Y&R Shocker: Adam Sleeps With Rafe!

It looks like Adam’s (Chris Engen until June 24; Michael Muhney as of June 25) goose is about to be cooked on The Young and the Restless. Next week Rafe (Yani Gellman) plans to search Adam’s room to find out proof the Newman menace is framing his aunt Estella. By now you’d have to have been living under a rock not to know Adam will kiss Rafe to try to throw him off the scent, but sources are indicating there’s more than a buss in store for this twosome— much more! The kiss will reportedly lead to Adam  embarking on a scandalous affair with Rafe in order to keep the young attorney from spilling his secrets, all the while continuing to bed Heather (Vail Bloom)! Talk about blind man’s bluff! Keep checking back with Daytime Confidential as this liquid hot story progresses!

Additional reporting by Jillian Bowe

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    OMG…Hell freaking yes. I’m so excited, can’t calm down. I think pulling a Jamey when he learned about CC returning to DAYS. LOL

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    Ugh…in theory this is all kinds of soapy goodness. But I just hate that it comes at the expense of the character of Adam. I just hate that he has turned into a completely diabolical looney tunes. I just ffwd through every scene now that I know the trajectory of the story. I was so hoping Adam would become an intelligent, corporate menace to Victor after the terrible way Victor treated him. That is how Adam was introduced–as manipulative but SMART, not psycho crazy. Now Adam is just turning out to be everything and worse than holier-than-thou Victor accused him of being. Ick.

    And btw–before anybody misinterprets, I have no problem with a gay storyline. If Adam were being written smartly and not has a psycho, I would be fine with he and Rafe getting it on. But as its written, it just makes no sense. He’s gone completely nuts and its not clear why. They just did a 100% reversal on his character.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Jesus take the wheel. Where to begin, Chad and Whitney, epic love? Help me HOLY GHOST if those two are being mentioned as "epic loves" in daytime. The only epic love Passions fostered was Tabitha and Timmy. As for the comparision of Adam’s story to Chad’s, it’s like comparing Hitchcock to the Wayans’ Brothers. Y&R is telling a dark, psychological story of a man so depraived and so desperate not to get caught, he will do what is against his very nature, he, as a straight man, will sleep with a gay man. I doubt we will see any hermaphrodite serial killing or people sewing penises on backwards on Y&R! The stuffed cat and the Chipmunk are a bit out there, but we haven’t entered Harmony quite yet! LOL

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    Not really shocking. While this makes sense with Adam on the defensive about the gaslighting, overall I am still not impressed with the writing of this story.

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    I want to get behind this, but it is just one big idiot plot. I don’t enjoy storylines that depend upon smart people acting like morons. The idiot plot is something PASSIONS was great at except in their case the characters weren’t smart to begin with.

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    Chad and Whitney weren’t an epic love story. They were doomed from the start when the hint of incest was brought in.

    Vincent was the best thing that ever happened to Chad–at least he became interesting!

    And Theresa and Ethan’s love was the most epic love story on Passions.

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    Does anyone still think that Adam will be on the canvas a few months from now? They are going strictly for the shock factor now. This is no gay love story , just a psycho stopping at nothing to get his way . I know that just about all soap characters can be redeemed but this soap has already used the ever popular brain tumour excuse. Killing an innocent baby ( a sibling no less ! ) is hard to come back from.

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    Hot! Rafe/NuAdam/Heather! Loves it!! Very much! I’d be impressed if Heather walked in on Rafe and Adam goin’ at it…and joined in! Now that’d be must-see TV!

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    David46208, why the negative attitude? Y&R is kicking every other soap’s ass right now. I know we had our debate, but you have to admit MAB is doing a way better job than Guza, Pratt,or Higley. I don’t understand why everyone wants to criticize the best soap on the air. Yeah, the stories for the Winters is lacking, but I imagine it’s hard to write for AA characters on a daytime drama. We don’t do the same stuff they have going down in GC. What black man do you know who owns a multi-billion company, lives in Wisconsin, and still impregnants trannies (don’t play with me, ya’ll know Ashley’s a man) when he’s over the age on 60? Keep it real.

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    I can’t wait for this s/l because it is the only thing on Y&R, except, MJ and Chloe that I am loving right now. The Scooby Doo adventures is a dud and the quad is tired and I hating Jill whining. She should be the villainous again. But I can’t wait for P3 and P4 to come back to GC.

