’re over 30. Who would he marry? Another newly created character? Nate is not even a Winters. He is a Barber.

    Phillip 3 should have RIP. IMO, MAB was willing to make him into an absentee, deadbeat Dad in order to make sure that Lily wasn’t married to ol’ man Chancellor’s son. So naturally, I have to ask why that is? So what if Bill Bell regretted killing him off? Many mistakes have been made along the way during the course of this show. Does that mean we go bring back all of the dead characters?

    If that’s the case, then why not have P3 living in Australia with ol’ man Chancellor? Why not have Ol’ Man Chancellor be the mysterious Uncle Langley and have Cane be his son after all? Why not bring back Cassie? Maybe she’s been living at boarding school after faking her death and dying with her family around her too. What about John Abbott? I’m sure most viewers would agree that killing John (instead of windbag Gloria) was a mistake by LML. But after all of these long-winded visits from GhostDad, will we find out that he faked his death in that hospital with his family around him too?

    And, Josstheguy, don’t you think it’s odd that Devon’s first fantasy involved a woman he believed was his maternal Aunt up until yesterday? Chloe kissed him last year while living at the campus house. They actually had a LOT of chemistry between all of that bickering, so why didn’t the show explore the possibilities between Devon and Chloe? Colleen is Lily’s BFF and is always in her orbit. So why didn’t the show explore some fantasies between Devon and Colleen. Don’t many guys have crushes on their sisters’ friends? Why is it that ONLY two woman that Devon has had romantic interest in (besides Roxie) are his sister (Lily) and his aunt (Tyra)? Doesn’t that strike you as odd? Because it smells fishy to me.

    Why is that Victor Newman can leave Chancellor Industries, start Newman Enterprises and turn it into the biggest conglomerate in town, yet Neil has to begging Massas all over town for a job? He’s been running NE for years – yet we were told that the stockholders were nervous because a Newman wasn’t in the CEO chair? What stockholders would seriously be more comfortable with Nick Newman over Ivy-League-educated Neil Winters who had maturity, consistency and a proven track record of business successes? The person who was Victor’s right-hand man for much longer and much more consistently that Victor, Nick or Adam? Flaky Nick and Victoria didn’t even graduate college and neither one of them have been consistently employed at Newman. That smells fishy to me too.

  36. Profile photo of josser


    Damn! That’s quite a conspiracy! Look, go back and look it up online. Years ago, when Cane first came to town and he was with Amber, he made a phone call to his uncle explaining that he was “in” after he had been accepted by Jill and Katherine. The show expanded on this on Lily and Kane’s wedding episode.

    The fact that they’re bringing P3 back is unconnected with Lily. The P3 story is legendary. Bringing him back is incredible. I’m not happy to hear that he’s going to be deadbeat who dumped his wife and child because he couldn’t hack it.

    Speculation is that P3 will explain that he is gay and couldn’t handle the pressure of it all. Kind of pathetic. The actor who plays P3, Thom Bierdz, is an openly gay man. He’s famous now for his art and for having survived the brutal murder of his mother by his schizophrenic brother. Bring back Bierdz after 23 years gains Y&R lots of press amongst gay viewers.

    As for Phillips’ father, Phillip Jr, he wasn’t an old man when he left the show in 73. He was only in his late 30s.

    I’m hoping that Cane turns out to be Phillip Jr’s son. We don’t know anything about Cane’s real background. That’s part of the mystery. Who is Cane Ashby?

    Back to Lily, where did you read that Lily is going to have a hysterectomy? She’s supposed to have ovarian cancer. An ovary is not a uterus. We don’t know if one or both of her ovaries are cancerous. We don’t know if she will be left infertile. She might die. (Do we know if the actress who’s portraying her might want to quit?)

    As for Devon having feeling for Lily, that was natural and not perverted. They weren’t raised together. He as a foster kid who had a crush on his foster sister. He’s over it.

