The Summer Soaps Went Gay: Which Same Sex Story Has You Psyched?

Ah the power of a recession! With daytime in an increasingly perilous state by the minute, several soap operas seem to finally be willing to pull out all the stops to attract new viewers and/or mainstream buzz by going gay, puritanical watchdog groups and skittish sponsors be damned.

As 72-year-old elder statessoap Guiding Light enters its last few months on the air, all anyone can talk about is the romance between Olivia Spencer (Crystal Chappell) and Natalia Rivera (Jessica Leccia) aka Otalia (sorry Josh and Reva). Will a baby come between them? How will the rest of Springfield react to their love? Will they be allowed to be truly intimate—or at least as intimate as any couple of teenage cousins on a P&G soap— before the soap wraps in September? These questions have message boards jumping. 

GL’s sister soap As The World Turns has been inspiring cult love— and a good dose of fury over kiss bans and offscreen sex scenes— for the last few years with Nuke (Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann). With Noah’s psycho, homophobe dad Col. Mayer coming to Oakdale again this summer, will Nuke fans tune in for ATWT’s umpteenth six-week battle between gay and evil?

The Young and the Restless, the soap everyone said would never go gay again, after an attempted lesbian storyline featuring grande dame Kay Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) in the 70’s met with plenty-o-pitch fork wielding, is about to be knee (and other body parts?) deep in a twisted, same sex storyline that finds the devilish (and perfectly straight) Adam Newman (soon-to-be Michael Muhney) seducing sweet, homosexual attorney Rafe (Yani Gellman) to keep Rafe from turning him in for gaslighting Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson).

Side Note: Isn’t it sadly ironic that The Bold and the Beautiful, a soap opera revolving aroung the Los Angles fashion scene and set minutes from West Hollywood is the only CBS soap not telling any gay storylines?
Then there’s One Life to Live. The soap that previously told the groundbreaking tale of confused gay teen Billy Douglas, launching the career of some kid named Ryan Phillippe, yet was also responsible for the Daniel Colson story stinker, is embarking on a romantic comedy arc featuring, a secret  past between seemingly-straight Llanview police officer Fish (Scott Evans) and his nefarious collegiate frat brother Kyle (Brett Claywell).

With so many soaps getting their gay on this summer, Daytime Confidential wants to know, which storyline are you most excited to see play out? 

The Summer Soaps Went Gay: Which Same Sex Story Has You Psyched?

  • "Something Fishy About Kyle and Fish" on OLTL (25%, 515 Votes)
  • "Desperate Times Call for Brokeback Measures" with Adam and Rafe on Y&R (14%, 282 Votes)
  • Otalia in "She's Having Frank's Baby" on GL (45%, 908 Votes)
  • "Nuke vs. The Col. Part 752" on ATWT (16%, 321 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,026


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54 Responses

  1. Profile photo of Mark

    I voted for Nuke. Maybe the Col. Mayer thing isn’t that exciting, but I’m really curious what the addition of a third gay character (Mason) will mean for ATWT/Nuke. Forbes March’s first episode is July 14th, so that’s still part of the summer.

  2. Profile photo of Pepe1958

    Kish all the way, baby! Nuke lost me a long time ago, the stuff on Y&R is increasingly feeling like just a stunt and I’m afraid I don’t watch GL; I started tuning into OLTL just to see the Fish/Kyle storyline and am totally, totally hooked: hot, good guy cop fighting his desires for hot, morally ambigious ex-college buddy? I am SO there!

  3. Profile photo of Mark

    But what I’m looking most forward to isn’t any of these 4. It’s the return of Lucas Sanders to Dutch soap opera Good Times, Bad Times next week. This show had lesbians, bisexuals and a few bi-curious characters, but never a regular gay character. This (and also Elizabeth Hubbard’s guest role stint) in combination with good writing makes me look forward to this storyline the most.