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    So my question is, will they show Adam and Rafe in bed? I ask because this show airs on CBS and it took eons for Nuke (on ATWT) to get together and when they did make love, they only showed them getting out of the shower and a peck on the lips and that was it. Does Y&R have more creative license because it’s number 1 or have the times changed? Either way, it’s kind of disturbing that it was not OK for a LOVING gay couple to express their love for one another yet it’s OK for a straight character to pull a fast one on a gay character and have it portrayed on screen. Maybe Otalia has made CBS more open minded. I really can’t comment there because I don’t watch GL, but it’s interesting to ponder. Regardless, I will tune in to see how this is handled and see Michael Muhney because I loved him from Veronica Mars!

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    The only thing that would make this plot remotely interesting would be if Adam discovers that he actually LIKES guys.

    The Great Victor Newman with a GAY son. Imagine that!

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    Josstheguy, I agree wholeheartedly, but it’s still a struggle penning AA characters realistically. If Neil was sleeping his way through Genoa City and plotting to takeover Newman Enterprises, it would make for entertaining television, but we all know that would be the day this legendary character was killed off. So instead we’re forced to settle with his fling with Tyra, a budding incestous triangle with Devon, and the Winters only appearing once a week. I want drama for daytime’s premier black family. Maybe Neil is the chocolate Jill needs to calm her neverending menstural cycle. LOL!!!!!!

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    You’re wrong about the incest. That was hinted way back in 1999 when Chad came to Harmony and the possibility of him being Eve’s long-lost son entered the picture. They were only “confirmed” siblings in 2004.

    Vincent and Chad weren’t a real couple and I wasn’t rooting for them, but the story was absolutely amazing and interesting and most importantly, entertaining. Chad and Whitney were not an epic romance, as proved by the fan interest in Whitney and Fox.

    I never said Vincent and Chad were a couple like the other gay couples on soaps, so read my post again. Vincent being a hermaphrodite serial killer was bitter irony (and amazingly dramatic) since Julian and Eve spent years looking for their son and believing he would be a decent guy.

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    May I suggest that we watch the shows as they air and then critique this story after or as it unfolds? (This is one of my issues with spoilers – they allow people to jump the gun and pre-judge before anything has even reached the screen.) With the entertainment value that Y&R has been bringing the past 9 months, I think we could be very pleasantly surprised.

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    Passions gave the AA s/ls outside of the social issue of the week and Tracey Ross has been front burner ever since the show started. It is not hard to write for AA. We do the same things are other social group do. The Cosby show was number one because it showed a different side to AAs and other social groups write for the Cosby show and OLTL wrote for Evangeline and Passions wrote for the Russells and AMC is writing for the Hubbarbs and Claire Labine wrote for Wards on GH so don’t tell me that MAB and Hogan can’t write for the Winters or get a out of work AA writer to come in and give them ideas? GMAB. I not buying it and I am going to complain until the Winters get a good s/l.

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    well, joss, you certainly weren’t watching the same show as me, that’s for sure.

    I thought their story ended perfectly.

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    Gregory J

    This storyline gets crazier and crazier… but interesting though. But I don’t think that they will be able to redeem Adam once this all plays out.

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    Ah, come on this is so far fetched, even for a soap opera. First he injects his eyes, and now he sleeps with a man just to keep his secrets. I mean if they want a gay story line, why not have it revolve around Rafe and some new character? I don’t really care to see the whole gay thing, but they could at least make it normal relationship, and not make it a depraved one. Which gives a gay relationship a negative feel.

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    I HATE ADAM and will not watch this story line. This just shows how low this show has sunk since Bill Bell died. He would have never allowed such ridiculous story lines – they are being dragged out too long and are we really supposed to believe that Victor is so stupid he does not suspect Adam and believes everything he says??? I see me after watching this soap since day one – leaving. The only good story lines is Cane/Phillip.

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    This is no way like Chad cheating on Whitney with Vincent. Come on. Chad and Whitney were an epic love story. Adam and What’s-her-name? Pfaw. Chump change. Chad didn’t use sex to control Vincent.

    Also, Chad was a good guy whose character was nuked for an unbelievable chance to jump on the down low cultural meme that spread after Oprah had guests talking about it.

