Judi Evans to As the World Turns

Jamey Giddens didn’t get his wish. Judi Evans (ex-Adrienne/Bonnie, DAYS;ex-Beth, GL) is returning to daytime TV just not with Wally Kurth over at Days of Our Lives. According to Soap Opera Digest, Evans took a role on As the World Turns. No word on who she’ll be playing but look for the daytime vet to debut late August.

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    I guess Chris Goutman is trying to keep his job, eh. Last week, I posted on Facebook about how last week I wanted to sue Chris Goutman & Jean Passanante because last week’s ATWT’s ep gave me swine flu but I guess gotta take it back now. First Lynn Herring and now Judi Evans, i’m going to try to be positive about this from now on.

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    Okay, no offense to Judi Evans or any of the new oncoming actors to ATWT but seriously…what the hell is wrong with using the veteran actors that you have on the show already?!? You know…the ones that people recognize and have watched for 40+ years!

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    If they were to hire Mary Beth, they’d have to have her commute back and forth. They may not have money in the pockets for such a thing on a regular basis. Judi, on the other hand, is probably moving to NY to do this. That’s cheaper for ATWT.

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    Please, she’ll do a 6-8 stint, then that will be that. There’s still time to see Adrianne back in Salem by November sweeps at the latest. What I wanna know is where did ATWT get all this money from to afford Lynn Herring & Judi Evans…?

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    Good for Judi. Loved Bonnie on Days. Her and Susan Seaforth Hayes were a great acting team. Class V. Trash storyline that was the only bright spot on Days during the kill off the vets Melaswen storyline.

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