  4. Profile photo of Kate82

    If by excited with the Otalia/Furts baby s/l you mean that suffering morning sickness everyday, then YES, I’m ubber excited!

    I can’t believe they’re gonna ask us to think that Natalia didn’t realize she was preggers for 4 1/2 months. She’s been drinking more than usual too, so what? she’s gonna lose the baby? That would be terrible for Natalia… and for Olivia as well.

    This sucks.

  5. Profile photo of appleridge

    Even though this poll is fun, I think us fans should be happy that there are FOUR soaps with gay and or Bi characters. It used to seem that only a soap at a time could tell a gay story-line. Well those days are over. THANK GOD!!!

  6. Profile photo of PozoBlue

    WTF? This poll is ridiculous!! I want to vote for Otalia, but not if that means supporting the most RIDUCULOUS and INSULTING sl ever invented on the face of the planet, which is the Frank devil spawn!!!! This is what has most boards up in flames about NOT wanting it, and you put it as an option for ‘exciting’?? How about asking what the fans have actually been saying they would be excited to see??
    Otalia Kiss: YES
    Otalia making love: YES; YES
    Otalia getting married: YES
    Otalia moving in back together: YES

    Otalia having a baby from the nosey, infuriatingly self-righteous Frank the Goob Cooper??!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    It’s insulting that you even put that as an option of sl we wanna see play out, even worse because people want to vote for Otalia but not for that travesty of a sl, and yet they feel obligated to Otalia, as some have expressed above!! I will refrain from voting unless that option is modified. It’s adding insult to injury with this horrendous pregnancy rumor. I thought DC was above pulling things like this!! Very disappointed in you…

  7. Profile photo of Rocker

    Also, wasn’t there a rumor that John Driscoll’s character on Y&R will become involved with Rafe when he joins Y&R later this summer? Or am I making that up? I thought I read that here somewhere.

  8. Profile photo of PozoBlue

    Otalia fans, for the love of god don’t vote on this poll, even if you want to support the ladies, but TPTB will actually think we want this travesty and abomination of a pregnancy sl play out….

  9. Profile photo of toastedgrrl

    I am most excited to watch Otalia play out. Even if Natalia is pregnant I am trying very hard to maintain the faith in Jill Lorie Hurst and Ellen Wheeler, who have thus far given us one of the most beautiful soapy love stories I have ever seen. As far as same-sex/queer/lesbian storytelling is concerned, GL has the following going for it: neither character has gone insane, been predatory, committed suicide, and at this point, I doubt Olivia or Natalia will die from a mysterious illness or gun shot wound. If they were required to introduce one stereotypical trope of lesbian storytelling in the Otalia saga to appease the Script Writing for Homosexual Stories Handbook (original publishing date: 1927… oh, and entirely made up), I guess pregnancy is the best one. At least they won’t be sperm shopping now, though that would be GREAT a year or so from now .

  10. Profile photo of amcoltlyr

    I really wish Chris Engen would have said on for the R&A story. He was current favorite actor in daytime. Well I guess Brett Claywell takes over that position now, until I can figure out whether I like Michael Muhney now.

  11. Profile photo of Mardou

    I’m curious about Kish. I like the way it’s been laid out so far. I really like Otalia, but I’ve been a little hesitant to invest.

  12. Profile photo of TeamOtalia

    Voted for Otalia of course but would like to voice my dissent to the Natalia pregnancy storyline. With GL ending Sept. 18th we simply do not have time to waste on pondering an ex-boyfriend’s role in the lives of these two women. They haven’t even kissed yet for God’s sake, and how many images of two happy, fully-fledged lesbian characters do we have out there? Jill Lorie Hurst and Ellen Wheeler managed to pull off the run-away bride cliche; I’m hoping they can do the same with this one. Though, even if they do not, both of those women should share a Nobel Peace Prize with Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia for all the good they’ve done for the world with the Otalia storyline. Truly, lives have been changed and so much healing has taken place. They have my eternal gratitude.