    Adam is closer to Vincent, who was also an extremely vindictive person who used sex to hurt others (tricking his uncle Chad and father Julian to sleep with him).

    No. This is about a snake named Adam using sex to control an idiot named Rafe who is not an established with ties to main families. Did I say idiot? Yep, Rafe found the recorder in Adam’s room. If he’s willing to toss aside his suspicions and his loyalty to his aunt, who is arrested and awaiting trial for a crime he suspects Adam committed, then Rafe is a weak, idiot.

    But, hey, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of chemistry nuAdam and Rafe have.

    If anything, Rafe is closer to OLTL Daniel Colson, the closeted murderer who married Nora Buchanan for his career while carrying on an affair with another guy.

    Adam is less psycho and more just an extreme version of his father, Victor Newman, who famously kidnapped the lover of one of his ex-wives and held the man captive.

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    I disagree. Chad and Whitney went through Hell to be together only to see the writers debase the characters with faux incest and sudden changes of sexual orientation that led to adultery. Yeah, it was Passions but Chad and Whitney were core characters from the beginning.

    You are right about Y&R’s storyline being much more grounded in reality than Passions fantastical world of witches, bullets, rapists, sadists, jet-setters, etc.

    In terms of depravity, I don’t think Adam is any more depraved than his father Victor Newman. Think about all of the evil things Victor has done over years:

    1) Kidnapping his wife’s lover.

    2) Poisoning Jack

    3) Using a mentally ill Patty Williams

    4) Causing a bank to collapse to hurt Jill and Gloria. ( How many thousands suffered because of that? Y&R skirted around the reality of how many people suffered because of Victor.)

    Many of the characters on Y&R have committed horrific acts: Phyllis, Katherine, Kevin, Paul (rapist Christine), etc.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    I doubt we will see any hermaphrodite serial killing or people sewing penises on backwards on Y&R! The stuffed cat and the Chipmunk are a bit out there, but we haven’t entered Harmony quite yet! LOL

    You forgot the dead baby in Ashley’s body…And the Scooby Doo storyline. Where is Tabitha cause I know this might be her fault.

    I was reading the Mimi’s blog from SOW and even she was questioning the Passionsesque Y&R at the moment. In her June 10th posting she started it out by saying

    “What is UP with Y&R lately? It’s just been a special brand o’ crazy, usually reserved for, say, PASSIONS (may it rest in peace).”

    See the word is getting around. But then again Chad and Whitney was not epic…lol But I love the sentiment.

    I liked the Whitney/Chad/Vincent storyline because I never got to see a black actor play the type of role as Vincent was played out.

    But I have one question for Y&R. Who is the pitcher and the catcher in this storyline?

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    I so do not like the direction Y&R is taking with some of its characters. Sharon is not the Sharon I fell in love with and Adam has become a depraved lunatic who will stop at nothing to destroy Victor. When he first came on, I thought he would be a corporate bad guy, not the diabolical mess he has become. Having said that, if Muhney does a good job they may keep him on for a while.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    David46208, why the negative attitude? Y&R is kicking every other soap’s
    ass right now. I know we had our debate, but you have to admit MAB is doing a way better job than Guza, Pratt,or Higley. I don’t understand why everyone wants to criticize the best soap on the air. Yeah, the stories for the Winters is lacking, but I imagine it’s hard to write for AA characters on a daytime drama. We don’t do the same stuff they have going down in GC. What black man do you know who owns a multi-billion company, lives in Wisconsin, and still impregnants trannies (don’t play with me, ya’ll know Ashley’s a man) when he’s over the age on 60? Keep it real.
    Shittttt i’m being nice in comparison to what they say on the Y&R message boards.

    I don’t even watch GH. They haven’t been on list since they day Sonny and carly became the show’s central figures and it became General Mob.

    In my head they should take the Grants from GL, The Winter’s from Y&R, the Carvers from Days, and the Hubbards from AMC and give them their own soap. They can call it We Exist Too..lol

    Marina Arena Bell just doesn’t seem to get it. I’ll give her credit at first she was doing good. Seemed to working out the kinks and all but come 1/09 Hogan got his hands in the drivers seat and it’s been down hill from there. Look at Y&R back in 2004 and compare it to today. Big difference.

    Y&R use to be so good that you even wanted to the day players to stick around.

    For me right now Y&R is 25% good and 75% bad.

