Daytime Confidential Top 20, May 2009

No. 20: Alicia Minshew – All My Children

All My Children’s Alicia Minshew may have survived a heart transplant as Kendall, but she didn’t surive the Daytime Confidential Top 20 in April. Fortunately, she has found her way back onto the DC Top 20 at No. 20.

No. 19: Sarah Michelle Gellar – All My Children

It has been more than a little while since Sarah Michelle Gellar appeared on the Daytime Confidential Top 20. In fact, it was on the July 2008 DC Top 20. After months off the list, she returns at No. 19.

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    Thanks DC. Special thanks go out to Ellen Wheeler, Jill Lorie Hurst, Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia for the beautiful true to love story of Otalia! Crystal and Jessica more than deserve the rankings they received this month. They have both been brilliant in this storyline! I have been a Crystal Chappell fan since she was on DOOL and I will be following her back to DOOL.

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    Congratulations to the brilliant Crystal Chappell for reaching #2 and the fantastic Jessica Leccia for making #3 on DC’s top 20!!

    Great recognition for the newest Super Couple of Daytime!

    thanks DC!

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    Love CC and JL and GL for letting their characters face the challenges of being together head on.

    GH on the other hand failed to let SBu’s and BH’s characters do that and so we watch them fall and lose fans, along with the show.

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    Maybe ATWT should take note that even with very limited screentime for Jake and Van in the month of May (or if you’re counting quality S/L- it has been a year), they managed to still peak interested from daytime viewers as a sign of their popularity that they should throw us Nukies more than a bone.

    But that would be asking for too much now, wouldn’t it? Sigh.

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    Thanks for the list, but why Van Hansis’s name isn’t linked to his news page in his article ?? In comparison, all the other actors have their names linked to their news pages and even Jake Silbermann is linked twice : in his own article and in Van’s article ? Van’s isn’t once, even in his own article ? So, can you solve the problem ? Considering that this top20 and list are based on the numbers of links from their names on the articles, it is pretty unfair. Thanks !!

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    Why are the actors names no longer showing on the left on this website? How can I search for a particular actor if they are no longer listed? Wouldn’t I need to search page by page?

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    “How on earth does Kelly Monaco rank above both Steve and Rebecca? Something doesn’t seem right here….”

    Maybe May was just a good month for strippers?

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    I come here a lot and don’t see the names listed so I can’t vote.

    I don’t watch GH that much anymore but I’m still glad that Becky/Steve made the top 20. Kudos to all the Top Celebrities…

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    Its the names that appear on the left in red right?

    so if you search for them then that is considered as “the top searches”???

    I never quite understood this….thanks again…

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