  13. Profile photo of glowery

    You forgot to add a box for those of us who didn’t want to see any gay story lines to vote.

    Noah and Luke make me want to puke.

    At least Natalia is having a battle with her faith because she knows it is wrong.

  14. Profile photo of troymcclure

    despite a frankenbaby I voted Otalia.

    I can’t stand Nuke, CE is leaving and I don’t think that it will exactly be a romance between Rafe and Adam and OLTL is between two people I have no idea who they are.

  15. Profile photo of Tiffany91

    I totally agree with Pozo Blue…I will usually vote for otalia no matter what, but this poll?…no I’m not excited in fact I pray and still hope that is just a rumor…please I don’t want that TPTB get the WRONG idea that Otalia fans want Nat pregnant with baby cooper cause we don’t. I may accept the fact that I can not change this when I actually watch it but for the love of god I’m not gonna encourage such thing.

  16. Profile photo of pecola

    Normally, I’d click the Otalia box without hesitation, but the thought of Natalia carrying Frank’s child just bothers me so much that I can’t even stand it…

    I adore Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia, don’t get me wrong, and I’ll try to support them in whatever else they do, but if the writers at GL think I won’t walk away from this storyline in a hot minute over another Cooper spawn, they should think again. Hell, I stopped watching All My Children after what they did to Bianca…and I don’t love Olivia or Natalia nearly as much as I love Bianca.

    Please, please, don’t let this be true.

    *Deep Breathe*

    At any rate, I’m anxious to see how the Kish storyline plays out. I’m loving the slow build so far and can’t wait to see the exploration of Fish’s coming out process.

  17. Profile photo of valso

    I’m waiting eagerly for both Y&R and OLTL so I was a bit hesitant on voting but at the end I voted for Kish because I think Kyle & Fish have the best potential for a great love story.
    I think that Rafe prince charming isn’t arrived yet in Y&R so for now I concentrate on OLTL

    Please bring new writers ATWT I can’t get why Nuke always have the worst storyline repetead over and over

  18. Profile photo of Jon

    I voted for Y&R. Funny how the once groundbreaking ATWT is in last place. Goutman and Passanante fucked up what could have been gold!

  19. Profile photo of ltk

    I agree with Valso. Kyle and Fish have the most potential for a good SL. I’m excited to be here at the start instead of coming in late.

    I love Nuke but the writing is awful – the actors make that coupling “must-see”.

    But I love how it’s hitting multiple soaps. Maybe it will spur each to do a great job.

  20. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    It’s insulting that you even put that as an option of sl we wanna see play out, even worse because people want to vote for Otalia but not for that travesty of a sl, and yet they feel obligated to Otalia, as some have expressed above!! I will refrain from voting unless that option is modified. It’s adding insult to injury with this horrendous pregnancy rumor. I thought DC was above pulling things like this!! Very disappointed in you…

    Uh, the poll is based on the actual storylines taking place. If you have a problem with Natalia becoming preggers with a mini-Cooper—which trust me, I understand—take that up with Ellen Wheeler.

  21. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Ellen Wheeler is a soap killer who destroy GL and Jamey have said it, she is ruining Otalia with this dumb s/l that we, the fans, want a happy ending with Otalia love scene or a long passionate kiss by the light house.

  22. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    I actually wouldn’t mind the twist, as it is quite soapy and couples need conflict, if the show had more time, but with only three months to go, I would much rather see Otalia a.) tell the rest of the town about their love and face a myriad of reactions Reva: So WTF made you go after my husband? Josh: So did you know you were gay when we were together, etc. Blake: Snarky, smirky commentary, same from Alex, fury from Marina over her dad being played. b.) the couple being temporarily being torn apart by the pressure c.) coming back together, making love, becoming a family with Rafe and Emmy, then getting married.