    Now Devon’s crush on Tyra is unrealistic and is probably born out of a desire to follow in the path of Jack Abbott cheating with his step mom Jill. This would allow for the show to have a romantic triangle amongst 3 black players. There are a large number of black women who want to see a black male/black female pairing. They may also not like the idea of a black man dating a white woman–thus no hook up with Chloe.

    (Seriously, who buys Tyra dumping a grown-up, wealthy executive, hot man like Neil for his college-aged son? Nope! Not going to happen. Neil’s a catch-and-a-half. He’s smart, kind, proven father material, and wealthy.)

    Frankly, I’d like to see Neil turn out to be Victor’s son and take over Newman from Victor’s kids; or have Neil have a torrid affair with Victoria. That would be great.

    As for Cassie faking her death, that doesn’t make any sense.

    I’m not going to defend the mistreatment of Neil Winters and his misguided loyalty to Newman. Why would I? Nelson Branco in his column wrote about Neil’s unending loyalty to Newman. Neil’s quitting Newman is his chance to get out from under the Newman mess.

    Neil didn’t beg for a job from Katherine. The only one begging for a job was Jill, who groveled to Victor for a job. Oh, Billy also begged for a job from Victor, too.

    Finally, I understand your frustration with the lack of storyline. I think there is a real problem here. I don’t think the writers have a clue. They are ignorant and somewhat bigoted. However, I don’t think are malicious enough to create a grand plan to deny Lily a place at the Chancellor table.

    Realistically, the actress who portrays Lily is only 22 years old. She’s been on the show off and on over the last 6 years. It’s doubtful that she will want to continue her career exclusively hitched to Y&R. Victoria Rowell came and went from Y&R a couple of times and she was much older.

  37. Profile photo of Pure_Diva

    Who said anything negative about adoption? I never said brought it into the conversation. On a personal note, I didn’t even find out that my oldest sister wasn’t my biological sister until I was grown. So, you can climb down off of that big old soapbox. I would so prefer NOT to talk about that trainwreck Anjelina. This is about Y&R.

    As for how I know they take away all of her plumbing: I read the scene on another soap spoiler site where Lily gets the news.

    Also, why have a triangle between 3 black family members? Devon was never written as a man-whore like Jack. Nor was he written like a sociopath like Adam. The Devon we’ve seen was just morally outraged last week over Neil sleeping with Tyra before the ink was dry on his divorce papers. So having him focused in on his Aunt is not true-to-character to the reformed Devon that we’ve seen over the past few years. That’s like Nick fantasizing about Ashley.

    Josstheguy: I dont want Cassie, Ol’ Man Chancellor or John Abbott to be alive. Reading that suggestion sounded ridiculous, right? That’s because it is ridiculous and I used them (all 3 of whom died onscreen) to illustrate a point.

    BTW, thanks for the debating this with me, Josstheguy. I appreciate being able to exchange opposing ideas with you without being insulted just because I have a different point of view.

  38. Profile photo of josser


    I went to your site and reviewed your vlogs. I left comments there.

    I’m actually tired about hearing about Bill Bell and company. They weren’t perfect. Paul Rauch sounds like a douche bag for his treatment of Holly and Roger Zaslow (a great actor who developed ALS and was fired by Rauch, resulting in a nice lawsuit!).

    Some of your points are valid, but others aren’t. I also agree with your assessment of the piss poor way the show uses people of color (broken record).

    I don’t believe you’re right about the majority of peope not wanting to see Phillip return. He hasn’t come back to the show. Frankly, I didn’t want Langley to be P3 since it meant that Phillip would be a coward who dumped his family. I am interested in seeing how Jill will react. That poor woman will be devastated.

    And Cane, he’s going to lose his relationship with Katherine and Jill. He really loves them.

    Finally, does anyone even know if Rowell wants to return, especially if she would have to receive significantly less money that her last run? Does she need the money?

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