    So on the positive note Mary Jane is exciting. Adam is cool..can’t wait for the recast…and rumor has it that Eva’ Marcille has been bumped to recurring status along with Vail Bloom….

    Oh wait a question if Eileen Davidson is a tranny then does that mean John Lindstrom was a tranny chaser? Cause she says she is 100% female and I will error on the side of caution…lol…She’s a woman and if not born one hey she was good on Days…

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    There’s no reason why the Y&R writers can’t write decent material for the Winters or even add more people of color to the show. LML had Ji-Min as Jill’s lover! When is the last time you saw an Asian man portrayed as a lover (to a white woman) on network TV?

    Y&R is my favorite soap. I don’t understand why its numbers are dropping.

    When the whole Chris Engen mess was blowing up, people where going Koo-Koo-for-Cocoa-Puffs about Engen walking out on a gay storyline. This isn’t a gay storyline. There’s not apparent love or lust from Adam for Rafe, it’s all a con job. Adam conning Rafe and Rafe conning himself.

    It’ll make for interesting television. I’m loving most of Y&R these days. I can’t wait for Lily to rip Cane apart. But, I’m dreading the day that Jill has to learn that Cane isn’t her son. This will devastate her.

    Unlike Katherine, Jill is not the forgiving type who would say that blood or no blood, Cane is her son. Nope. There will be hell to pay! Jill will want vengeance.

    And then there’s Billy. Brother Billy will want his pound of flesh. Wait ’til he meets his real brother.

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    The incest crap didn’t happen until 6 years into Passions run.

    The Vincent/Chad story was utter garbage. I recall the episode where Chad and Ethan are in a bar and suddenly Chad starts hitting on a guy, much to Ethan’s bemusement. This was just Passions attempt at being topical. It failed. The relationship between Chad and Vincent was about love and self-discovery, it was just sleazy. Vincent was Chad’s nephew/niece. Blech!

    Vincent and Chad were not Otalia or Nuke. Vincent was a psychopathic murderer and rapist. He slept with Chad to hurt Julian and Eve.

    Sheridan and Luis also had an epic love story that crashed and burned. Two lovers reincarnated throughout the centuries only to realize that they were not meant to be together.

    An epic love story does not necessitate a happy ending. Chad and Whitney’s love was crapped on and flushed away by Passions’ writers. :-(


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    First, Y&R has no black or non-white writers from what Victoria Rowell has said. That’s awful. They could probably help craft better stories for the characters of color. Having Rafe toss out “Tia” occasionally doesn’t build on his character’s ethnic identiy.

    However, white writers can write decent material for characters of color if the writers aren’t lazy or too racist to actually do some research and use their imagination: Bill Bell created Druscilla and Neil. He brought Malcolm and Olivia onto the show. James Patterson is a white man who writes the excellent novels starring a black man, Alex Cross.

    It’s frustrating to see how little airtime the Winters family receives, about 2 days a month. (How does Kristof St. John afford the alimony and child support for his ex-wives and children??)

    Jill’s 60-something. She hasn’t seen a menstrual cycle in probably a decade. She’s hell on wheels regardless of whether she’s able to bear children.

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    So what if Whitney and Fox were a hot couple with the fans? Bo and Hope were hot. Bo and Carly were hot. Sharon and Nick were/are hot but so are Nick and Phyllis.

    Supercouples are built to be broken up and then reunited. That’s how it works.


    Rafe and Adam? Please. It’s a con job! The whining and screaming over this story has been lame. Sociopathic Adam uses dimwit Rafe. Rafe allows himself to be used, sacrificing his elderly aunt for his sexual gratification.

    Blech! Blech! Blech! Would you let your aunt rot in jail for sex when you knew your aunt was not only innocent but had a good idea her framer is your recent lover? How dumb, weak, and foolish does Rafe have to be. He found the recorder on Adam’s floor!

    If Y&R hires a black actor to portray a criminal who robs Nikki, is that a black or interracial story or is it a crime story. It could be all of the above depending on how it’s written. From what I’ve read, this is, again, a con job. It’s not about being gay, the gay struggle, gay love, etc.

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    Whose story ended perfectly? Ethan and Theresa? Yes. They had a happy ending. Can’t say the same for Whitney and Chad. Chad found a nice home on slab in the morgue. Whitney left for New Orleans.

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