  23. Profile photo of At50

    I have a crush on the actor who plays Fish on OLTL so I’m kinda interested to see him in a storyline but I don’t trust an ABC soap to do a storyline like this justice. I can’t get into ATWT these days and I’m not excited about yet another over the top Nuke vs Colonel crazy storyline.

  24. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens


    I am going to miss Blake! Nelson Branco said GL actor were offered jobs on ATWT. Do you have a guess who they are?

    I am not sure,  I know he said one was Gina Tognoni (Dinah). Given that, I predict at least one of the others would be her leading man Jeff Branson (Shayne), but we here Gina will in fact end up on OLTL. Who knows what that would (could) mean for Dinah and Shayne in Oakdale. As for who else, we hear Marcy Rylan is headed for the West Coast once the show wraps, so that would probably nix Lizzie and Bill heading to Oakdale, unless they recast the role of Lizzie again. The actor who plays Bill reportedly likes the East Coast. These are all GUESSES from me, though except for Gina, who Nelson reported they wanted. They may throw Kim Zimmer and Robert Newman a bone, but I doubt it.

  25. Profile photo of tori4rmtexas

    Jamey I completely agree w/ your ideas for Otalia, in fact in the other thread I said the same thing, it would be soapy conflict at its best if the show had longer to play out all the beats. But now, I think its just a way for them to get away with not allowing to get intimate. This just screams of David Kreizman because it seems rushed and plotty at this point because how can a grown woman with a child not know she is 4-5 months pregnant.

  26. Profile photo of tori4rmtexas

    Jamey I completely agree w/ your ideas for Otalia, in fact in the other thread I said the same thing, it would be soapy conflict at its best if the show had longer to play out all the beats. But now, I think its just a way for them to get away with not allowing to get intimate. This just screams of David Kreizman because it seems rushed and plotty at this point because how can a grown woman with a child not know she is 4-5 months pregnant.

  27. Profile photo of Tiffany91

    well with all the alcohol she has been drinking lately, I`m also sure that a miscarriage will happen and that sucks! cause Nat will feel guilty and yada yada. I actually feel kinda strange for saying that but well anything can happen.

    I still hate the idea of Nat being pregnant at this point, make no sense and GL has not enough time for sl like that, but I digress.

  28. Profile photo of At50

    AMC certainly used Bianca’s pregnancy as a way to desexualize her so its not surprising if thats what there doing with that story.

  29. Profile photo of bonobochick

    I still love Noah/Luke despite the awful writing they get 95% of the time but I voted for Kyle/Fish. I am looking forward to seeing how RC plays out this story.

    I am sure Frons will find a way to put Stacy in it!

  30. Profile photo of Carol2

    Y&R’s story is about a man we barely know (in spite of months which could have been spent developing him), whose only personality trait is being gay and apparently very naive, being seduced by a psychopath who has no interest in men. So far this is a gay story in the same way as sleazo stuff like the Carver on FX was a gay story, which I would say, not very much.

  31. Profile photo of Browneyedgrrrl

    YES! to Otalia.
    NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! to Natalia having Frank’s baby.
    Ellen Wheeler, you’ve been sooo good with this storyline. It’s everything we’ve always wanted and never had–great and sensitive storytelling, intense emotion, a slow-burn to an ending we were sure was going to pay off. But to put in this cliched convention, that would only put off any intimacy between our ladies until pretty much the last episode if that–it doesn’t reek of classic soap twist, but of cowardly backtracking. We already know, Otalia will never have a chance to be as physical as the straight couples, but wow–what a way to put the nail in the romantic coffin! I hope for once, DC, you got a bad lead on a bad rumor. I for one, will be one hurt fan if this is true.

  32. Profile photo of pspencer618

    I think I am getting old. None of the sex scenes (whether gay or straight) are doing anything for me anymore. It’s either being old, or the soaps aren’t as hot as they used to be….

  33. Profile photo of paperpixie

    Can I just say how excited I am I get to vote in a poll about what gay story line I am most looking forward to? That is so cool. I never would have dreamed this was possible, but now here we are.

    I gotta go with my girls on this one even though I am still unsure about the direction of this storyline. I will wait for it to play out in the next couple of weeks before passing judgement. I trust Jill Lorie Hurst and will continue to do so until she gives me a reason not to. I can always hope that Frank gets shoved off a cliff or something and Otalia is left to raise the baby together ALONE. Hey, people do occassionally get shoved off cliffs in Springfield. It could happen.

  34. Profile photo of naughtytomato

    I can’t bring myself to vote for Otalia BABY storyline….:(
    Jamey’s idea is better with the show ending. I would of liked to see them as a couple in town for the short time left. To delay it till, what, it looks like the last show….epic blunder!
    At this point they don’t have 3 months really. They have 4-5 weeks taped in the can, Jessica has 4 wk off…maybe have 3-4 weeks to tape? Use actors 2-3 times week for 5-10 min a show? What made them think a pregnancy would be the way to end Otalia?

    I don’t watch the other shows, so no opinion.

    Thanks Daytime Confidential for getting me interested in GL Otalia!

  35. Profile photo of BeautifulStranger103

    NO baby for NATALIA. To make Natalia pregnant would be pure character assassination.
    I am not psyched about the title with Otalia in it either listed here. It is crass.
    NO BABY FOR OTALIA. PERIOD. END OF STORY as far as I am concerned.

  36. Profile photo of qtriste

    I understand that many fans are feeling disappointed about Ellen and Jill adding to Otalia storyline, a pregnancy. The rumors say so but there are no spoilers to back this rumor so I tend to believe that Ellen and Jill wont kill a well written love story until this moment by adding such an useless element to it as a pregnancy.
    They offer us their talent and they give us this chance to be proud that we finally have someone that can write a same sex love story without something happening at the end and all the pleasure and joy we have had watching it to be killed in the second we find out Natalia is pregnant.
    I think out writers should remember who makes them wanted in the end and viewed. It is us…those that follow they writing and talent.
    It is true that we should trust them but if the rumors are true…them I will consider that my trust was broken because I find useless and idiotic, this pregnancy.
    Instead of spending the talent of writing in more tender moments and more lovely scenes between this two woman that have started building something, we get to spend the time watching Natalia realizing she is pregnant and watching them going down in angst and fears and confusions , sad moments…when the time is so little and it should be spent in moments that makes the viewers laugh and giggle and gives them hope and peace. Makes them say “Hey, this is like reality! This is something that I could see and not regret the time spent watching it!” But instead we receive frustrations and disappointment in all it’s glory. That would easily make me quit watching it.So easy because for as much as I love this story and Crystal and Jessica…if the writing is bad…then the viewers will not get attached to it.
    I know that GL will end in September and maybe the writing now is poor and they could say “Hey there is one month left because on August we finish filming so lets do this and get out of here” but it this is the case then the investment in this storyline that 5000 people had it is not appreciated at all. It’s disrespectful towards us, those that supported and fought to save this show.
    BETTER SPEND THE TIME WRITE an Ending that would make anyone cry and remember Otalia and GL as such wonderful story and show and in 10 years when we remember “Hey…my favorite show was this…I so liked what I saw and I don’t think anyone will ever do something like this again!” than say “The worst was this Otalia because after some months of beautiful writing they blew it by adding a pregnancy to one of the characters. Who in the hell would watch that?”

    I am disappointed! Verry and I will not vote!

  37. Profile photo of WorldsApart

    I’m not thrilled at the prospect that Natalia may be pregnant with Frank’s child, but for me Otalia will remain to be the “story to watch.” GL, if you’re reading, please take notes: more Otalia PDA, less Cooper DNA.

  38. Profile photo of josser

    Siomonstuart, to be fair to Wheeler, isn’t Otalia her idea? Frankly, if the show waits until Sept. 18 for Otalia to kiss, I’d be very disappointed.

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